English musicians died at 79

Here are 21 famous musicians from England died at 79:

George Grove

George Grove (August 13, 1820 Clapham-May 28, 1900 Sydenham) was an English civil engineer, biblical scholar and musicologist.

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Sims Reeves

Sims Reeves (October 21, 1821-October 25, 1900) was an English singer.

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Gerald Gardner

Gerald Gardner (June 13, 1884 Blundellsands-February 12, 1964 Tunis) also known as Gerald Brousseau Gardner, Scire or Gerald Brosseau Gardner was an English writer and novelist.

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John Willie Sutcliffe

John Willie Sutcliffe (April 14, 1868 Shibden-July 7, 1947 Bradford) was an English personality.

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Bobby Abel

Bobby Abel (November 30, 1857 Rotherhithe-December 10, 1936 Stockwell) was an English personality.

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Richard Bebb

Richard Bebb (January 12, 1927 London-April 12, 2006 London) also known as Richard Bebb Williams or Richard Edward Bebb Williams was an English actor and voice actor.

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Cliff Bastin

Cliff Bastin (March 14, 1912 Heavitree-December 4, 1991 Exeter) was an English personality.

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Robert Sloman

Robert Sloman (July 18, 1926 Oldham-October 24, 2005 South Hams) also known as Guy Leopold was an English screenwriter.

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Ted Alletson

Ted Alletson (March 6, 1884 Welbeck-July 5, 1963 Worksop) was an English personality.

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Giles Gilbert Scott

Giles Gilbert Scott (November 9, 1880 London-February 8, 1960 London) was an English architect. He had one child, Richard Gilbert Scott.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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John Goss

John Goss (December 27, 1800 Fareham-May 10, 1880 London) otherwise known as Sir John Goss or Goss, Sir John was an English personality.

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Roger Williams

Roger Williams (December 21, 1603 London-April 18, 1683 Providence) was an English politician and theologian. He had six children, Mary Williams, Mercy Williams, Providence Williams, Joseph Williams, Daniel Williams and Freeborn Williams.

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Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (May 10, 1900 Wendover-December 7, 1979 Cambridge) was an English astronomer.

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Peter Cathcart Wason

Peter Cathcart Wason (February 22, 1924 Bath-April 17, 2003 Wallingford, Oxfordshire) was an English psychologist.

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Kenneth Clark

Kenneth Clark (July 13, 1903 London-May 21, 1983 Hythe) also known as Sir Clark, Lord Clark of Saltwood, Sir Kenneth Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie Clark or Kenneth McKenzie Clark, Baron Clark was an English presenter, author, broadcaster, art historian and screenwriter. He had two children, Colin Clark and Alan Clark.

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George Holland

George Holland (April 5, 1791 London-April 5, 1870) was an English comedian. He had one child, Edmund Milton Holland.

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P. H. Newby

P. H. Newby (June 25, 1918 Crowborough-September 6, 1997 Garsington) was an English novelist, author and writer.

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William Lilly

William Lilly (May 11, 1602 Diseworth-June 9, 1681 Hersham) was an English writer and astrologer.

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Nobby Clark

Nobby Clark (August 9, 1902-April 5, 1982) was an English personality.

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Bill Towers

Bill Towers (July 13, 1920 Leicester-April 1, 2000) was an English personality.

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Laurie Fishlock

Laurie Fishlock (January 2, 1907 Battersea-June 25, 1986 Sutton) was an English personality.

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