English actresses who died due to Suicide

Here are 9 famous actresses from England died in Suicide:

Fritha Goodey

Fritha Goodey (October 23, 1972 Kingston upon Thames-September 7, 2004 Notting Hill) a.k.a. Fritha Jane Goodey was an English actor.

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Patricia Cutts

Patricia Cutts (July 20, 1926 London-September 6, 1974 London) a.k.a. Pat Cutts or Patricia Wayne was an English actor.

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Sheree Winton

Sheree Winton (November 4, 1936 Sheffield-May 29, 1976 Hatch End) also known as Shirley Winton was an English actor. She had one child, Dale Winton.

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Virginia Maskell

Virginia Maskell (February 27, 1936 Shepherd's Bush-January 25, 1968 Stoke Mandeville Hospital) a.k.a. Virginia Elizabeth Maskell was an English actor. Her child is called Nicholas Shakerley.

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Joan Dowling

Joan Dowling (January 6, 1928 England-March 31, 1954 London) was an English actor.

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Lillian Hall-Davis

Lillian Hall-Davis (June 23, 1898 Mile End-October 25, 1933 London) also known as Lilian Hall Davis or Lilian Hall-Davis was an English actor.

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Gia Scala

Gia Scala (March 3, 1934 Liverpool-April 30, 1972 Hollywood) a.k.a. Giovanna Scoglio, Josephine Giovanna Scoglio, La Scala or D'Gia Scala was an English actor.

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Michèle Girardon

Michèle Girardon (August 9, 1938 Lyon-March 25, 1975 Lyon) also known as Michele Girardon or Michelle Girardon was an English actor.

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Briony McRoberts

Briony McRoberts (February 10, 1957 Welwyn Garden City-July 17, 2013 London) was an English actor and activist.

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