English musicians born in 1932

Here are 8 famous musicians from England were born in 1932:

Petula Clark

Petula Clark (November 15, 1932 Epsom-) also known as Petula Sally Olwen Clark, Clark, Petula, Petula Clarke, Pet, Our Pet, Al Grant or Petula Clark, CBE is an English singer, actor, composer and film score composer. She has three children, Katherine Natalie Wolff, Barbara Michelle Wolff and Patrick Wolff.

Her albums include I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, The Special Collection, Greatest Hits, Les Années Petula, Anthologie, Volume 5: 1966-1968, The Very Best Of, Kaléïdoscope (disc 1), 16 Most Requested Songs, 41 succès inoubliables and Anthologie, Volume 3: 1963-1964 (disc 3). Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Alexander Goehr

Alexander Goehr (August 10, 1932 Berlin-) a.k.a. Goehr, Alexander is an English composer.

His discography includes: , , and New Music From Britain. Genres: Ballet, Opera and Contemporary classical music.

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Russ Hamilton

Russ Hamilton (January 19, 1932 Liverpool-October 11, 2008 Flintshire) also known as Ronald Hulme was an English singer.

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Robert Sherlaw Johnson

Robert Sherlaw Johnson (May 21, 1932 Tyne and Wear-November 3, 2000) was an English , .

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Alma Cogan

Alma Cogan (May 19, 1932 Whitechapel-October 26, 1966 London) also known as Alma Gogan, Alma Angela Cohen or Cogan, Alma was an English singer.

Her albums include The Magic of Alma Cogan, The Ultimate Alma Cogan, Alma Cogan, I Love to Sing, With You in Mind, The a-z of Alma, Bell Bottoms, Dreamboats, Tangos & Eskimos and The Girl With The Laugh In Her Voice. Genres she performed include Traditional pop music.

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Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole (August 2, 1932 Connemara-December 14, 2013 London) a.k.a. Peter Seamus O'Toole, Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole, Peter O'toole or Peter James O'Toole was an English actor, film producer and voice actor. He had three children, Kate O'Toole, Lorcan O'Toole and Patricia O'Toole.

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Roy Castle

Roy Castle (August 31, 1932 Scholes, Holme Valley-September 2, 1994 Buckinghamshire) otherwise known as Castle, Roy was an English presenter, singer, comedian, actor, dancer and musician. His children are Ben Castle, Norberto Castronuovo, Julia Castle and Antonia Castle.

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Des O'Connor

Des O'Connor (January 12, 1932 Stepney-) also known as Desmond Bernard O'Connor or Des O' Connor is an English presenter, singer, songwriter, singer-songwriter, comedian and musician.

His albums: Portrait, The Best of Des O'Connor and Blue Days. His related genres: Easy listening.

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