Famous actors died as a result of Electrocution

Here are 2 famous actors from the world died in Electrocution:

Frank Silvera

Frank Silvera (July 24, 1914 Kingston-June 11, 1970 Pasadena) also known as Frank Alvin Silvera or the man with a thousand faces was an American actor and theatre director. He had two children, Frank Silvera, Jr. and Linda Silvera.

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Jacek Chmielnik

Jacek Chmielnik (January 31, 1953 Łódź-August 22, 2007 Suchawa, Lublin Voivodeship) also known as Jacek Chmlelnik was a Polish actor, theatre director and playwright. He had two children, Igor Chmielnik and Julia Chmielnik.

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