English musicians born in 1944

Here are 50 famous musicians from England were born in 1944:

Jon Hiseman

Jon Hiseman (June 21, 1944 Woolwich-) a.k.a. Hiseman, Jon, Colosseum or Philip John Hiseman is an English musician, drummer, record producer, songwriter, audio engineer, film score composer and music publisher. He has two children, Marcus Hiseman and Ana Gracey Hiseman.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Jazz, Progressive rock, Blues rock and Jazz fusion.

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Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck (June 24, 1944 Wallington, London-) also known as Geoffrey Arnold Beck, Beck, Jeff, Geoffrey Arnold "Jeff" Beck, A.N. Other, The Honeydrippers or The Yardbirds is an English musician, songwriter, actor, composer and film score composer.

His albums include Blow by Blow, Wired, Historia de la musica rock - 63, Who Else!, Live at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill September 10, 2003, Jeff, Anthology, Beckology, Best of Beck and Live In Tokyo 99'. Genres related to him: Blues, Rock music, Electronica, Hard rock, Instrumental rock, Jazz fusion, Blues rock, Electronic dance music and Progressive rock.

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Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson (October 25, 1944 Accrington-) also known as John Anderson, John Roy Anderson or Hans Christian is an English musician, singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. His children are called Jade Anderson, Deborah Anderson and Damion Anderson.

His albums include Olias of Sunhillow, Change We Must, Deseo, Angels Embrace, Toltec, Earthmotherearth, The Promise Ring, The More You Know, State of Independence and Close to the Hype. Genres: Progressive rock, Rock music, Symphonic rock, Pop rock, New Age, New-age music and Skiffle.

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Tim Rice

Tim Rice (November 10, 1944 Amersham-) also known as Sir Timothy Miles Bindon Rice, Timothy Miles Bindon Rice, Sir Tim Rice or Sir Timothy Miles Bindon "Tim" Rice is an English lyricist, writer, author, actor and film producer. He has two children, Eva Rice and Donald Rice.

His albums include , Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, and The Legacy Collection: The Lion King. His related genres: Musical theatre.

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John Tavener

John Tavener (January 28, 1944 Wembley-November 12, 2013 Child Okeford) a.k.a. Sir John Tavener, John Kenneth Tavener, Tavener, John or /m/01b0wt was an English composer.

Discography: The Protecting Veil / Wake Up... And Die, Akathist of Thanksgiving, Byzantia, Celtic Requiem (Requiem For Jenny Jones), Fall and Resurrection, Funeral Ikos, Ikons: Meditations in Words and Music, Ikons, Innocence and Mary of Egypt (feat. conductor: Lionel Friend). Genres he performed: Minimal music, Opera and 20th-century classical music.

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Kevin Ayers

Kevin Ayers (August 16, 1944 Herne Bay-February 18, 2013 Montolieu) also known as Ayers, Kevin was an English singer.

His discography includes: Live in Concert: BBC Radio One, The Kevin Ayers Collection, First Show in the Appearance Business, Kevin Ayers: The BBC Sessions 1970-1976 (2/2), Singing the Bruise, The Best of Kevin Ayers, Odd Ditties, Still Life With Guitar, Bananamour and Whatevershebringswesing. Genres: Pop music, Psychedelic music, Experimental music and Psychedelic rock.

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John Renbourn

John Renbourn (August 8, 1944 Marylebone-) also known as The John Renbourn Group or Renbourn, John is an English guitarist, musician and songwriter.

His albums: A Maid in Bedlam, Another Monday, Heritage, John Barleycorn, The Best of John Renbourn, Live in America, Live... In Concert, Ship of Fools, Sir John Alot... and Snap a Little Owl. Genres: Folk music, Folk rock and Folk baroque.

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Twink (November 29, 1944 Colchester-) also known as John Charles Edward Alder or Mike Langlie is an English singer.

His discography includes: Think Pink, Lost Experimental Recordings: 1970, The Broken Record, Ice Cream Truckin', Supercute!, Twink, A Very Fine Adventure and Magic Eye. Genres: Psychedelic music.

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Peter Bellamy

Peter Bellamy (September 8, 1944 Norfolk-September 24, 1991) also known as Bellamy, Peter was an English singer.

His discography includes: Peter Bellamy Sings The Barrack Room Ballads of Rudyard Kipling, Merlin's Isle of Gramarye, The Transports, Oak, Ash & Thorn and .

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Mick Green

Mick Green (February 22, 1944 Matlock-January 10, 2010 King George Hospital, London) also known as Michael Robert "Mick" Green or Michael Robert Green was an English songwriter and musician. He had two children, Lloyd Green and Brad Green.

His albums: Two Green Make a Blues.

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Mandy Miller

Mandy Miller (July 23, 1944 Weston-super-Mare-) otherwise known as Carmen Miller, Carmen Isabella Miller or Mandy is an English actor and singer.

Her albums include Nellie the Elephant.

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Mick Avory

Mick Avory (February 15, 1944 London-) a.k.a. Avory, Mick or Michael Charles Avory is an English drummer and percussionist.

Genres he performed include Rock music, British Invasion, Rock and roll and Pop music.

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Bob Henrit

Bob Henrit (May 2, 1944 Broxbourne-) also known as Robert "Bob" Henrit, Robert Henrit, Henrit, Bob or Robert John Henrit is an English drummer.

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Maryetta Midgley

Maryetta Midgley (May 27, 1944-) is an English singer.

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Bill Caddick

Bill Caddick (June 27, 1944 Wolverhampton-) a.k.a. Caddick, Bill is an English singer.

His albums: Unicorns.

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David Atherton

David Atherton (January 3, 1944 Blackpool-) also known as Atherton, David is an English conductor.

His albums include BBC Music, Volume 15, Number 5: Turangalîla Symphony (BBC National Welsh Orchestra) and The Complete Hindemith Viola Music, Volume 3: Music for Viola and Orchestra.

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Phil May

Phil May (November 9, 1944 Dartford-) otherwise known as May, Phil or Phillip Arthur Dennis Wadey is an English singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Clive Sarstedt

Clive Sarstedt (January 21, 1944 Delhi-) a.k.a. Sarstedt, Clive, Robin Sarstedt or Sarstedt, Robin is an English singer.

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Jim Capaldi

Jim Capaldi (August 2, 1944 Evesham-January 28, 2005 London) also known as Capaldi, Jim or Nicola James Capaldi was an English drummer, songwriter and musician. He had two children, Tabitha Capaldi and Tallulah Capaldi.

Discography: Living on the Outside, Prince of Darkness, Let the Thunder Cry, Whale Meat Again, One Man Mission, Short Cut Draw Blood, Oh How We Danced, Live: 40,000 Headmen Tour, Some Come Running and Fierce Heart. Genres he performed: Psychedelic rock, Rock and roll, Blues rock, Progressive rock, Latin American music, Pop music and Soft rock.

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Chris Spedding

Chris Spedding (June 17, 1944 Staveley-) a.k.a. Spedding, Chris, Wellington Womble or Peter Robinson is an English guitarist, session musician, musician and songwriter.

His albums include Hurt, Cafe Days, Click Clack, Motor Bikin', Enemy Within, Chris Spedding, New Girl in the Neighbourhood, Jump in My Car, Friday the 13th and Guitar Graffiti. His related genres: Pop music, Rock music and Jazz.

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Kevin Coyne

Kevin Coyne (January 27, 1944 Derby-December 2, 2004 Nuremberg) also known as Coyne, Kevin was an English writer, singer, artist, poet, musician, composer, film director and music artist.

His discography includes: Dynamite Daze, Case History, Marjory Razorblade, Sugar Candy Taxi, Sign of the Times, Burning Head, Sanity Stomp, Underground, Pointing the Finger and Bittersweet Lovesongs. Genres he performed: Rock music, Alternative rock and New Wave.

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Clifford T. Ward

Clifford T. Ward (February 10, 1944 Stourport-on-Severn-December 18, 2001 Tenbury Wells) also known as Ward, Clifford T. was an English singer and singer-songwriter.

His most important albums: Home Thoughts From Abroad, Gaye and Other Stories, Anthology, Both of Us, Hidden Treasures, No More Rock 'n' Roll, Julia and Other New Stories, Singer • Songwriter, Sometime Next Year and Gaye and Other Stories. Genres he performed include Easy listening.

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Anne Briggs

Anne Briggs (September 29, 1944 Nottinghamshire-) also known as Annie Briggs or Briggs, Anne is an English singer.

Her albums include A Collection, Classic Anne Briggs: The Complete Topic Recordings, The Time Has Come, Anne Briggs, Sing a Song for You, Anne Briggs, Classic Anne Briggs, The Hazards of Love and The Bird in the Bush: Traditional Erotic Songs. Genres related to her: Folk music.

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Brian Pendleton

Brian Pendleton (April 13, 1944 Wolverhampton-May 16, 2001 Maidstone) was an English , .

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Jimmy Campbell

Jimmy Campbell (January 4, 1944 Liverpool-February 12, 2007) was an English , .

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"Legs" Larry Smith

"Legs" Larry Smith (January 18, 1944 Oxford-) also known as 'Legs' Larry Smith, Smith, 'Legs' Larry or Larry Smith is an English composer, drummer and comedian.

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Ray Davies

Ray Davies (June 21, 1944 Fortis Green-) a.k.a. Raymond Douglas Davies, Davies, Ray or The Kinks is an English singer, singer-songwriter, musician, guitarist and songwriter. His children are called Louisa Davies, Victoria Davies, Natalie Davies, Eva Davies and Natalie Ray Hynde.

His albums: The Storyteller, The Tourist EP, Thanksgiving Day, Other People's Lives, Working Man's Café, Return to Waterloo, See My Friends and Waterloo Sunset: The Very Best of The Kinks & Ray Davis. Genres he performed: Rock music, Pop rock, Hard rock and Pop music.

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Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page (January 9, 1944 Heston-) a.k.a. Jimi Page, James Patrick Page, Page, Jimmy, Magic Fingers, Lord of the Riffs, Pagey, Jimmy, The Honeydrippers, James Patrick "Jimmy" Page, Jimmy Page & Friends or Page, Jimmy & Friends is an English musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and singer-songwriter. His children are called Zofia Jade Page, Scarlet Page, Ashen Josan Page, James Patrick Page III and Jana Page.

Discography: The Jimmy Page Collection, Outrider, Session Man, Volume 2, Death Wish II, Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks, James Patrick Page: Session Man Volume Two, Hip Young Guitar Slinger, Jimmy's Back Pages... The Early Years, Jimmy Page and Friends and Guitar for Hire. Genres he performed include Hard rock, Heavy metal, Folk rock, Blues rock, Jazz, Rock and roll, Blues and Skiffle.

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Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker (May 20, 1944 Sheffield-December 22, 2014) also known as Joe Cooker, Cocker, Joe, Joe Crocker, John Robert Cocker, The Sheffield Soul Shouter, Vance Arnold, Joe Cocker and The Grease Band, The One and Only or Joe's Grease Band was an English singer, composer, actor and musician.

His albums include Hymn for My Soul, In the Studio, Let the Healing Begin, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Simply the Best, The Best of Joe Cocker, Classic Cocker, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, The Very Best Of and The Ultimate Collection 1968–2003. Genres he performed include Rock music, Blues, Blues rock and Blue-eyed soul.

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Brian Hines

Brian Hines (October 29, 1944 Birmingham-) a.k.a. Denny Laine, denny_laine, Brian Frederick Arthur Hines, Laine, Denny or Ginger Baker's Airforce is an English guitarist, musician, actor, film score composer and singer-songwriter. He has five children, Heidi Hines, Laine Hines, Ainsley Laine-Adams, Lucianne Grant and Damian James.

His albums include Holly Days, Ahh...Laine, Japanese Tears, Hometown Girls, Wings on My Feet, Lonely Road, Anyone Can Fly, Reborn, Performs the Hits of Wings and . His related genres: Rock music, Blues rock, Jazz fusion, Rhythm and blues and Rock and roll.

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Richard Bradshaw

Richard Bradshaw (April 26, 1944 Rugby-August 15, 2007 Toronto Pearson International Airport) also known as Richard James Bradshaw or Richard James Bradshaw, O.Ont was an English conductor and theatre director.

His albums: Margison Sings Verdi and Soirée française.

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Keef Hartley

Keef Hartley (April 8, 1944 City of Preston, Lancashire-November 26, 2011 Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) also known as Keith Hartley was an English musician.

His albums include The Battle of North West Six, Lancashire Hustler, Halfbreed, Seventy Second Brave and Overdog.

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Geoff Turton

Geoff Turton (March 11, 1944 Birmingham-) a.k.a. Geoffrey Turton or Jefferson is an English singer.

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Mick Ralphs

Mick Ralphs (March 31, 1944 Hereford-) otherwise known as Ralphs, Mick or Michael Geoffrey Ralphs is an English musician, songwriter and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Rock music, Glam rock and Blues rock.

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Barry Jenkins

Barry Jenkins (December 22, 1944 Leicester-) also known as Jenkins, Barry is an English drummer.

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Brian Kay

Brian Kay (May 12, 1944-) is an English , .

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Mike Maxfield

Mike Maxfield (February 23, 1944 Manchester-) is an English guitarist and songwriter.

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Andrew Loog Oldham

Andrew Loog Oldham (January 29, 1944 Paddington-) also known as Oldham, Andrew Loog or Andrew Oldham is an English record producer, talent manager, impresario, author, film producer and film score composer.

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Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd (March 17, 1944 Taunton-) a.k.a. Patricia Anne Boyd, Patricia Anne "Pattie" Boyd or Patty Boyd is an English fashion model, model, photographer, actor and author.

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John Deathridge

John Deathridge (October 21, 1944 Birmingham-) is an English musicologist.

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Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts (March 31, 1944 Blackley-February 7, 2003 Chertsey) otherwise known as Roberts, Malcolm was an English singer and actor.

His albums: May I Have the Next Dream With You, Love Is All, Love Is All and The Very Best of Malcolm Roberts. Genres he performed: Traditional pop music.

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John Lill

John Lill (March 17, 1944-) otherwise known as Lill, John is an English pianist.

His albums include John Lill plays Brahms & Schumann, Etudes-Tableaux op. 33 & op. 39, , Piano Concertos Nos. 2, 4 and Rakhmaninov: Symphony No. 2 / Vocalise / Etudes Tableaux Op. 33 & Op. 39.

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Chris Stainton

Chris Stainton (March 22, 1944 Sheffield-) a.k.a. Stainton, Chris or Christopher Stainton is an English songwriter, keyboard player and session musician.

Genres related to him: Rock music and Blues.

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Mick Jones

Mick Jones (December 27, 1944 Horsell-) also known as Michael Leslie Jones or Jones, Mick is an English musician, record producer, songwriter and guitarist.

Related albums: Mick Jones. Genres: Hard rock and Rock music.

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Tony Capstick

Tony Capstick (July 27, 1944 Rotherham-October 23, 2003 Wentworth) also known as Joseph Anthony Capstick was an English comedian and actor.

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Tony McPhee

Tony McPhee (March 23, 1944 Humberston-) otherwise known as Tony T.S. McPhee, T.S. McPhee, Toni McPhee, Pete Chymon or Tony TS McPhee is an English musician.

His albums: Foolish Pride, Slide, T.S. Slide, The Two Sides of Tony (T.S.) McPhee, Bleachin' the Blues, The Blues and the Beast, Live In Poland At Blues Express, Blues at Ten and Dupree 'N' McPhee: The 1967 Blue Horizon Session. His related genres: Blues rock and Blues.

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Mike d'Abo

Mike d'Abo (March 1, 1944 Betchworth-) also known as Michael David d'Abo, Michael David "Mike" d'Abo, Manfred Mann or Mike is an English musician and singer-songwriter. He has five children, Olivia d'Abo, Ella D'Abo, Louis D'Abo, Bruno D'Abo and Ben D'Abo.

His albums include The Mike d'Abo Collection, Volume 1. Genres: Folk music, Rock music and Pop music.

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Jackie Lomax

Jackie Lomax (May 10, 1944 Wallasey-September 15, 2013 Wirral Peninsula) also known as John Richard 'Jackie' Lomax, John Richard Lomax or The Undertakers was an English guitarist and singer-songwriter.

His most recognized albums: Is This What You Want? and Against All Odds. His related genres: Rock music.

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Christopher Gunning

Christopher Gunning (August 5, 1944 Cheltenham-) also known as C. Gunning, Gunning, Christopher or Chris Gunning is an English film score composer and composer.

His most important albums: Agatha Christie's Poirot, The Film and TV Music of Christopher Gunning, Wild Africa and Symphonies nos. 3 and 4 / Oboe Concerto.

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Nicky Hopkins

Nicky Hopkins (February 24, 1944 Perivale-September 6, 1994 Nashville) also known as Nicholas Hopkins, Hopkins, Nicky or Nicholas Christian Hopkins was an English keyboard player, session musician and musician.

His albums: The Tin Man Was a Dreamer, The Revolutionary Piano of Nicky Hopkins and Jamming With Edward!. Genres: Rock music, Rock and roll and Classical music.

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