Famous movie actresses born in the year 1928

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world were born in 1928:

Nancy Marchand

Nancy Marchand (June 19, 1928 Buffalo-June 18, 2000 Stratford) was an American actor. Her children are called Katie Sparer, David Sparer and Rachel Sparer Bersier.

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Kathy Staff

Kathy Staff (July 12, 1928 Dukinfield-December 13, 2008 Ashton-under-Lyne) a.k.a. Katherine Staff, Minnie Higginbottom or Katherine Brant was an English actor. She had one child, Susan Jackson.

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Wanda Hendrix

Wanda Hendrix (November 3, 1928 Jacksonville-February 1, 1981 Burbank) also known as Dixie Wanda Hendrix was an American musician and actor.

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Irish McCalla

Irish McCalla (December 25, 1928 Pawnee City-February 1, 2002 Tucson) also known as Nellie Elizabeth McCalla, Irish Elizabeth McCalla or Nellie Elizabeth "Irish" McCalla was an American actor, pin-up girl, model, artist, painter and visual artist. Her children are called Kim McIntyre and Sean McIntyre.

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Jacquie Lyn

Jacquie Lyn (September 3, 1928 London-March 21, 2002 Granada Hills) otherwise known as Jaquelyn Dufton, Jackie Lyn Dufton, Jacquie Lynn or Jacquelyn Woll was a British actor and child actor.

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Kathleen Hughes

Kathleen Hughes (November 14, 1928 Hollywood-) a.k.a. Betty Von Gerkan or Elizabeth Margaret von Gerkan is an American actor.

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Norma Crane

Norma Crane (November 10, 1928 New York City-September 28, 1973 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Norma Anna Bella Zuckerman or Crane, Norma was an American actor.

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Jeanne Cooper

Jeanne Cooper (October 25, 1928 Taft-May 8, 2013 Los Angeles) also known as Wilma Jeanne Cooper or Jeannie Cooper was an American actor. She had three children, Corbin Bernsen, Caren Bernsen and Collin Bernsen.

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Mary Fickett

Mary Fickett (May 23, 1928 Buffalo-September 8, 2011 Callao) was an American actor. She had one child, Bronwyn Congdon.

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Eydie Gorme

Eydie Gorme (August 16, 1928 The Bronx-August 10, 2013 Las Vegas) otherwise known as Eydie Gormé, Edith Gormezano, Gormé, Eydie, Eydie Gormet or Edith Garmezano was an American singer and actor. Her children are called David Nessim Lawrence and Michael Lawrence.

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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 St. Louis-May 28, 2014 Winston-Salem) also known as Dr. Maya Angelou, Marguerite Ann Johnson, Marguerite Annie Johnson, Angelou, Maya, Dr Maya Angelou, Dr. Angelou, Marguerite Johnson, Maya or Rita was an American playwright, actor, television producer, film director, film producer, poet, author, professor, screenwriter, dancer, pimp, prostitute, journalist and civil rights activist. She had one child, Guy Johnson.

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Sulochana Latkar

Sulochana Latkar (July 30, 1928 Khadaklat-November 27, 2014) otherwise known as Sulochana, Solochana, Salochana Chatterjee, Soluchana, Sulochna or Sulochana Devi was an Indian actor.

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Lise Ringheim

Lise Ringheim (May 15, 1928 Frederiksberg-September 25, 1994 Frederiksberg) also known as Lisa Ringheim was a Danish actor. She had one child, Marianne Moritzen.

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Tempest Storm

Tempest Storm (February 29, 1928 Eastman-) also known as The Fabulous 4D Girl or Annie Blanche Banks is an American actor, pin-up girl and stripper.

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Margit Bara

Margit Bara (June 21, 1928 Cluj-Napoca-) is a Hungarian actor. Her child is called Terézia Eszter Gyarmati.

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Lucyna Winnicka

Lucyna Winnicka (July 14, 1928 Warsaw-January 22, 2013 Warsaw) a.k.a. Lucina Winnicka was a Polish actor. She had two children, Agata Kawalerowicz and Piotr Kawalerowicz.

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Capucine (January 6, 1928 Saint-Raphaël-March 17, 1990 Lausanne) a.k.a. Germaine Lefebvre, Cappy, Cap, Germaine Hélène Irène Lefebvre or Germaine Lefébvre was a French model and actor.

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Pat Hitchcock

Pat Hitchcock (July 7, 1928 Kensington-) a.k.a. Patricia "Pat" Hitchcock O'Connell, Patricia Alma Hitchcock, Pat Hitchcock, Pat Hitchcock O'Connell or Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell is an American actor and film producer. She has three children, Mary Stone, Tere Carrubba and Katie Fiala.

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Eunice Gayson

Eunice Gayson (March 17, 1928 Croydon-) otherwise known as Eunice Sargaison is an English actor. Her child is called Kate Gayson.

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Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown (March 24, 1928 Vienna-May 21, 1999 Woodland Hills) also known as Smylla Brind, Tessa Brind or Smylla Brynd was an American actor. She had two children, Cathy Sandrich and David Sandrich.

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Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson (July 14, 1928 Milwaukee-) also known as Nancy Olson-Livingston, Nancy Olsen or Nancy Ann Olson is an American actor. Her children are called Christopher Livingston, Liza Lerner and Jennifer Lerner.

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Lila Leeds

Lila Leeds (January 28, 1928 Iola-September 15, 1999 Canoga Park) a.k.a. Lila Lee Wilkinson was an American actor. Her children are called Ivan Leeds, Laura Leeds and Shawn Leeds.

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Sally Forrest

Sally Forrest (May 28, 1928 San Diego-) a.k.a. Sally Feeney or Kathryn Lang is an American actor.

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Eve Meyer

Eve Meyer (December 13, 1928 Griffin-March 27, 1977 Tenerife) otherwise known as Evelyn Eugene Turner or Eve Turner was an American nude glamour model and actor.

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Diana Coupland

Diana Coupland (March 5, 1928 Leeds-November 10, 2006 Coventry) otherwise known as Betty Diana Coupland was a British singer and actor.

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Freda Dowie

Freda Dowie (July 22, 1928 Carlisle, Cumbria-) is an English actor.

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Jeannie Carson

Jeannie Carson (May 23, 1928 Pudsey-) a.k.a. Jean Shufflebottom or Jean Carson is a British comedian and actor.

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Pauline Brailsford

Pauline Brailsford (December 7, 1928 United Kingdom-) also known as Pauline Alethea Brailsford is a British actor.

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Franca Rame

Franca Rame (July 18, 1928 Parabiago-May 29, 2013 Milan) was an Italian actor, playwright and politician. She had one child, Jacopo Fo.

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Ursula Lingen

Ursula Lingen (February 9, 1928 Berlin-October 20, 2014) also known as Uschi Lingen was an Austrian actor.

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Joan Dowling

Joan Dowling (January 6, 1928 England-March 31, 1954 London) was an English actor.

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Marianne Kiefer

Marianne Kiefer (September 3, 1928 Dresden-January 4, 2008 Kreischa) was a German actor.

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Sally Brophy

Sally Brophy (December 14, 1928 Phoenix-September 18, 2007 Princeton) also known as Sally Cullen Brophy, Sallie Brophie or Sallie Brophy was an American actor.

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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple (April 23, 1928 Santa Monica-February 10, 2014 Woodside) also known as Shirley Jane Temple, Shirley Temple Black or Shirley Temple-Black was an American politician, singer, actor, diplomat and dancer. Her children are called Lori Black, Charles Alden Black Jr. and Linda Susan Agar.

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Joanne Linville

Joanne Linville (January 15, 1928 Bakersfield-) a.k.a. Jo Ann Linville or Beverly Joanne Linville is an American actor. She has two children, Christopher Rydell and Amy Rydell.

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Valerie French

Valerie French (March 11, 1928 London-November 3, 1990 New York City) also known as Valerie Harrison, Valerie Pertwee or Valerie David was a British actor.

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Delfina Guzmán

Delfina Guzmán (April 7, 1928 Santiago-) also known as María Delfina Guzmán Correa or Delfina Guzmán Correa is a Chilean actor. She has four children, Juan Cristóbal Meza, Gonzalo Meza, Nicolás Eyzaguirre and Joaquín Eyzaguirre.

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Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary Clooney (May 23, 1928 Maysville-June 29, 2002 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Roesmary Clooney, Rosenary Clooney, Rosie, Rose Mary Clooney or the Clooney Sisters was an American singer and actor. She had five children, Miguel Ferrer, Rafael Ferrer, Monsita Ferrer, Gabriel Ferrer and Maria Ferrer.

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Ann Morgan Guilbert

Ann Morgan Guilbert (October 16, 1928 Minneapolis-) a.k.a. Ann Morgan Gilbert, Ann Morgan, Ann M. Guilbert or Ann Guilbert is an American actor. Her children are called Nora Eckstein and Hallie Todd.

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Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray (February 2, 1928 Bolzano-February 15, 2011 Torcegno) a.k.a. Maria Luisa Mangini was an Italian actor.

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Teresa Gutiérrez

Teresa Gutiérrez (October 25, 1928 Bogotá-March 9, 2010 Bogotá) was a Colombian actor. She had four children, Miguel Varoni, Ylia Bellotto, Luis Alberto and María Margarita Giraldo.

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Laurette Luez

Laurette Luez (August 19, 1928 Honolulu-September 12, 1999 Milton) also known as Loretta Mary Luiz was an American model and actor.

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Marian Seldes

Marian Seldes (August 23, 1928 Manhattan-October 6, 2014) also known as Marian Hall Seldes was an American actor. She had one child, Katharine Claman.

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Alice Drummond

Alice Drummond (May 21, 1928 Pawtucket-) a.k.a. Alice E. Ruyter, Alice Elizabeth Ruyter or Alice Drummind is an American actor.

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Jennifer Paterson

Jennifer Paterson (April 3, 1928 Kensington-August 10, 1999 South Kensington) also known as Jennifer Mary Paterson was a British chef, actor and celebrity chef.

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Raavu Balasaraswathi

Raavu Balasaraswathi (August 28, 1928 Hyderabad-) a.k.a. R. Balasaraswathi, Rao Balasaraswathi Devi, Balasaraswathi Raavu or R. Balasaraswathi Devi is an Indian playback singer and actor.

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Estelle Harris

Estelle Harris (April 4, 1928 New York City-) a.k.a. Estelle Nussbaum is an American actor, voice actor and comedian. Her child is called Taryn Harris.

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Isabelle Sadoyan

Isabelle Sadoyan (May 12, 1928 Lyon-) a.k.a. Isabelle Saroyan or Mademoiselle Sadoyan is a French actor.

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Marion Ross

Marion Ross (October 25, 1928 Watertown-) a.k.a. Marian Ross is an American actor and voice actor. She has two children, Ellen Plummer and Jim Meskimen.

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Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau (January 23, 1928 Paris-) also known as Mademoiselle Jeanne Moreau is a French film director, actor, screenwriter, singer, film producer and voice actor. She has one child, Jérôme Richard.

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