English musicians born in 1937

Here are 18 famous musicians from England were born in 1937:

Susan Hampshire

Susan Hampshire (May 12, 1937 Kensington-) also known as Lady Kulukundis or Susan Hampshire OBE is an English actor. She has two children, Christopher Granier-Deferre and Victoria Granier-Deferre.

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Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor (November 24, 1937 Newbury-) is an English singer, singer-songwriter, poet and commentator.

Genres: Folk music.

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Vic Flick

Vic Flick (May 14, 1937 Worcester Park-) a.k.a. Victor Harold Flick is an English guitarist, composer, conductor and film score composer.

Genres related to him: Film score.

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Vince Hill

Vince Hill (April 16, 1937 Holbrooks-) also known as Hill, Vince is an English singer, record producer, songwriter and playwright.

His most recognized albums: Love Songs. Genres: Easy listening and Traditional pop music.

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Stan Boardman

Stan Boardman (December 7, 1937 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Stan is an English comedian. He has two children, Paul Boardman and Andrea Boardman.

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Gordon Crosse

Gordon Crosse (December 1, 1937 United Kingdom-) is an English , .

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Ian Samwell

Ian Samwell (January 19, 1937 Lambeth-March 13, 2003) also known as Samwell, Ian was an English record producer, singer-songwriter and musician.

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Roger McGough

Roger McGough (November 9, 1937 Litherland-) also known as McGough, Roger Joseph McGough or The Scaffold is an English poet, lyricist, actor and screenwriter.

His most well known albums: Summer With Monika, McGough & McGear and Roger McGough.

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Rodney Bewes

Rodney Bewes (November 27, 1937 Bingley-) also known as Bewes, Rodney or R. Bewes is an English actor, writer, screenwriter and television producer. He has four children, Daisy Bewes, Tom Bewes, Billy Bewes and Joe Bewes.

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Geoff Goddard

Geoff Goddard (November 19, 1937 Reading-May 15, 2000) was an English singer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Peter Cook

Peter Cook (November 17, 1937 Torquay-January 9, 1995 Hampstead) also known as Peter Edward Cook was an English comedian, actor, screenwriter and satirist. He had two children, Daisy Cook and Lucy Cook.

His discography includes: Why Bother?, Good Evening, The Best Of Peter Cook And Dudley Moore - Volume One, Beyond the Fringe and The World of Pete & Dud.

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Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell (June 22, 1937 Westminster-) also known as Blackwell, Chris, Christopher Percy Gordon Blackwell, Christopher Percy Gordon "Chris" Blackwell or Chris is an English businessperson, record producer, film producer, actor, film score composer and television producer. He has two children, Jake Blackwell and Ollie Blackwell.

Genres related to him: Rock music and Reggae.

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Jimmy Crawford

Jimmy Crawford (November 18, 1937 Sheffield-) also known as Crawford, Jimmy or Jimmy Crowford is an English singer.

Genres related to him: Pop music.

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David Bedford

David Bedford (August 4, 1937 London-October 1, 2011) was an English , .

Discography: Instructions for Angels, Nurses Song With Elephants, Star's End, The Odyssey, Variations on a Rhythm of Mike Oldfield, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Cardew: The Great Learning / Bedford: Two Poems. Genres he performed include Classical music and Popular music.

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Alan Hawkshaw

Alan Hawkshaw (March 27, 1937 Leeds-) also known as Hawkshaw, Alan, William Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Hackshaw, Hackshaw, Alan, Alan Hawshaw or Hawshaw, Alan is an English organist, composer, songwriter and film score composer. He has one child, Kirsty Hawkshaw.

His albums include Mo'Hawk: The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975 and Girl in a Sportscar the Essential Lounge Music Collection. Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock and roll.

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Frank Ifield

Frank Ifield (November 30, 1937 Coundon-) a.k.a. Francis Edward Ifield or Ifield, Frank is an English singer and actor.

His albums: Someone to Give My Love To / Ain't Gonna Take No for an Answer, The Best of Frank Ifield, The Best of the EMI Years, Nobody's Darlin' but Mine, I Remember You, Don't Blame Me, She Taught Me to Yodel, Remembering the Sixties, The Complete A-Sides and B-Sides and The Essential Collection. Genres he performed include Country, Traditional pop music and Easy listening.

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John Crocker

John Crocker (October 19, 1937 West Bridgford-) is an English clarinetist and saxophonist.

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Howie Casey

Howie Casey (July 12, 1937 Huyton-) a.k.a. Howard William Casey is an English musician and composer.

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