English musicians born in 1972

Here are 32 famous musicians from England were born in 1972:

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher (September 21, 1972 Burnage-) otherwise known as William Gallagher, William John Paul Gallagher, William John Paul "Liam" Gallagher, Liam, Oasis or Our Kid is an English singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist and fashion designer. His children are called Gene Gallagher, Lennon Gallagher, Molly Gallagher and Gemma Gallagher.

His albums include Going Underground and Boy With the Blues. Genres he performed: Rock music, Britpop and Alternative rock.

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Dan Worton

Dan Worton (July 28, 1972-) is an English , .

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Justin Welch

Justin Welch (December 4, 1972 United Kingdom-) also known as Welch, Justin or Justin Steven Welch is an English musician.

His related genres: Britpop and Alternative rock.

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Rick Witter

Rick Witter (November 23, 1972 United Kingdom-) a.k.a. Richard James Witter is an English singer, songwriter and disc jockey.

Genres related to him: Alternative rock, Britpop, Indie rock and Dance music.

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Sid Owen

Sid Owen (January 12, 1972 London-) a.k.a. David Sutton or Owen, Sid is an English actor and presenter.

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Finty Williams

Finty Williams (September 24, 1972 London-) also known as Tara Cressida Frances Williams, Williams, Finty, Tara Cressida Frances "Finty" Williams or Tara Cressida Williams is an English actor and voice actor. She has one child, Sam Williams.

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Alice Martineau

Alice Martineau (June 8, 1972 London-March 6, 2003 Kensington) a.k.a. Martineau, Alice was an English singer.

Related albums: Daydreams. Her related genres: Pop music.

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Paul Miles-Kingston

Paul Miles-Kingston (April 8, 1972 England-) otherwise known as Paul Miles Kingston or Miles-Kingston, Paul is an English singer.

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Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis (May 9, 1972 Manchester-) otherwise known as Martin Steven Lewis or Lewis, Martin is an English presenter, journalist, author and entrepreneur.

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Mikey Cuthbert

Mikey Cuthbert (July 1, 1972-) is an English singer.

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Ben Ofoedu

Ben Ofoedu (June 29, 1972-) also known as Ofoedu, Ben is an English singer.

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Skye Edwards

Skye Edwards (May 27, 1972 London-) also known as Shirley Klarisse Yonavive Edwards or Edwards, Skye is an English singer.

Her discography includes: What's Wrong With Me: The Remixes, Mind How You Go, Keeping Secrets, Featherlight and Back to Now. Her related genres: Pop rock, Electronic music, Alternative rock, Downtempo and Trip hop.

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Aqualung (January 17, 1972 Southampton-) also known as Matt Hales is an English singer, songwriter, singer-songwriter and record producer.

Related albums: Memory Man, The All or Nothing EP, Live at the Scala EP, If I Fall EP, Easier to Lie, Strange and Beautiful, Still Life, Aqualung, Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You) and Exclusive iTunes EP. Genres: Piano rock, Rock music, Pop music, Alternative rock, Folk music, Electronic music and Soul music.

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Niki Evans

Niki Evans (December 13, 1972 Tamworth, Staffordshire-) is an English singer-songwriter and singer.

Genres: Electronic music, Pop music, Soul music and House music.

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Darren "Daz" White

Darren "Daz" White (March 30, 1972 Liverpool-) also known as White, Darren or Darren White is an English , .

Genres: Doom metal, Symphonic black metal, Death metal and Gothic metal.

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Andy Yorke

Andy Yorke (January 10, 1972-) also known as Yorke, Andy or Andy York is an English singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

His most recognized albums: Simple. Genres: Acoustic music.

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Debra Stephenson

Debra Stephenson (June 4, 1972 Kingston upon Hull-) also known as Stephenson, Debra is an English actor, singer and comedian.

Related albums: In the Sunshine.

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Shelly Poole

Shelly Poole (March 20, 1972 Barking-) also known as Poole, Shelly or Michelle Lena "Shelly" Poole is an English singer and songwriter.

Her albums: Hard Time for the Dreamer and Lost in You. Genres: Pop music, Acoustic music, Folk music and Alternative country.

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Dominic Chad

Dominic Chad (June 5, 1972 Barnstaple-) a.k.a. Chad or Chad, Dominic is an English singer, guitarist, music arranger and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Britpop, Indie rock and Progressive rock.

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Adrian Lambert

Adrian Lambert (April 26, 1972-) a.k.a. Lambert, Adrian is an English bassist.

Genres he performed include Power metal and Progressive rock.

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Conner Reeves

Conner Reeves (April 8, 1972-) also known as Connor Reeves is an English singer.

His albums include The Welcome to the Future EP and Earthbound. Genres he performed include Easy listening.

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Mandyleigh (May 27, 1972 Southampton-) also known as Mandyleigh Storm is an English singer.

Discography: Mandyleigh and Fire and Snow. Genres she performed include Blues, Jazz, Pop music, Rock music, Alternative rock, Acoustic music, Traditional music and Folk music.

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Paul Arnold

Paul Arnold (June 1, 1972 Great Wyrley-) a.k.a. Bob is an English composer.

His albums: MediEvil Resurrection, Primal and SEGA RALLY REVO.

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Adam F

Adam F (February 8, 1972 Liverpool-) also known as AdamF, Adam Fenton or Adam Jewry is an English record producer, disc jockey, actor and composer.

His most recognized albums: 8Ball / Original Junglesound (TC remix), Brand New Funk, Drum and Bass Warfare, Metropolis / Mother Earth, Dirty Harry's Revenge, Kaos: The Anti-Acoustic Warfare, Dirty Harry (The Remixes), Colours, Circles and F Jam. Genres related to him: Drum and bass, Electronica, Electronic dance music, Hip hop music and Big beat.

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Danny Cavanagh

Danny Cavanagh (October 6, 1972 England-) a.k.a. Daniel Cavanagh or Cavanagh, Danny is an English singer and musician.

His albums: A Place to Be, In Parallel and The Passage. Genres he performed: Progressive rock, Alternative rock, Gothic rock, Acoustic music, Gothic metal and Death-doom.

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Mark Northfield

Mark Northfield (December 5, 1972-) is an English songwriter, musician and singer.

His albums include Ascendant Album, Nothing Impossible EP and The Death of Copyright EP. Genres: Rock music.

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Steve Mac

Steve Mac (January 15, 1972 Surrey-) a.k.a. Steve McCutcheon, Steve Mac, S. Mac, Mac, Steve or Tomczak is an English songwriter, record producer and musician.

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Rob Coombes

Rob Coombes (April 27, 1972 Oxford-) also known as Coombes, Rob is an English musician and keyboard player.

Genres he performed include Britpop and Alternative rock.

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Conrad Keely

Conrad Keely (May 15, 1972 England-) a.k.a. Keely, Conrad is an English singer.

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Nick Fyffe

Nick Fyffe (October 14, 1972 Reading-) a.k.a. Fyffe, Nick is an English bassist.

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Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor (July 19, 1972 Nocton Hall-) a.k.a. Taylor, Jane is an English musician, songwriter and singer.

Her albums include Montpelier, Compass, barefoot and Oh December. Her related genres: Vocal music and Folk music.

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Gerard Presencer

Gerard Presencer (September 12, 1972 Watford-) is an English bandleader, trumpeter, teacher and musician.

His most recognized albums: The Optimist, Platypus and The Nightingale and the Rose. Genres related to him: Jazz, Hard bop, Nu jazz, Bebop and Contemporary classical music.

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