Famous movie actors born in the year 1908

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1908:

N. S. Krishnan

N. S. Krishnan (November 29, 1908 Nagercoil-August 30, 1957 India) a.k.a. NSK, Nagerkoyil Sudalaimuthu Krishnan, Kalaivanar, நாகர்கோயில் சுடலைமுத்து கிருஷ்ணன், 'Kalaivanar' N. S. Krishnan, N.S. Krishnan, Charlie Chaplin of India or Nagercoil Sudalaimuthu Krishnan was an Indian actor, comedian, playback singer, writer and film director. He had one child, Kalaiselvi Krishnan.

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Morey Amsterdam

Morey Amsterdam (December 14, 1908 Chicago-October 28, 1996 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Moritz Amsterdam or The Human Joke Machine was an American comedian, actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Gregory Amsterdam and Cathy Amsterdam.

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Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp (December 25, 1908 Sutton-November 21, 1999 Chorlton-cum-Hardy) also known as Denis Charles Pratt was an English writer, illustrator, actor, art model and raconteur.

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Juan Carlos Thorry

Juan Carlos Thorry (June 28, 1908 Coronel Pringles-February 12, 2000 San Antonio de Padua) a.k.a. Juan Carlos Torrontegui or José Antonio Torrontegui was an Argentine actor, film director and dancer.

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Alan Keith

Alan Keith (October 19, 1908 London-March 17, 2003 London) otherwise known as Alec Kossoff or Alexander Kossoff was a British actor, disc jockey and presenter.

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Philip Bourneuf

Philip Bourneuf (January 7, 1908 Somerville-March 23, 1979 Santa Monica) also known as Phillip Bournaeauf or Philip Hilaire Bourneuf was an American actor.

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Francis L. Urry

Francis L. Urry (January 23, 1908 United States of America-May 6, 1985 Salt Lake City) also known as Francis Urry or Francis Lester Urry was an American actor, voice actor and teacher.

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Charles Morton

Charles Morton (January 28, 1908 Illinois-October 26, 1966 North Hollywood) a.k.a. Charles S. Morton was an American actor.

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William Bakewell

William Bakewell (May 2, 1908 Los Angeles-April 15, 1993 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Bill Bakewell, William Bakewell Jr. or Billy Bakewell was an American actor. He had two children, Lisa Bakewell and Mary Bakewell Williams.

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Kermit Murdock

Kermit Murdock (March 20, 1908 Pittsburgh-February 11, 1981 Tenafly) was an American actor and voice actor.

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Steve Pendleton

Steve Pendleton (September 16, 1908 New York City-October 3, 1984 Pasadena) a.k.a. Gaylord Pendleton, Gaylord 'Steve' Pendleton, Jack Carson, Jack Pendleton or Gay Pendleton was an American actor.

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Terence De Marney

Terence De Marney (March 1, 1908 London-May 25, 1971 London) also known as Terence de Marney, Terrence De Marney, Terence DeMarney, Terrry DeMarney, Terence DeMarny or Terence de Marnie was an English actor, theatre director and screenwriter.

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Patrick Barr

Patrick Barr (February 13, 1908 Akola-August 29, 1985 Wandsworth) a.k.a. Patrick David Barr or Pat Barr was a British actor. He had one child, Belinda Barr.

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Lionel Hampton

Lionel Hampton (April 20, 1908 Louisville-August 31, 2002 New York City) also known as Lionel Leo Hampton, Hampton, Lionel, Hamp or Mad Lionel was an American composer, actor, organist, musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and bandleader.

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Louis Jordan

Louis Jordan (July 8, 1908 Brinkley-February 4, 1975 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Louis Jordon, Jordan, Louis, Louis Thomas Jordan, The King of the Juke Boxes, Louis Jordan & His Tympani Five, Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five, Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five or The King of the Jukebox was an American singer, songwriter, actor, musician, saxophonist and bandleader.

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Bob Nolan

Bob Nolan (April 13, 1908 Winnipeg-June 16, 1980 Newport Beach) a.k.a. Nolan, Bob, Clarence Robert Nobles, The Stephen Foster of the West, America's No. 1 Cowboy Composer, Sons of the Pioneers, Bob Noland and The Sons of the Pioneers, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers or Robert Clarence Nobles was a Canadian singer, singer-songwriter, actor and film score composer. He had one child, Roberta Irene.

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Lee Powell

Lee Powell (May 15, 1908 Long Beach-July 30, 1944 Tinian) a.k.a. Lee Berrien Powell, Lee 'Lone Ranger' Powell or Lee B. Powell was an American actor.

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Carlo Romano

Carlo Romano (May 8, 1908 Livorno-October 16, 1975 Rome) also known as Carletto Romano was an Italian actor, screenwriter, voice actor and writer. His child is called Aleardo Ward.

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Gunnar Strømvad

Gunnar Strømvad (May 12, 1908 Denmark-December 6, 1972 Denmark) also known as Gunnar Halvor Strømvad was a Danish actor.

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Clemens Hasse

Clemens Hasse (April 13, 1908 Königsberg-July 28, 1959 New York City) was a German actor and voice actor.

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Sture Lagerwall

Sture Lagerwall (December 13, 1908 Stockholm-November 1, 1964 Limhamn) was a Swedish film director and actor.

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Ole Monty

Ole Monty (October 22, 1908 Copenhagen-April 24, 1977 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Richard Häussler

Richard Häussler (October 26, 1908 Munich-September 28, 1964 Grünwald) also known as Richard Haußler, Richard Häußler or Richard Häusler was a German actor and film director.

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Erik Frey

Erik Frey (March 1, 1908 Vienna-September 2, 1988 Vienna) also known as Erik Viktor Laurenz Emil Frey or Eric Frey was an Austrian actor.

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Kazuo Hasegawa

Kazuo Hasegawa (February 27, 1908 Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-April 6, 1984 Tokyo) also known as Chôjirô Hayashi, Chojiro Hayashi, Hasegawa Kazuo, 長谷川 一夫, Hayashi Chomaru, 林 長丸, はやし ちょうまる, はせがわ かずお, Chomaru Hayashi, はやし ちょうじろう, 林 長二郎 or Hayashi Chojiro was a Japanese actor. His children are called Naritoshi Hayashi, Michiko Ono and Kiyo Hasegawa.

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Pierre Dux

Pierre Dux (October 21, 1908 Paris-December 1, 1990 Paris) also known as Pierre Martin or Alex Martin was a French actor and television director.

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Louis Daquin

Louis Daquin (May 20, 1908 Calais-October 2, 1980 Paris) was a French actor, film director and television director. His child is called Michel Recanati.

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Lew Ayres

Lew Ayres (December 28, 1908 Minneapolis-December 30, 1996 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Lewis Frederick Ayre III, Lewis Ayres or Lewis Frederick Ayres III was an American actor, musician and pianist. He had one child, Justin Ayres.

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Pantelis Zervos

Pantelis Zervos (December 23, 1908 Perachora-January 22, 1982 Athens) also known as Zervos was a Greek actor.

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Memmo Carotenuto

Memmo Carotenuto (July 24, 1908 Rome-December 23, 1980 Rome) a.k.a. Guglielmo Carotenuto or Memmo was an Italian actor and film producer. His children are called Bruno Carotenuto and Nennella Carotenuto.

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James Stewart

James Stewart (May 20, 1908 Indiana-July 2, 1997 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. James Maitland Stewart, Jimmy Stewart, The Ordinary Hero, Lieutenant James Stewart or Jimmy was an American actor, pilot, military officer and television director. His children are called Kelly Stewart-Harcourt, Judy Stewart-Merrill, Michael Stewart and Ronald Stewart.

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William Hartnell

William Hartnell (January 8, 1908 St Pancras, London-April 23, 1975 Marden) also known as William Henry Hartnell, Billy Hartnell, Bill Hartnell, Bill or Billy was an English actor. He had one child, Heather Anne Hartnell.

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Fred MacMurray

Fred MacMurray (August 30, 1908 Kankakee-November 5, 1991 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Fredrick Martin MacMurray, Frederick Martin MacMurray, Bud, Fred Mac Murray, Frederick Martin "Fred" MacMurray, Fred McMurray or McMurray, Fred was an American actor and musician. He had four children, Robert MacMurray, Susan MacMurray, Katherine Macmurray and Laurie MacMurray.

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Rex Harrison

Rex Harrison (March 5, 1908 Huyton-June 2, 1990 New York City) otherwise known as Reginald Carey Harrison, Sir Rex Harrison, Sexy Rexy, Sir Reginald Carey "Rex" Harrison or Sir Reginald Carey Harrison was a British actor. His children are called Noel Harrison, Carey Harrison, Damian Harris and Jamie Harris.

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John Mills

John Mills (February 22, 1908 North Elmham-April 23, 2005 Denham) a.k.a. Lewis Ernest Watts Mills, Sir John Mills, Johnny, Johnny Mills or Sir John Mills CBE was an English actor. His children are called Hayley Mills, Juliet Mills and Jonathan Mills.

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Robert Morley

Robert Morley (May 26, 1908 Semley-June 3, 1992 Reading) otherwise known as Robert Adolph Wilton Morley or Robert Adolph Wilton Morley, CBE was a British actor, screenwriter and playwright. His children are called Sheridan Morley, Annabel Morley and Wilton Morley.

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Don Ameche

Don Ameche (May 31, 1908 Kenosha-December 6, 1993 Scottsdale) a.k.a. Dominic Felix Amici was an American actor, radio personality and tv personality. He had six children, Thomas Ameche, Ronald Ameche, Bonnie Ameche, Dominic Ameche, Connie Ameche and Lonnie Ameche.

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Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee (January 10, 1908 Brentford-January 16, 1981 Royal Free Hospital) a.k.a. John Bernard Lee was a British actor and soldier. He had one child, Ann Lee.

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Russ Columbo

Russ Columbo (January 14, 1908 Camden-September 2, 1934 Beverly Hills) also known as Colombo, Russ, Ruggiero Eugenio di Rodolpho Colombo or Russ Colombo was an American singer and actor.

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Lionel Stander

Lionel Stander (January 11, 1908 The Bronx-November 30, 1994 Los Angeles) also known as Lionel Jay Stander was an American actor and voice actor.

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Harold Peary

Harold Peary (July 25, 1908 San Leandro-March 30, 1985 Torrance) also known as Harrold Jese Pereira de Faria, José Pereira de Faria, Harold Peary {The Great Gildersleeve}, Hal Peary or Harold (Hal) Peary was an American comedian, actor, singer and radio personality.

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Ford Rainey

Ford Rainey (August 8, 1908 Mountain Home-July 25, 2005 Santa Monica) also known as Ford Raney was an American actor. He had three children, James Rainey, Kathy Rainey and Robert Rainey.

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Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart (March 13, 1908 Manhattan-February 17, 1986 Los Angeles) also known as Paul Sternberg or Paul Steward was an American actor and television director.

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David Farrar

David Farrar (August 21, 1908 Forest Gate-August 31, 1995 KwaZulu-Natal) was an English actor. He had one child, Barbara Farrar.

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George Dolenz

George Dolenz (January 5, 1908 Trieste-February 8, 1963 Hollywood) a.k.a. Jure Dolenc or George Dolentz was an American actor. He had four children, Micky Dolenz, Gemma Marie Dolenz, Deborah Dolenz and Kathleen Dolenz.

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L. V. Prasad

L. V. Prasad (January 17, 1908 Eluru-June 22, 1994) also known as Akkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasada Rao, Mr. L.V. Prasad, Shri L.V. Prasad, Prasad, Lakshmi Varaprasada Rao or Akkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasad Rao was an Indian film director, actor, film producer and screenwriter. He had two children, Ramesh Prasad and Anand Rao Prasad.

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Ernest Dudley

Ernest Dudley (July 23, 1908-February 1, 2006) was an English writer, novelist, journalist, screenwriter and actor.

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Richard Hearne

Richard Hearne (January 30, 1908 Norwich-August 23, 1979 Bearsted) a.k.a. Richard Lewis Hearne, Richard 'Mr. Pastry' Hearne, Mr. Pastry or Richard Lewis Hearne, OBE was a British comedian, actor, screenwriter and film producer.

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Karl Swenson

Karl Swenson (July 23, 1908 Brooklyn-October 8, 1978 Torrington) a.k.a. Swenson, Karl, Karl Swensen or Peter Wayne was an American actor and voice actor. He had one child, Steven Swenson.

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Ken Niles

Ken Niles (December 9, 1908 Livingston-October 31, 1988 Santa Monica) was an American actor and announcer. He had two children, Kenneth Niles and Denise Niles.

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