English musicians died at 42

Here are 6 famous musicians from England died at 42:

Thomas Drummond

Thomas Drummond (October 10, 1797 Edinburgh-April 15, 1840 Dublin) was an English civil engineer and engineer.

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Frances Ridley Havergal

Frances Ridley Havergal (December 14, 1836 Astley-June 3, 1879 Caswell Bay) was an English writer.

She died as a result of peritonitis.

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Robert Hugh Benson

Robert Hugh Benson (November 18, 1871 Wellington College, Berkshire-October 19, 1914 Salford Cathedral) also known as Hugh Benson was an English writer and novelist.

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Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones (August 16, 1872 Shelton, Nottinghamshire-December 21, 1914 Dunstable) was an English personality.

He died caused by tuberculosis.

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Arthur Hugh Clough

Arthur Hugh Clough (January 1, 1819 Liverpool-November 13, 1861 Florence) was an English personality.

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Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis (July 9, 1775 London-May 16, 1818 Atlantic Ocean) a.k.a. M.G. Lewis, Monk Lewis, Matthew Lewis, Matthew G. Lewis, Matthews G. Lewis, M. G. Lewis or Matthew Gregory Lewis was an English novelist, playwright and writer.

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