Estonian musicians died at 78

Here are 2 famous musicians from Estonia died at 78:

Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald

Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald (December 26, 1803 Jõepere-August 25, 1882 Tartu) also known as Dr. Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, Фри́дрих Ре́йнгольд Кре́йцвальд, Vidri Rein Ristmets or Viru laulik was an Estonian physician, writer, poet, folklorist, educator and social activist. His children are called Alexis Kreutzwald, Adelheid Anette Blumberg and Marie Ottilie Kreutzwald.

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Evald Seepere

Evald Seepere (May 4, 1911 Virumaa-February 22, 1990 Tallinn) was an Estonian professional boxer.

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