Famous movie actors born in the year 1940

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1940:

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen (August 3, 1940 Dayton-) also known as Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez, Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, Ramón Estévez or Ramon Estevez is an American actor, voice actor, film producer, activist and television producer. He has four children, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Ramon Estevez and Renée Estevez.

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Víctor Erice

Víctor Erice (June 30, 1940 Karrantza-) also known as Víctor Erice Aras or Victor Erice is a Spanish film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer.

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William Finley

William Finley (September 20, 1940 Manhattan-April 14, 2012 Manhattan) also known as Bill Finley, W. Franklin Finley, W.F. Finley, William Franklin Finley III or William Franklin Finley was an American actor. He had one child, Dashiell Finley.

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Bill Hunter

Bill Hunter (February 27, 1940 Ballarat-May 21, 2011 Kew Vic) also known as Willaim Hunter, William John Hunter, William John "Bill" Hunter or William John Bourke Hunter was an Australian actor and voice actor.

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Christopher Timothy

Christopher Timothy (October 14, 1940 Bala-) is a British actor.

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Al Pacino

Al Pacino (April 25, 1940 East Harlem-) a.k.a. Alfredo James Pacino, Sonny, Alfredo James "Al" Pacino or The Manlet is an American actor, film director, film producer and theatre director. He has three children, Julie Marie Tarrant, Anton James D'Angelo and Olivia Rose D'Angelo.

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Tim Brooke-Taylor

Tim Brooke-Taylor (July 17, 1940 Buxton-) also known as Timothy Julian Brooke-Taylor, Tim Brooke Taylor, Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE, Cambridge Circus, Timothy Julian Brooke-Taylor OBE or Brooke Taylor, Tim is a British writer, actor, comedian and screenwriter. He has two children, Ben Taylor and Edward Taylor.

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James Caan

James Caan (March 26, 1940 The Bronx-) also known as James Edmund Caan, Jimmy, Jimmy Caan, Jimmy Cahn, Shoulders, Killer Caan or The Jewish Cowboy is an American actor, singer and voice actor. He has five children, Scott Caan, Jacob Nicholas Caan, James Arthur Caan, Tara A. Caan and Alexander James Caan.

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Ray Lonnen

Ray Lonnen (May 18, 1940 Bournemouth-July 11, 2014 London) a.k.a. Ronald Baker was an English actor.

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Tim Considine

Tim Considine (December 31, 1940 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as Timothy Daniel Considine, Timothy Daniel "Tim" Considine or Tim is an American actor, author, photographer, screenwriter and historian.

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Trevor Kent

Trevor Kent (April 24, 1940 Queensland-November 4, 1989 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

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Don Barker

Don Barker (March 8, 1940 Adelaide-) is an Australian actor.

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David Jason

David Jason (February 2, 1940 Edmonton, London-) a.k.a. David John White, Sir David Jason, Sir David John White or Sir David John White, OBE is a British actor, voice actor and television producer. He has one child, Sophie Mae Jason.

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Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart (July 13, 1940 Mirfield-) a.k.a. Sir Patrick Stewart, Patrick Hewes Stewart, Sir Patrick Hewes Stewart or Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE is a British actor, voice actor, journalist, television director and film producer. His children are called Daniel Stewart and Sophie Alexandra Stewart.

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Sam Waterston

Sam Waterston (November 15, 1940 Cambridge-) also known as Samuel Atkinson Waterston, Sam Waterson, Samuel A. Waterston, Samuel Atkinson "Sam" Waterston or Waterston, Sam is an American actor, television producer, television director, voice actor and film producer. He has four children, Elisabeth Waterston, Katherine Waterston, Graham Waterston and James Waterston.

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James Cromwell

James Cromwell (January 27, 1940 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as James Oliver Cromwell or Jamie Cromwell is an American actor. He has three children, John Cromwell, Kate Cromwell and Colin Cromwell.

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Matthias Habich

Matthias Habich (January 12, 1940 Gdańsk-) is a German actor and voice actor.

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Ronald Pickup

Ronald Pickup (June 7, 1940 Chester-) also known as Ronald Alfred Pickup is a British actor. His children are called Rachel Pickup and Simon Pickup.

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Shen Chan

Shen Chan (March 11, 1940 Taichung-April 26, 1984 Hong Kong) also known as Chan Shen, Chan Cheng, Chan Yi-Cheng, Jim Sum, Zhan Sen, Chan Sheng, Chan Yi Sheng or Chim Sam was a Taiwanese actor.

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Bernard Holley

Bernard Holley (August 9, 1940 Eastcote-) is a British actor.

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Tony Tarantino

Tony Tarantino (July 4, 1940 Queens-) is an American actor, film producer, musician, film director, composer and cinematographer. He has four children, Quentin Tarantino, Tanya Marie Tarantino, Edward James Tarantino and Ronnajean Tarantino.

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Don Briscoe

Don Briscoe (March 20, 1940 Yalobusha County-October 31, 2004 Memphis) also known as Cecil Donald Briscoe was an American actor.

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Christopher Bernau

Christopher Bernau (June 2, 1940 Santa Barbara-June 14, 1989) was an American actor.

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Thom Christopher

Thom Christopher (October 5, 1940 Jackson Heights-) is an American actor.

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James Brolin

James Brolin (July 18, 1940 Los Angeles-) also known as James Kenneth Bruderlin, Jim Brolin, Mr. Streisand, James M. Brolin, Craig J. Brolin or Craig Kenneth Bruderlin is an American actor, television director, television producer and film producer. He has three children, Josh Brolin, Molly Elizabeth Brolin and J. Brolin.

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Ralph Bates

Ralph Bates (February 12, 1940 Bristol-March 27, 1991 London) was a British actor. He had two children, Will Bates and Daisy Bates.

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Tony Adams

Tony Adams (December 11, 1940 Anglesey-) is a Welsh actor.

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John J. Carney

John J. Carney (August 25, 1940 London-February 24, 1995 London) also known as John Carney or John James G. Carney was a British actor.

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Tom Baker

Tom Baker (August 23, 1940 West Virginia-September 2, 1982 Lower East Side) otherwise known as Thomas F. Baker was an American actor.

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Tolis Voskopoulos

Tolis Voskopoulos (July 26, 1940 Nikaia-) otherwise known as Tonis Voskopoulos, Voskopoulos, Tolis or Apostolos Voskopoulos is a Greek singer, composer, actor and film score composer. He has one child, Mary Voskopoulos.

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Adam Faith

Adam Faith (June 23, 1940 Acton, London-March 8, 2003 Stoke-on-Trent) also known as Terence Nelhams, Faith, Adam, Adam Faith and the Roulettes, The Worried Men, Terence "Terry" Nelhams-Wright, Terence Nelhams-Wright or Terry Nelhams was a British singer, musician, journalist and actor. His child is called Katya Nelhams-Wright.

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Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr (July 7, 1940 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Richard Starkey, Richard Starkey MBE, Richard Starkey M.B.E., Ritchie, Ringo or The Beatles is a British drummer, singer, musician, songwriter, actor, singer-songwriter, peace activist, composer, cinematographer, film director, lyricist and film producer. He has three children, Zak Starkey, Jason Starkey and Lee Starkey.

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Levon Helm

Levon Helm (May 26, 1940 Elaine-April 19, 2012 New York City) also known as Mark Lavon Helm, Helm, Levon, Mark Lavon "Levon" Helm, The Band or The RCO All-Stars was an American drummer, record producer, songwriter, actor, singer and musician. His child is called Amy Helm.

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Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson (May 8, 1940 Teaneck-December 31, 1985 De Kalb) a.k.a. Rick Nelson, Eric Hilliard Nelson, Eric 'Ricky' Nelson, Ricky, Eric, Eric Nelson Hilard, Eric Hilliard "Ricky" Nelson, Eric Hilliard (Ricky) Nelson, Eric Hilliard "Rick (y)" Nelson, Eric Hillyard Nelson, Eric Hilliard Rick "Ricky" Nelson, Rick "Ricky" Nelson, Richard Eric Hilliard "Ricky" Nelson, Eric Hilliard Nelson George, Rick. Nelson. or Rickie Nelson was an American singer, musician, actor, songwriter and singer-songwriter. He had five children, Tracy Nelson, Matthew Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, Sam Nelson and Eric Jude Crewe.

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Richard O'Callaghan

Richard O'Callaghan (March 7, 1940 London-) also known as Richard Rooke, Richard Brook or Richard Brooke is a British actor.

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Jack Shepherd

Jack Shepherd (October 29, 1940 Leeds-) is an English actor, playwright, theatre director, saxophone player and jazz pianist. He has one child, Catherine Shepherd.

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Paul Williams

Paul Williams (September 19, 1940 Omaha-) also known as Paul H. Williams, Paul Hamilton Williams, Jr. or Paul Hamilton Williams is an American songwriter, actor, singer, musician, film score composer, voice actor, screenwriter, composer, film director and writer. He has two children, Cole Williams and Sarah Williams.

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Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda (February 23, 1940 New York City-) otherwise known as Peter Henry Fonda is an American actor, writer, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His children are called Bridget Fonda and Justin Fonda.

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Johnny Nash

Johnny Nash (August 19, 1940 Houston-) otherwise known as John Lester Nash, Jr., Nash, Johnny, John Lester "Johnny" Nash, Jr. or Jonny Nash is an American singer, actor, composer and singer-songwriter.

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Gianfranco Barra

Gianfranco Barra (April 5, 1940 Rome-) is an Italian actor, comedian and character actor.

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Gianni Cavina

Gianni Cavina (December 9, 1940 Bologna-) is an Italian actor and screenwriter.

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Roland Dantes

Roland Dantes (June 15, 1940 Philippines-March 16, 2009 Quezon City) otherwise known as Rolando Pintoy Dantes or Roland Santos was a Filipino police officer, actor, bodybuilder and martial artist.

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John Lennon

John Lennon (October 9, 1940 Liverpool-December 8, 1980 New York City) also known as Lennon, John Winston Ono Lennon, John Ono Lennon, John Winston Lennon, J. Lennon, Plastic Ono Band, John, John Ono Lennon, MBE, John Winston Ono Lennon MBE or The Beatles was a British artist, musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, actor, record producer, film director, film producer, screenwriter, writer, film score composer, activist, composer, visual artist and music artist. He had two children, Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon.

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Harry Northup

Harry Northup (September 2, 1940 Amarillo-) also known as Harry E. Northup or Harry Northrup is an American actor and poet. His child is called Dylan Northup.

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Michael Gambon

Michael Gambon (October 19, 1940 Cabra, Dublin-) a.k.a. Sir Michael Gambon, Mike Gambon, Sir Michael John Gambon, Sir Michael John Gambon, CBE, The Great Gambon or Sir Michael John Gambon KBE is an Irish actor, engineer and voice actor. His children are called William Gambon, Michael Gambon and Fergus Gambon.

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Mark Medoff

Mark Medoff (March 18, 1940 Mount Carmel-) is an American screenwriter, playwright, actor, film director, professor, theatre director and film producer.

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John Hambrick

John Hambrick (June 21, 1940 Conroe-September 10, 2013 Round Rock) was an American actor, journalist, voice actor, announcer, presenter and musician. He had one child, Jack Hambrick.

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Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor (December 1, 1940 Peoria-December 10, 2005 Los Angeles) also known as Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III, Rich, Dick, Richie, Dickie or Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor was an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, film producer, master of ceremonies, writer and television producer. He had six children, Kelsey Pryor, Franklin Pryor, Rain Pryor, Elizabeth Pryor, Richard Pryor Jr. and Steven Pryor.

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Willie Tyler

Willie Tyler (September 8, 1940 Red Level-) also known as Willie Tyler & Lester or Willie Tyler and Lester is an American actor, ventriloquist and comedian. His children are called Cory Tyler and Tarince Tyler.

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John Bell

John Bell (November 1, 1940 Maitland-) also known as John Anthony Bell, AO, OBE or John Anthony Bell is an Australian actor, theatre practitioner and theatre director. He has two children, Lucy Bell and Hilary Bell.

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