English musicians born in 1920

Here are 8 famous musicians from England were born in 1920:

Bob Cobbing

Bob Cobbing (July 30, 1920 Enfield Town-September 29, 2002) was an English , .

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Betty Driver

Betty Driver (May 20, 1920 Leicester-October 15, 2011 Cheadle) also known as Elizabeth Mary Driver was an English singer and actor.

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Peter Racine Fricker

Peter Racine Fricker (September 5, 1920 London-February 1, 1990 Santa Barbara) also known as Fricker, Peter Racine was an English , .

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Fanny Waterman

Fanny Waterman (March 22, 1920 Leeds-) is an English , .

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Jeffrey Segal

Jeffrey Segal (August 1, 1920 London-February 5, 2015) was an English trumpeter.

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Bert Weedon

Bert Weedon (May 10, 1920 East Ham-April 20, 2012 Beaconsfield) also known as Weedon, Bert was an English composer, musician and guitarist.

His albums include King Size Guitar & Honky Tonk Guitar, 22 Golden Guitar Greats, Once More With Feeling and Bert Weedon Plays Nat King Cole Favourites. Genres: Jazz, Blues and Popular music.

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John Addison

John Addison (March 16, 1920 Chobham-December 7, 1998 Bennington) also known as John Mervyn Addison, Jock Addison or Jock was an English film score composer and composer. His children are Jonathan Addison, Daniel Addison and Lucinda Addison.

His albums: A Bridge Too Far, Swashbuckler, Smashing Time, Strange Invaders, Sleuth, Grace Quigley, Tom Jones, Torn Curtain, The Charge of the Light Brigade / The Honey Pot and The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders.

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Peter Jones

Peter Jones (June 12, 1920 Wem-April 10, 2000 Westminster) also known as Peter Geoffrey F. Carey-Jones or Peter Geoffrey Francis Jones was an English actor, screenwriter, broadcaster and playwright. He had three children, Bill Dare, Selena Carey-Jones and Charles Daniel Jones.

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