English musicians died at 73

Here are 19 famous musicians from England died at 73:

Ellen Wood

Ellen Wood (January 17, 1814 Worcester-February 10, 1887 London) otherwise known as Mrs. Henry Wood, Ellen Price, Henry Wood or Wood was an English novelist. She had one child, Charles Wood.

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Benno Moiseiwitsch

Benno Moiseiwitsch (February 22, 1890 Odessa-April 9, 1963 London) a.k.a. Moiseiwitsch, Benno was an English pianist. His child is Tanya Moiseiwitsch.

Discography: Delius / Ravel / Debussy (feat. Philharmonia Orchestra, cond. Constant Lambert) and Great Pianists: Moiseiwitsch 7. Genres: Classical music.

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Francis Ford

Francis Ford (December 14, 1866-February 7, 1940) was an English personality.

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Anthony Munday

Anthony Munday (April 5, 1560 London-August 10, 1633) was an English playwright.

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Coventry Patmore

Coventry Patmore (July 23, 1823 Woodford, London-November 26, 1896 Lymington) a.k.a. Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore was an English librarian.

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Hugh Bartlett

Hugh Bartlett (October 7, 1914 Balaghat-June 28, 1988) was an English personality.

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John Seymour Lucas

John Seymour Lucas (December 21, 1849 London-May 8, 1923) was an English personality.

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John Lockwood Kipling

John Lockwood Kipling (July 6, 1837 Pickering-January 26, 1911 Tisbury, Wiltshire) a.k.a. John Kipling was an English teacher, curator and illustrator. His child is called Rudyard Kipling.

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William Mason

William Mason (February 12, 1724-April 7, 1797) was an English personality.

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Charles Samuel Myers

Charles Samuel Myers (March 13, 1873 London-October 12, 1946) was an English psychologist.

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Robert Coote

Robert Coote (February 4, 1909 London-November 26, 1982 New York City) also known as Flying Officer Robert Coote RCAF or Coote, Robert was an English actor.

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Hugh Aston

Hugh Aston (April 5, 1485-November 1, 1558) a.k.a. Aston, Hugh was an English personality.

His albums: Jan Willem Jansen aux Orgues Ahrend du Musée des Augustins Toulouse.

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William Henry Hunt

William Henry Hunt (March 28, 1790 London-February 10, 1864 London) was an English personality.

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Benjamin Mountfort

Benjamin Mountfort (March 13, 1825 Birmingham-March 15, 1898 Christchurch) was an English architect. He had one child, Cyril Mountfort.

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Bob Stokoe

Bob Stokoe (September 21, 1930 Mickley-February 1, 2004 Hartlepool) was an English personality.

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Peter Annet

Peter Annet (April 5, 1695-January 18, 1769) was an English personality.

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John Keble

John Keble (April 25, 1792 Fairford-March 29, 1866 Bournemouth) was an English personality.

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Richard Mather

Richard Mather (April 5, 1596 Lancashire-April 22, 1669) was an English personality. His children are called Increase Mather and Samuel Mather.

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Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner (May 17, 1749 Berkeley-January 26, 1823 Berkeley) was an English physician and scientist.

He died in stroke.

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