English musicians who died due to Cancer

Here are 24 famous musicians from England died in Cancer:

Duncan Browne

Duncan Browne (March 25, 1947-May 28, 1993) also known as Ducan Browne or Browne, Duncan was an English singer.

His discography includes: The Wild Places, Streets of Fire, Duncan Browne, The Wild Places '91, The Wild Places, Give Me Take You, Songs of Love and War, Journey and Send Me the Bill for Your Friendship.

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Al Hodge

Al Hodge (February 11, 2015 Bodmin-July 6, 2006) was an English singer.

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Robert Heaton

Robert Heaton (July 6, 1961 Knutsford-November 4, 2004) otherwise known as Heaton, Robert, Robert Charles Heaton, Rob Heaton or Heaton, Rob was an English , .

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Tony Tyler

Tony Tyler (October 31, 1943 United Kingdom-October 28, 2006) also known as J. E. A. Tyler was an English writer and journalist.

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Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson (June 20, 1958 Edmonton, London-July 15, 2007 London) also known as Johnson, Kelly or Bernadette Jean Johnson was an English guitarist, musician, songwriter, singer, environmentalist and social worker.

Genres she performed include Heavy metal and Rock music.

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Alma Cogan

Alma Cogan (May 19, 1932 Whitechapel-October 26, 1966 London) also known as Alma Gogan, Alma Angela Cohen or Cogan, Alma was an English singer.

Her albums include The Magic of Alma Cogan, The Ultimate Alma Cogan, Alma Cogan, I Love to Sing, With You in Mind, The a-z of Alma, Bell Bottoms, Dreamboats, Tangos & Eskimos and The Girl With The Laugh In Her Voice. Genres she performed include Traditional pop music.

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Marti Caine

Marti Caine (January 26, 1945 Sheffield-November 4, 1995 Wycombe District) a.k.a. Lynne Shepherd, Lynne Denise Shepherd or Caine, Marti was an English comedian, actor, dancer, presenter, singer and writer. Her children are called Lee Stringer and Max Stringer.

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Ray Martin

Ray Martin (October 11, 1918 Vienna-February 7, 1988 Johannesburg) otherwise known as Kurt Kohn, Marshall Ross, Raymond Stuart Martin or Martin, Ray was an English conductor, composer and music director.

His discography includes: The Sound of Sight and In the Ray Martin Manner.

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Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett (January 6, 1946 Cambridge-July 7, 2006 Cambridge) also known as Syd Barret, Roger Keith Barrett or Barrett, Syd was an English singer, musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist and songwriter.

His discography includes: The Radio One Sessions, Octopus, The Peel Session, Opel, Barrett, The Madcap Laughs, Octopus / Golden Hair, Syd Barrett, Crazy Diamond and The Best of Syd Barrett: Wouldn't You Miss Me?. Genres he performed include Psychedelic rock, Psychedelic folk, Space rock, Blues, Blues rock, Experimental rock, Psychedelic pop and Avant-garde music.

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Don Lang

Don Lang (January 19, 1925 Halifax-August 3, 1992 Surrey) also known as Lang, Don was an English singer.

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Derek Leckenby

Derek Leckenby (May 14, 1943 Leeds-June 4, 1994 Manchester) a.k.a. Leckenby, Derek was an English musician.

His related genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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John W. Duarte

John W. Duarte (October 2, 1919 Sheffield-December 23, 2004) also known as Duarte, John W. was an English , .

His albums: John Duarte Guitar Music.

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Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan (October 24, 1948 Leeds-November 29, 1992) a.k.a. Ryan, Paul was an English singer.

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Vince Taylor

Vince Taylor (July 14, 1939 Isleworth-August 28, 1991 Lutry) otherwise known as Brian Maurice Holden was an English singer and songwriter. He had one child, Ty Holden.

His most recognized albums: Live at the Olympia, It's Been a Lonely Night, Vince Taylor 1963-1974, , Luv and I'll Be Your Hero. Genres: Rock music, Protopunk, Rockabilly and Rock and roll.

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Melanie Appleby

Melanie Appleby (July 11, 1966 London Borough of Hackney-January 18, 1990 Westminster) also known as Appleby, Melanie was an English singer.

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Steve New

Steve New (May 16, 1960 London-May 24, 2010 London) a.k.a. New, Steve was an English guitarist and singer.

Genres he performed: Punk rock and Post-punk.

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Jack Parnell

Jack Parnell (August 6, 1923 London-August 8, 2010 Southwold) also known as Parnell, Jack or John Russell Parnell was an English musician and bandleader. He had one child, Ric Parnell.

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Rob Fisher

Rob Fisher (November 5, 1956 Cheltenham-August 25, 1999) also known as Fisher, Rob was an English music director.

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Huw Lloyd-Langton

Huw Lloyd-Langton (February 6, 1951 United Kingdom-December 6, 2012) a.k.a. Huw Lloyd Langton, Lloyd-Langton, Huw or Richard Hugh Lloyd-Langton was an English , .

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Ari Up

Ari Up (January 17, 1962 Munich-October 20, 2010 Los Angeles) also known as Ari Upp, Ari-Up, Arri Up, Arianna Forster, Up, Ari or Ariane Daniele Forster was an English singer and musician.

Her albums: Dread More Dan Dead and Sunshine Taboo. Genres: Dancehall, Punk rock, Reggae, Techno and Dub.

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Reg King

Reg King (February 5, 1945 Paddington-October 8, 2010 Belvedere, London) a.k.a. King, Reg was an English singer.

His albums: Looking for a Dream. Genres he performed include Blue-eyed soul and Pop music.

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John Shirley-Quirk

John Shirley-Quirk (August 28, 1931 Liverpool-April 7, 2014 Bath) a.k.a. Shirley-Quirk, John was an English singer.

His albums include The Dream of Gerontius / Enigma Variations, Requiem / Krönungsmesse / Coronation Mass / Exsulta, jubilate / Litany K. 195, The Dream of Gerontius, Orchestral Songs, Stabat Mater / Legends, , La Damnation de Faust and Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius, Holst: The Hymn of Jesus, Delius: Sea Drift.

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Gypie Mayo

Gypie Mayo (July 24, 1951 Hammersmith-October 23, 2013 Bath) also known as John Phillip Cawthra was an English guitarist, songwriter and singer.

Genres he performed: Rock music.

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Elsie Carlisle

Elsie Carlisle (January 28, 1896 Didsbury-September 5, 1977 Mayfair, London) was an English singer.

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