English musicians died at 64

Here are 14 famous musicians from England died at 64:

Christina of Markyate

Christina of Markyate (April 5, 1097 Huntingdon-April 5, 1161) was an English personality.

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George W. M. Reynolds

George W. M. Reynolds (July 23, 1814-June 19, 1879) was an English novelist and journalist.

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Bob Simmons

Bob Simmons (March 31, 1923 Fulham-October 21, 1987) a.k.a. Robert Simmons was an English actor, stunt performer and physical training instructor.

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Simeon Solomon

Simeon Solomon (October 9, 1840 London-August 14, 1905) was an English personality.

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Josiah Wedgwood

Josiah Wedgwood (July 12, 1730 Burslem-January 3, 1795 Etruria) was an English potter. He had four children, Josiah Wedgwood II, Thomas Wedgwood, Susannah Darwin and John Wedgwood.

He died in oral cancer.

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James Townley

James Townley (May 6, 1714 London-July 5, 1778) was an English personality.

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Howard Spencer

Howard Spencer (August 23, 1875 England-January 14, 1940) was an English personality.

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George Grossmith

George Grossmith (December 9, 1847 Islington-March 1, 1912 Folkestone) was an English novelist and screenwriter. He had four children, George Grossmith, Jr., Lawrence Grossmith, Sylvia Grossmith and Cordelia Rosa Grossmith.

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Don Brennan

Don Brennan (February 10, 1920 Eccleshill, West Yorkshire-January 9, 1985 Ilkley) was an English personality.

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John Lambert

John Lambert (September 7, 1619 Kirkby Malham-March 28, 1684 Plymouth Sound) was an English politician and soldier.

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John Braine

John Braine (April 13, 1922 Bradford-October 28, 1986 London) was an English writer, novelist and librarian.

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Mickie Most

Mickie Most (June 20, 1938 Aldershot-May 30, 2003 Totteridge) otherwise known as Most, Mickie, Mickey Most, Michael Peter Hayes or Michael Hayes was an English record producer, singer and music arranger. His children are called Calvin Hayes, Nathalie Hayes and Cristalle Hayes.

Genres he performed: Rock music and Pop music.

He died caused by mesothelioma.

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Charles Hawtrey

Charles Hawtrey (September 21, 1858 Eton College-July 30, 1923 Marylebone) a.k.a. Charles Henry Hawtrey or Sir Charles Henry Hawtrey was an English actor, comedian, theatre director, theatrical producer, playwright and writer. He had one child, Anthony Hawtrey.

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Edwin Hatch

Edwin Hatch (September 4, 1835 Derby-November 10, 1899 Oxford) was an English personality. His children are Beatrice Hatch, Evelyn Hatch and Ethel Hatch.

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