Famous actors died as a result of Complication

Here are 23 famous actors from the world died in Complication:

Ewan MacColl

Ewan MacColl (January 25, 1915 Broughton, Salford-October 22, 1989 Brompton, London) also known as Ewan McColl, MacColl, Ewan or James Henry Miller was an English singer, playwright, actor, songwriter, poet, record producer, film score composer and screenwriter. He had five children, Kirsty MacColl, Hamish MacColl, Neill MacColl, Calumn MacColl and Kitty MacColl.

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Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sammy Davis, Jr. (December 8, 1925 Harlem-May 16, 1990 Beverly Hills) also known as Sammy Davis Jnr, Samuel George Davis, Jr., Samuel George Davis Jr., Davis, Sammy, Jr., Samuel George Davis, Sammy Davis, Will Mastin Trio, Will Maston Trio, Smoky, Mister Show Business, Samuel George "Sammy" Davis, Jr., Sammy or Silent Sammy, the Dancing Midget was an American singer, dancer, actor, musician, entertainer, film producer and television producer. He had four children, Tracey Davis, Mark Davis, Jeff Davis and Manny Davis.

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Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler (December 15, 1918 Brooklyn-June 17, 1961 Culver City) also known as Ira Grossel or Big Gray was an American actor and singer. He had two children, Jamie Tucker and Dana Grossel.

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Dick Bentley

Dick Bentley (May 14, 1907 Melbourne-August 27, 1995 London) also known as Richard Bentley, Charles Walter "Dick" Bentley or Bentley, Dick was an Australian presenter, comedian and actor.

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William Finley

William Finley (September 20, 1940 Manhattan-April 14, 2012 Manhattan) also known as Bill Finley, W. Franklin Finley, W.F. Finley, William Franklin Finley III or William Franklin Finley was an American actor. He had one child, Dashiell Finley.

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Bruce Bennett

Bruce Bennett (May 19, 1906 Tacoma-February 24, 2007 Santa Monica) also known as Herman Brix, Harold Herman Brix or Herman Harold Brix was an American actor, athlete and businessperson. He had two children, Christopher Brix and Christina Katich.

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Wolfgang Kieling

Wolfgang Kieling (March 16, 1924 Berlin-October 7, 1985 Hamburg) also known as Wofgang Kieling was a German actor and voice actor. He had three children, Annette Kieling, Florian Martens and Susanne Uhlen.

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Tony Musante

Tony Musante (June 30, 1936 Bridgeport-November 26, 2013 Manhattan) also known as Anthony Peter Musante Jr., Anthony Peter Musante, Tony, Anthony Peter "Tony" Musante or Peter Salerno was an American actor.

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Johnny Russell

Johnny Russell (January 23, 1940 Moorhead-July 3, 2001 Nashville) also known as Johnny Russel, John Bright Russell or Johnny Bright Russell was an American singer-songwriter and actor.

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Nat Gonella

Nat Gonella (March 7, 1908 London-August 6, 1998 Gosport) otherwise known as Nat Gonella and His Trumpet, Gonella, Nat, Nat Gonella and his Georgians or Nathaniel Charles Gonella was an English singer, bandleader, trumpeter, author, military officer and actor.

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William Witney

William Witney (May 15, 1915 Lawton-March 17, 2002 Jackson) also known as William Nuelsen Witney, William Whitney, Bill Witney, William H. Witney, William N. Witney, W.B. Whitney or Bill was an American film director, television director, actor and film editor.

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Wally Wales

Wally Wales (November 13, 1895 Sheridan-February 10, 1980 Sheridan) also known as Hal Taliaferro, Floyd Taliaferro Alderson, Floyd Taliaferro, Walt Williams, Hal Talioferr, Hal Talioferro, Floyd Talafierro Alderson, Wellington E. Wales or Hal Talliaferro was an American actor.

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Jim Corey

Jim Corey (October 19, 1883 Nebraska-January 10, 1956 Burbank) a.k.a. James Warren Corey, James Corey, Jim Correy, Jim Covey, Arthur Harrison Corey or James Warren "Jim" Corey was an American actor.

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Edward Earle

Edward Earle (July 16, 1882 Toronto-December 15, 1972 Woodland Hills) also known as Eddie Earle was a Canadian actor and screenwriter.

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Benny Lee

Benny Lee (August 11, 1916 Glasgow-December 9, 1995) was a British actor and singer.

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Guido Celano

Guido Celano (April 19, 1904 Francavilla al Mare-March 7, 1988 Rome) also known as Guy W. Ceylon or William First was an Italian actor, voice actor, film director and film producer. He had two children, Ruggero Celano and Virginia Celano.

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Mario Riva

Mario Riva (January 26, 1912 Rome-September 1, 1960 Verona) a.k.a. Mario Bonavolontà or Mariuccio Bonavolontà was an Italian actor and presenter. His child is called Antonello Riva.

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Victor Millan

Victor Millan (August 1, 1920 California-April 3, 2009 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Joseph Brown or Víctor Millán was an American actor and teacher.

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Edmund Cambridge

Edmund Cambridge (September 18, 1920 Harlem-August 18, 2001 New York City) a.k.a. Ed Cambridge, Edmund J. Cambridge, Edmund James Cambridge, Jr., Edmund James Cambridge or Ed Cambridge Jr. was an American actor.

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Edmond T. Gréville

Edmond T. Gréville (June 20, 1906 Nice-May 26, 1966 Nice) also known as Edmond T. Greville, Edmond Greville Thonger, Edmund Greville, Edmond Gréville, Max Montagut or Edmond Gréville Thonger was a French film director, screenwriter, actor, film editor and film journalist.

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Bingham Ray

Bingham Ray (October 1, 1954 Bronxville-January 23, 2012 Provo) was an American film producer, actor and businessperson.

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John Pearce

John Pearce (November 7, 1927 Gainesville-April 29, 2000 West Los Angeles) also known as John Bonnell Pearce or Johnathan Barrister Pearce was an American actor and stunt performer.

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Eleazar García

Eleazar García (September 28, 1924 Ciudad Mier-August 24, 1999 Monterrey) a.k.a. Eleazar Garcia 'Chelelo', Eleazar García 'Chelelo', Eleazar Garcia Chelelo, Eleazar García Chelelo, El Chelelo, Chelelo, Eliazar Garcia or Eleazar García Sáenz was a Mexican actor. His child is called Eleazar Garcia Jr..

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