English musicians born in 1907

Here are 7 famous musicians from England were born in 1907:

W. H. Auden

W. H. Auden (February 21, 1907 York-September 29, 1973 Vienna) otherwise known as W.H. Auden, Wystan Hugh Auden or Auden, W.H. was an English librettist, poet, screenwriter, author, composer, writer, playwright and essayist.

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Kenneth Horne

Kenneth Horne (February 27, 1907 St Pancras, London-February 14, 1969 The Dorchester) also known as Charles Kenneth Horne or Horne, Kenneth was an English , .

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Norman Walker

Norman Walker (November 24, 1907-November 5, 1963) was an English singer and actor.

Discography: Cello Concerto / The Dream of Gerontius and A Portrait of Norman Walker.

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Sir Clifford Michael Curzon

Sir Clifford Michael Curzon (May 18, 1907 London-September 1, 1982 London) a.k.a. Curzon, Clifford was an English pianist.

His albums include , Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1 (feat. piano: Clifford Curzon), BBC Music, Volume 17, Number 7: Piano Concertos Nos. 21 & 23, Piano Concertos, Piano Quintet in A major "Trout", D. 667, , Quintett für Klavier, Violine, Viola, Violoncello, Kontrabaß, A-dur, D 667 (klavier: Clifford Curzon) / Quintett für Klarinette, zwei Violinen, Viola, Violoncello, A-dur, KV 581 (klarinette: Peter Schmidl) (Mitglieder des Wiener Oktett), Forellen-Quintett A-Dur, Op. 114 (Mitglieder des Wiener Oktetts feat. piano Clifford Curzon), The "Trout" Quintet and .

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Dame Elizabeth Maconchy

Dame Elizabeth Maconchy (March 19, 1907 Hertfordshire-November 11, 1994) a.k.a. Elizabeth Maconchy was an English composer. Her child is Nicola LeFanu.

Her albums include The Sofa/The Departure (Independent Opera Orchestra feat. conductor: Dominic Wheeler) and Music for Voices.

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Harry Bluestone

Harry Bluestone (September 30, 1907 England-December 22, 1992 Studio City) also known as Harold Blostein or Bluestone, Harry was an English conductor, composer, record producer and music producer.

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Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips (June 14, 1907 London-May 24, 1973) a.k.a. Phillips, Sid was an English clarinetist, bandleader, music arranger and musician. His child is Simon Phillips.

Discography: The Fabulous Mr. Phillips.

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