Famous movie actors died when they were 67

Here are 21 famous actors from the world died at 67:

Joseph De Grasse

Joseph De Grasse (May 4, 1873 Bathurst-May 25, 1940 Eagle Rock) also known as Joseph Louis De Grasse, Joe De Grasse, Joe DeGrasse, Mr. De Grasse, Joseph DeGrasse or Joseph Louis DeGrasse was a Canadian film director, actor and screenwriter.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Louis Prima

Louis Prima (December 7, 1910 New Orleans-August 24, 1978 New Orleans) a.k.a. louis prima, Prima, Louis, louis_prima, Louis Prima with his Band, The King of the Swing or Luis Prima was an American singer, bandleader, trumpeter, actor and songwriter. He had four children, Louis Prima, Jr., Lena Prima, Toni Prima and Luanne Prima.

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Tam White

Tam White (July 12, 1942 Edinburgh-June 21, 2010 Edinburgh) otherwise known as Thomas Bennett Sim White was a Scottish singer, actor, musician and stonemason.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Vince Edwards

Vince Edwards (July 9, 1928 Brooklyn-March 11, 1996 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Vincent Edward Zoino, Vincent Edwards or Vincent Edward Zoine was an American singer, actor and television director.

He died in pancreatic cancer.

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Jim Ameche

Jim Ameche (August 6, 1915 Kenosha-February 4, 1983 Tucson) also known as James Ameche was an American actor and radio personality.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley (September 24, 1931 London Borough of Hackney-April 14, 1999 Jensen Beach) also known as Antony Newley, George Anthony Newley, Anthony George Newley, Tony Newley or Anthony Newly was a British singer, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, film score composer, lyricist, composer and playwright. He had six children, Tara Newley, Alexander Anthony Newley, Simon Newley, Shelby Newley, Christopher Newley and Polly Gough.

He died in kidney cancer.

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Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber (January 31, 1882 Chicago-October 14, 1949 Pacific Palisades) a.k.a. Fritz Reuter Leiber Sr., Fritz Lieber, Fritz Reuter Leiber or Fritz Reuter Leiber (Sr.) was an American actor, theatre director and theatrical producer. His child is called Fritz Leiber.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Danilo Stojković

Danilo Stojković (August 11, 1934 Belgrade-March 16, 2002 Belgrade) also known as Danilo Bata Stojkovic, Bata Stokovic, D. Stojkovic, Danilo Stojkovic, Bata Stojkovic, Bata, Frenga or Bubuleja was a Yugoslavian actor.

He died caused by cancer.

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Gerardo de León

Gerardo de León (September 12, 1913 Manila-July 25, 1981 Manila) also known as Gerardo de Leon, Gerardo Ilagan, Gerry De Leon, Manong, Gerardo DeLeon, Gerry DeLeon, Dr. Gerardo de Leon, Gerardo de Leon Ilagan, Manong de Leon, Manong Gerry or Gerardo de Leó was a Filipino actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He had one child, Liberty Ilagan.

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Hugh Griffith

Hugh Griffith (May 30, 1912 Marian-glas-May 14, 1980 London) also known as Hugh Emrys Griffith was a Welsh actor.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Allan Cuthbertson

Allan Cuthbertson (April 7, 1920 Perth-February 8, 1988 London) otherwise known as Allan Darling Cuthbertson or Alan Cuthbertson was an Australian actor and soldier.

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Dick Emery

Dick Emery (February 19, 1915 Bloomsbury-January 2, 1983 Denmark Hill) also known as Richard Gilbert Emery or Emery, Dick was a British comedian and actor. He had four children, Gilbert Richard Emery, Nicholas William Emery, Eliza Emery and Michael Emery.

He died as a result of respiratory failure.

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Bruno Gerussi

Bruno Gerussi (May 7, 1928 Medicine Hat-November 21, 1995 Vancouver) was a Canadian actor. His children are called Tina Gerussi and Rico Gerussi.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Phil Baker

Phil Baker (August 24, 1896 Philadelphia-November 30, 1963 Copenhagen) was an American comedian, songwriter, actor and master of ceremonies. His children are Philip F Baker, Lisa Baker and Michael Conway Baker.

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Fernando Wagner

Fernando Wagner (November 7, 1905 Göttingen-October 20, 1973 Cuernavaca) otherwise known as Ferdinand Wagner was a Mexican film director, actor, television director and cinematographer.

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Warren Clarke

Warren Clarke (April 26, 1947 Oldham-November 12, 2014) also known as Alan Clarke or Mr. Warren Clarke was a British actor, television director and television producer. He had two children, Rowan Clarke and Georgia Mabel Clarke.

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Dexter Gordon

Dexter Gordon (February 27, 1923 Los Angeles-April 25, 1990 Philadelphia) a.k.a. Gordon, Dexter, Long Tall Dex, Long Tall Dexter, Dexter "The Sound" Gordon or Sophisticated Giant was an American composer, bandleader, actor, musician and tenor saxophonist. His children are called Robin Gordon, James Canales Gordon, Deidre Gordon, Mikael Gordon-Solfors, Morten Gordon and Benjamin Dexter Gordon.

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Lon Chaney, Jr.

Lon Chaney, Jr. (February 10, 1906 Oklahoma City-July 12, 1973 San Clemente) also known as Creighton Tull Chaney, Lon Chaney Jr, Creighton Chaney, The Prince of Pain, Creighton, Chaney or Lon Chaney was an American actor. He had two children, Lon Ralph Chaney and Ronald Creighton Chaney.

He died in heart failure.

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Stuart Robson

Stuart Robson (March 4, 1836 Annapolis-April 29, 1903) was an American actor.

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Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack (June 22, 1903 Chicago-June 7, 1971 Palm Springs) otherwise known as Father of Swing was an American musician, bandleader, drummer, film score composer and actor.

He died in suicide.

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Alan Fudge

Alan Fudge (February 27, 1944 Wichita-October 10, 2011 Los Angeles) was an American actor and musician.

He died as a result of cancer.

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