Famous movie actors died in the year 1987

Here are 50 famous actors from the world died in 1987:

Attila Hörbiger

Attila Hörbiger (April 21, 1896 Budapest-April 27, 1987 Vienna) also known as Attila Horbiger was an Austrian actor. His children are called Elisabeth Orth, Christiane Hörbiger and Maresa Hörbiger.

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Will Sampson

Will Sampson (September 27, 1933 Okmulgee-June 3, 1987 Houston) also known as William Sampson was an American actor, artist, painter and visual artist. He had one child, Tim Sampson.

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Esmond Knight

Esmond Knight (May 4, 1906 East Sheen-February 23, 1987 London) otherwise known as Esmond Penington Knight was an English actor. His child is called Rosalind Knight.

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M. G. Ramachandran

M. G. Ramachandran (January 17, 1917 Nawalapitiya-December 24, 1987 Chennai) also known as Makkal Thilagam, Bharat Ratna M.G. Ramachandran, Puratchi Thalaivar, Chemmal Ponmana, Puratchi Nadigar, M. G. R., MGR, Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran, Marudur Gopalamenon Ramachandran, M.G.R., M.G. Ramachandran, Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran, Ponmanachemmal, Vaatthiyaar, Idhayakkani, Idhaya dheyvam or DOCTOR was an Indian politician, actor, film producer, film director, philanthropist and editor. His child is called Surendran Ramachandran.

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Tommy Abbott

Tommy Abbott (November 4, 1934 Waco-April 8, 1987 New York City) also known as Tom Abbott was an American actor, choreographer and dancer.

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Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 Omaha-June 22, 1987 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Fred Astair, Frederic Austerlitz Jr., Frederic Austerlitz, Jr. or Frederick Austerlitz was an American singer, actor, film producer, choreographer, percussionist, dancer and musician. He had three children, Fred Astaire Jr., Ava Astaire-McKenzie and Eliphalet IV.

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Arthur Lake

Arthur Lake (April 17, 1905 Corbin-January 9, 1987 Indian Wells) also known as Arthur Silverlake, Arthur Silverlake, Jr. or Arthur William Lake was an American actor. He had two children, Mary Collins and Arthur Patrick Lake.

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Anatoli Papanov

Anatoli Papanov (October 31, 1922 Vyazma-August 5, 1987 Moscow) also known as Anatoly Dmitrievich Papanov, Anatoli Dmitriyevich Papanov, Anatoli Dmitrievich Papanov, Anatoliy Papanov, Anatoli Papanow, A. Papanov or Anatoliy Dmitrievich Papanov was a Soviet actor. His child is called Yelena Papanova.

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Sherwood Bailey

Sherwood Bailey (August 6, 1923 Long Beach-August 6, 1987 Newport Beach) also known as Spud was an American actor and child actor.

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Alejandro Rey

Alejandro Rey (February 8, 1930 Buenos Aires-May 21, 1987 Los Angeles) was an American actor and television director. He had one child, Brandon Rey.

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Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Hiroshi Kawaguchi (August 22, 1936 Tokyo-November 11, 1987) also known as 川口浩 was a Japanese actor.

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Nico Pepe

Nico Pepe (January 19, 1907 Udine-August 13, 1987 Udine) also known as Nico Peppe or Domenico Pepe was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Piero Vida

Piero Vida (August 5, 1938 Mestre-October 11, 1987 Rome) also known as Pietro Vida or Paolo Vida was an Italian actor.

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René Havard

René Havard (December 20, 1923 Paris-December 7, 1987 Paris) also known as René Havart or René Haward was a French actor and screenwriter.

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Valsø Holm

Valsø Holm (December 31, 1906 Copenhagen-December 19, 1987 Denmark) also known as Valsø Henrik Holm was a Danish actor.

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John Wittig

John Wittig (October 22, 1923 Middelfart-October 23, 1987 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Henrik Wiehe

Henrik Wiehe (February 9, 1927 Frederiksberg-July 1, 1987 Denmark) also known as Henrik Rosing Wiehe was a Danish actor.

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Drew Bundini Brown

Drew Bundini Brown (March 21, 1928 Midway-September 24, 1987 Los Angeles County) was an American sailor, actor and boxing trainer. He had one child, Drew Bundini Brown III.

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Lang Jeffries

Lang Jeffries (June 7, 1930 Ontario-February 12, 1987 Huntington Beach) also known as Bill Lappin or Jeffrey Lang was an American actor. He had one child, Kent Lappin.

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Gustav Knuth

Gustav Knuth (July 7, 1901 Braunschweig-February 1, 1987 Küsnacht) otherwise known as Gustav Adolf Karl Friedrich Knuth was a German actor and narrator. His child is called Klaus Knuth.

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Danny Kaye

Danny Kaye (January 18, 1913 Brooklyn-March 3, 1987 Los Angeles) a.k.a. David Daniel Kaminski, Daniel David Kaminsky, Duvidelleh or Danny Kolbin was an American comedian, actor, musician, dancer and singer. He had one child, Dena Kaye.

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John Huston

John Huston (August 5, 1906 Nevada-August 28, 1987 Middletown) a.k.a. John Marcellus Huston or Jhon Huston was an American film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer, voice actor and documentary filmmaker. He had five children, Danny Huston, Anjelica Huston, Tony Huston, Pablo Huston and Allegra Huston.

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Patrick Troughton

Patrick Troughton (March 25, 1920 Mill Hill-March 28, 1987 Columbus) also known as Patrick George Troughton or Pat was a British actor. He had six children, Michael Troughton, David Troughton, Joanna Troughton, Jane Troughton, Peter Patrick Troughton and Mark Troughton.

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Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason (February 26, 1916 Bushwick-June 24, 1987 Lauderhill) a.k.a. J. Gleason, Herbert John Gleason, Jackie C. Gleason, John Herbert Gleason, The Great One, Mr. Miami Beach, The Abdominal Showman or Herbert Walton Gleason Jr. was an American actor, musician, television producer, comedian, film score composer, film director, screenwriter and stunt performer. He had two children, Linda Miller and Geraldine Gleason.

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Emlyn Williams

Emlyn Williams (November 26, 1905 Mostyn-September 25, 1987 Chelsea) a.k.a. George Emlyn Williams was a British actor, screenwriter and playwright. His children are called Brook Williams and Alan Williams.

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Mervyn LeRoy

Mervyn LeRoy (October 15, 1900 San Francisco-September 13, 1987 Beverly Hills) also known as Mervyn Leroy or Mervyn Le Roy was an American film director, actor and film producer. He had two children, Warner LeRoy and Linda LeRoy Janklow.

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Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene (February 12, 1915 Ottawa-September 11, 1987 Santa Monica) otherwise known as Lyon Chaim Green O.C., LL.D., Lyon Himan Greene, The Voice of Doom, The Voice of Canada, Lyon Himan "Chaim" Green, Lyon Chaim Green, Chaim, Lyon Himan Green, Lyon Himan "Chaim" Greene, Lorne Green, Hyman or Lyon Himan Green, OC was a Canadian actor and musician. He had three children, Gillian Greene, Belinda Susan Bennet and Charles Greene.

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Fulton Mackay

Fulton Mackay (August 12, 1922 Paisley-June 6, 1987 London) also known as Fulton Mackay OBE, Aeneas MacBride or William Fulton Beith MacKay was a British actor and playwright.

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Lino Ventura

Lino Ventura (July 14, 1919 Parma-October 22, 1987 Saint-Cloud) a.k.a. Angiolino Giuseppe Pasquale Ventura, Lino or Angiolino Giuseppe Pascal Ventura was an Italian actor and wrestler. His children are called Clelia Ventura, Laurent Ventura, Mylène Ventura and Linda Ventura.

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Robert Preston

Robert Preston (June 8, 1918 Newton-March 21, 1987 Montecito) also known as Robert Preston Meservey or Pres was an American actor.

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Walter Abel

Walter Abel (June 6, 1898 Saint Paul-March 26, 1987 Essex) was an American actor.

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Dean Paul Martin

Dean Paul Martin (November 17, 1951 Santa Monica-March 21, 1987 San Gorgonio Mountain) also known as Dino Martin Jr, Dean Paul Martin, Jr, Dino, Dean-Paul Martin, Dean Martin Jr., Dino Martin Jr., Desi and Billy Dino or Dino Martin was an American singer, actor, tennis player, fighter pilot and military officer. He had one child, Alexander Martin.

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Michael Staniforth

Michael Staniforth (December 15, 1942 Birmingham-July 31, 1987) was a British actor.

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Alfie Bass

Alfie Bass (April 10, 1916 Bethnal Green-July 15, 1987 London Borough of Barnet) also known as Alfred Bass or Abraham Basalinsky was a British actor.

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Joe Gladwin

Joe Gladwin (January 22, 1906 Ordsall, Greater Manchester-March 11, 1987 Manchester) a.k.a. Joseph Gladwin or Joe Gladwyn was a British actor.

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Yujiro Ishihara

Yujiro Ishihara (December 28, 1934 Kobe-July 17, 1987 Minato) also known as 石原裕次郎, Ishihara, Yūjirō, Japanese Elvis Presley, Yûjirô Ishihara, Ishihara Yujiro, Ishihara Yūjirō, タフガイ, ボス, ユージロー, 裕ちゃん or Yujiro Ishihara was a Japanese actor, film producer, singer and television producer.

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Richard Egan

Richard Egan (July 29, 1921 San Francisco-July 20, 1987 Los Angeles) also known as Richard Eagan was an American actor, soldier and martial arts instructor. He had five children, Colleen Egan, Richard Egan, Jr., Kathleen Egan, Patricia Egan and Maureen Egan.

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Dick Shawn

Dick Shawn (December 1, 1923 Buffalo-April 17, 1987 San Diego) also known as Richard Schulefand or Richy Shawn was an American comedian and actor. His children are called Amy Schulefand, Jennifer Schulefand, Wendy Shawn and Adam Schulefand.

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Kent Taylor

Kent Taylor (May 11, 1907 Nashua-April 11, 1987 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Louis Weiss or Louis William Weiss was an American actor.

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John Qualen

John Qualen (December 8, 1899 Vancouver-September 12, 1987 Torrance) also known as Johan Mandt Kvalen, John M. Qualen, John T. Qualen, John Kvalen, John Olson, John Oleson or Kvalen was a Canadian actor, musician and historian. He had three children, Elizabeth Qualen, Kathleen Qualen and Meredith Qualen.

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Kōji Tsuruta

Kōji Tsuruta (December 6, 1924 Hamamatsu-June 16, 1987 Japan) also known as Kōji Tsuruta, Tsurata Koji, おの えいいち, Ono Eiichi, 鶴田 浩二, 小野 榮一, Eiichi Ono or Koji Tsuruta was a Japanese actor and singer.

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Harold Goodwin

Harold Goodwin (December 1, 1902 Peoria-July 12, 1987 Woodland Hills) also known as Al, Herold Goodwin, Harold R. Goodwin or Herald Goodwin was an American actor, stunt performer and screenwriter.

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Wolfgang Liebeneiner

Wolfgang Liebeneiner (October 6, 1905 Lubawka-November 28, 1987 Vienna) a.k.a. Wolfgang Georg Louis Liebeneiner was a German film director, actor, screenwriter, theatre director and television director. His child is called Johanna Liebeneiner.

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Hayden Rorke

Hayden Rorke (October 23, 1910 Brooklyn-August 19, 1987 Toluca Lake) also known as William Henry Rorke was an American actor.

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Emile Meyer

Emile Meyer (August 18, 1910 New Orleans-March 19, 1987 Covington) also known as Emile E. Meyer, Emile G. Meyer or Emil Meyer was an American actor.

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Gustav Fröhlich

Gustav Fröhlich (March 21, 1902 Hanover-December 22, 1987 Lugano) a.k.a. Gustav Froehlich, Gustav Froelich or Gustav Frohlich was a German actor, film director, screenwriter, editor and journalist. He had one child, Julika Fröhlich.

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Remzi Aydın Jöntürk

Remzi Aydın Jöntürk (November 27, 2014 Erzincan-September 1, 1987 Istanbul) a.k.a. Remzi Aydin Jonturk, Remzi Cöntürk, Remzi A. Jöntürk, Remzi Aydýn or Remzi Jöntürk was a Turkish film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer.

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Gabriel Jabbour

Gabriel Jabbour (November 7, 1922 Alexandria-September 20, 1987 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre) a.k.a. Gabriel Jabour or Gabriel Jabbourg was a French actor.

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Patrick Waddington

Patrick Waddington (August 19, 1903 York-February 4, 1987 York) was an English actor.

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Sydney Bromley

Sydney Bromley (July 24, 1909 London-August 14, 1987 Worthing) also known as Sidney Charles Bromley or Sidney Bromley was a British actor.

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