Famous movie actors born in the year 1928

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1928:

George Lindsey

George Lindsey (December 17, 1928 Fairfield-May 6, 2012 Nashville) a.k.a. George 'Goober' Lindsey, George Smith Lindsey or Goober was an American writer, actor, teacher, comedian and voice actor. He had two children, Camden Lindsey and George Lindsey, Jr..

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Bob Monkhouse

Bob Monkhouse (June 1, 1928 Beckenham-December 29, 2003 Eggington) a.k.a. Robert Alan Monkhouse, Bob, Bob Monkhouse OBE, Robert Alan 'Bob' Monkhouse OBE or Robert Alan 'Bob' Monkhouse was an English presenter, comedian, actor, writer, author and voice actor. He had three children, Abigail Williams, Gary Alan Monkhouse and Simon Monkhouse.

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Kevin Hagen

Kevin Hagen (April 3, 1928 Chicago-July 9, 2005 Grants Pass) a.k.a. Donald N. Hagen or Keven Hagen was an American actor and playwright. He had one child, Kristopher Hagen.

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Paul Dooley

Paul Dooley (February 22, 1928 Parkersburg-) a.k.a. Paul Brown or Paul Dooley Brown is an American actor, comedian, writer, screenwriter, voice actor and cartoonist. He has four children, Adam Dooley, Savannah Dooley, Peter Dooley and Robin Dooley.

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Glyn Owen

Glyn Owen (March 6, 1928 Bolton-September 10, 2004 Gwynedd) also known as Griffith Owen or Glyn Griffith Owen was a British actor. He had two children, Lloyd Owen and Cathy Owen.

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Don Dubbins

Don Dubbins (June 28, 1928 Brooklyn-August 17, 1991 Greenville) also known as Donald Dubbins, Donald Gene Dubbins or Donald George Dubbins was an American actor.

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Gus Mercurio

Gus Mercurio (August 10, 1928 Milwaukee-December 7, 2010 Melbourne) also known as Augustino Eugenio "Gus" Mercurio, Augustino Eugenio Mercurio or Gus Mecurio was an American actor, professional boxer and chiropractor. He had four children, Paul Mercurio, Connie Mercurio, Michael Mercurio and Joey Mercurio.

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Terry Carter

Terry Carter (December 16, 1928 Brooklyn-) also known as John De Coste, John Everett DeCoste or John E. DeCoste is an American actor.

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Christopher Hancock

Christopher Hancock (June 5, 1928 Bishop Auckland-September 29, 2004 Lincolnshire) was a British actor.

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Tage Danielsson

Tage Danielsson (February 5, 1928 Linköping-October 13, 1985 Stockholm) also known as Danielsson, Tage or Tage Ivar Roland Danielsson was a Swedish writer, comedian, poet, film director, actor, author, screenwriter and television director. He had two children, Patrik Danielsson and Jesper Danielsson.

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John Ewart

John Ewart (February 26, 1928 Melbourne-March 8, 1994 Sydney) also known as Ewart, Jimmy or Johnny was an Australian actor. He had one child, John Ewart Jnr..

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George McFarland

George McFarland (October 2, 1928 Denison-June 30, 1993 Grapevine) also known as George Robert Phillips McFarland, Spanky, Sonny, McFarlane, George MacFarlane, 'Spanky' McFarland, Spanky McFarlane, Spanky McFarland or Our Gang was an American actor. He had one child, Emmett Vogan McFarland.

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Sidney Kibrick

Sidney Kibrick (July 2, 1928 Minneapolis-) otherwise known as Sidney 'Woim' Kibrick or Woim is an American actor.

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John Orchard

John Orchard (November 15, 1928 Kennington-November 3, 1995 Beckenham) also known as John Michael Charles Orchard was a British actor. He had one child, Sarah Orchard.

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Earl Holliman

Earl Holliman (September 11, 1928 Delhi-) a.k.a. Henry Earl Holliman is an American actor.

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Sonny Bupp

Sonny Bupp (January 10, 1928 New York City-November 1, 2007 Henderson) otherwise known as Moyer MacClaren Bupp, Moyer Bupp, Moyer MacClendon Bupp, Sunny Bupp, Mac or Sonny was an American actor and businessperson.

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Marco Ferreri

Marco Ferreri (May 11, 1928 Milan-May 9, 1997 Paris) was an Italian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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George Grizzard

George Grizzard (April 1, 1928 Roanoke Rapids-October 2, 2007 Manhattan) a.k.a. George Cooper Grizzard Jr. was an American actor.

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Henry Silva

Henry Silva (September 15, 1928 Brooklyn-) a.k.a. Harry Silva is an American actor. His children are called Michael Silva and Scott Silva.

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Ray Stricklyn

Ray Stricklyn (October 8, 1928 Houston-May 14, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Lewis Raymond Stricklyn was an American actor.

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Tom Rosqui

Tom Rosqui (June 12, 1928 Oakland-April 12, 1991 Los Angeles) also known as Thomas Francis Rosqui or Thomas Francis "Tom" Rosqui was an American actor.

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Orson Bean

Orson Bean (July 22, 1928 Burlington-) also known as Dallas Frederick Burroughs, Dr. Orson Bea or Dallas Frederick Burrows is an American actor, tv personality, author and voice actor. His children are called Michele Bean, Max Bean, Susannah Bean and Ezekiel Bean.

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Mark Eden

Mark Eden (February 14, 1928 London-) otherwise known as Douglas Malin is an English actor. He has one child, David Malin.

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John Ringham

John Ringham (February 10, 1928 Cheltenham-October 20, 2008 England) a.k.a. John Henry Ringham was a British actor.

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John Lee

John Lee (March 31, 1928 Launceston-December 21, 2000 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

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Victor Maddern

Victor Maddern (March 16, 1928 Seven Kings-June 22, 1993 London Borough of Hackney) also known as Victor Jack Maddern was an English actor and businessperson.

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Aubrey Woods

Aubrey Woods (April 9, 1928 London-May 7, 2013 Barrow-in-Furness) was an English actor.

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Frederick Jaeger

Frederick Jaeger (May 29, 1928 Berlin-June 18, 2004 Majorca) also known as Manfred Frederick Jaeger or Frederick Jaegar was a British actor.

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Bernard Kay

Bernard Kay (February 23, 1928 Bolton-) is a British actor.

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John Bay

John Bay (November 30, 1928 Chicago-November 7, 1982 London) also known as John M. Bay was an American actor.

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John Abineri

John Abineri (May 18, 1928 London-June 29, 2000 Bath) also known as John Frederick Abineri was a British actor. He had four children, Daniel Abineri, Sebastian Abineri, Jasmine Abineri and Robert Abineri.

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Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth (February 22, 1928 Edmonton, London-) a.k.a. Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson, Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson, Brucie, Forsyth, Bruce, Bruce Forsyth CBE, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Bruce Forsyth O.B.E, Bruce Forsyth O.B.E., Bruce Forsyth OBE, Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson CBE, Boy Bruce, Brucey, Bruce Johnson, Bruce Forsyth Johnson, The Mighty Atom, Mr Entertainment, Sir Brucie or Sir Brucey is a British presenter, actor, singer-songwriter, musician, showman, comedian, dancer, singer and screenwriter. He has six children, Debbie Matthews, Julie Forsyth, Charlotte Forsyth, Louisa Forsyth, Laura Forsyth and Jonathan Joseph Forsyth.

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Ian Bannen

Ian Bannen (June 29, 1928 Airdrie-November 3, 1999 Loch Ness) also known as Ian Banney was a British actor.

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Ray MacDonnell

Ray MacDonnell (March 5, 1928 Lawrence-) also known as Raymond Arthur MacDonnell is an American actor.

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John Ingle

John Ingle (May 7, 1928 Tulsa-September 16, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as John H. Ingle or John Houston Ingle was an American actor and teacher.

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Ed Nelson

Ed Nelson (December 21, 1928 New Orleans-August 9, 2014 Greensboro) a.k.a. Edward Nelson, Edwin Nelson, Edwin Stafford Nelson or Edwin Stafford "Ed" Nelson was an American actor. He had six children, Christopher S. Nelson, Cynthia Bordes, Beth Moore, Mary Sanders, Anne Bochenski and Gregory Nelson.

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Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg (April 2, 1928 Paris-March 2, 1991 Paris) also known as S. Gainsbourg, Lucien Ginzburg, Gainsbarre, Julien Grix, Gainsbourg or Lucien Ginsburg was a French singer, poet, film director, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, composer, artist, film score composer, musician, visual artist, music artist and writer. His children are called Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lucien Gainsbourg, Natacha Gainsbourg and Paul Gainsbourg.

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Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant (April 5, 1928 London-April 25, 2002 Richmond, London) a.k.a. Michael Dennis Bryant or Michael Dennis Bryant, CBE was a British actor.

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Jerome Willis

Jerome Willis (October 23, 1928 London-January 11, 2014 Wimbledon) a.k.a. Jerome Barry Willis, Jerry or Jer was a British actor.

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Dolphy (July 25, 1928 Tondo-July 10, 2012 Makati) otherwise known as Comedy King, Pidol, Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Bombilya, Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr., Golay, Rodolfo Vera, Rodolfo Quizon, Rodolfo V. Quizon, Rudolf Histcock or Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr., OGH was a Filipino comedian, actor and film producer. He had 18 children, Epi Quizon, Manuel Quizon, Rodolfo Quizon Jr., Edwin Quizon, Salud Quizon, Eric Quizon, Madonna Smith Quizon, Carlos S. Quizon, Ronnie Quizon, Dino Quizon, Freddie Quizon, Rolly Quizon, Edgar Quizon, Vandolph, Nicole Quizon, Zia Quizon, Mariquita Quizon and Rommel Quizon.

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Michael Hawkins

Michael Hawkins (November 26, 1928 Bedfordshire-) a.k.a. Michael Gainsborough is an English actor.

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Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean (August 10, 1928 Plainview-June 13, 2010 Varina) a.k.a. Dean, Jimmy or Jimmy Ray Dean was an American entrepreneur, businessperson, singer, actor and presenter. He had three children, Garry Dean, Connie Dean and Robert Dean.

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Erik Bruhn

Erik Bruhn (October 3, 1928 Copenhagen-April 1, 1986 Toronto) also known as Erik Belton Evers Bruhn was a Danish writer, actor, ballet dancer, choreographer and author.

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Dara Singh

Dara Singh (November 19, 1928 Amritsar district-July 12, 2012 Mumbai) a.k.a. Shri Dara Singh, Darasingh, Dara Singh Randhawa, Dara, Dara Singh Randhava, Singh, Deedar Singh, Rustam-E-Punjab, Rustam-E-Hind or Ironman of Indian cinema was an Indian politician, actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter and wrestler. His children are called Vindu Dara Singh, Amrik Singh Randhawa, Pruduman Singh Randhawa, Kamal Singh, Deepa Singh and Loveleen Singh.

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Carlo Giuffré

Carlo Giuffré (December 3, 1928 Naples-) also known as Carlo Gioffre is an Italian actor and voice actor. He has one child, Francesco Giuffrè.

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Rafael Hernández

Rafael Hernández (August 3, 1928 Madrid-November 7, 1997 Madrid) also known as Rafael Hernandez, Ralph Baldwyn, Rafaël Hernandez, E. Rafael Hernández or Esteban Rafael Hernández Herrero was a Spanish actor and police officer.

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Bertel Lauring

Bertel Lauring (January 11, 1928 Frederiksberg-January 28, 2000 Denmark) was a Danish actor. He had one child, Sophie Louise Lauring.

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Axel Strøbye

Axel Strøbye (February 22, 1928 Frederiksberg-July 12, 2005 Charlottenlund) also known as Axel Strobye, Axel Strøby Jacobsen or Aksel Strøbye was a Danish actor. He had two children, Michäela Strøbye and Thomas Strøbye.

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Enzo Cannavale

Enzo Cannavale (April 5, 1928 Castellammare di Stabia-March 18, 2011 Naples) otherwise known as Vincenzo Cannavale was an Italian actor.

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Henning Moritzen

Henning Moritzen (August 3, 1928 Taarbæk-August 11, 2012 Frederiksberg) also known as Henning Bolvig Moritzen was a Danish actor and film director. He had two children, Michael Moritzen and Marianne Moritzen.

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