Famous movie actresses born in the year 1940

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world were born in 1940:

Penelope Keith

Penelope Keith (April 2, 1940 Sutton-) also known as Penelope Anne Constance Hatfield, Penelope Ann Constance H Keith, Penelope Keith CBE, Dame Penelope Anne Constance Keith or Dame Penelope Keith is a British actor.

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Judy Cornwell

Judy Cornwell (February 22, 1940 Hammersmith-) also known as Judy Valerie Cornwell or Judy Cornwall is an English actor, writer and novelist. Her child is called Edward Parry.

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Maelcum Soul

Maelcum Soul (September 22, 1940-April 5, 1968 Baltimore) was an American actor.

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Carolyn Brandt

Carolyn Brandt (November 20, 1940 United States of America-) a.k.a. Eva Gaulant, Jane Bond, Carol Flynn or Carolyn Du Brando is an American actor and dancer. She has two children, Linda Steckler and Laura Steckler.

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Sandra Grant Bennett

Sandra Grant Bennett (July 7, 1940 United States of America-) a.k.a. Sandra Grant or Sandra Bennett is an American actor. She has two children, Joanna Bennett and Antonia Bennett.

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Cynthia Pepper

Cynthia Pepper (September 4, 1940 Hollywood-) a.k.a. Cynthia Culpepper or Cynthia Anne Culpepper is an American actor. She has one child, Michael Edwards.

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Louise Pajo

Louise Pajo (July 31, 1940 Hawke's Bay-) otherwise known as Louise Elizabeth Pajo, Teresa Pajo, Louise R. Pajo or Louise Elisabeth Pajo is an Australian actor.

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Brigit Forsyth

Brigit Forsyth (July 28, 1940 Edinburgh-) is a British actor. Her children are called Zoe Mills and Ben Mills.

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Caroline John

Caroline John (September 19, 1940 York-June 5, 2012 London) also known as Caroline Frances John was a British actor. She had three children, Tom Beevers, Daisy Beevers and Ben Beevers.

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Millee Taggart

Millee Taggart (September 2, 1940 Ottawa-) a.k.a. Millie Taggert or Millee Taggart-Ratcliffe is an American actor, screenwriter and television producer.

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Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra (June 8, 1940 Jersey City-) also known as Nancy Sandra Sinatra or The Icon of Cool is an American singer, actor, author and film producer. She has two children, Angela Jennifer Lambert and Amanda Lambert.

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Astrud Gilberto

Astrud Gilberto (March 29, 1940 Salvador-) a.k.a. Astrid Gilberto, Astrad Gilberto, Astrud Giberto, Astrud Weinert or Gilberto, Astrud is a Brazilian singer, actor, songwriter and painter. She has one child, João Marcelo Gilberto.

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Jeannie Seely

Jeannie Seely (July 6, 1940 Titusville-) a.k.a. Seely, Jeannie or Marilyn Jeanne Seely is an American singer, songwriter and actor. She has one child, Booth Cochran.

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Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick (December 12, 1940 East Orange-) also known as Dione Warwick, Dionne Warwicke, Dionne Warrick, Marie Dionne Warrick, Marie Dionne Warwick, dionne_warwick or Warwick, Dionne is an American singer, actor, television presenter, film score composer and television producer. She has two children, Damon Elliott and David Elliott.

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Lainie Kazan

Lainie Kazan (May 15, 1940 Brooklyn-) also known as Lainie Levine, Laine Kazan or Lanie Levine is an American singer and actor. She has one child, Jennifer Bena.

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Margit Carstensen

Margit Carstensen (February 29, 1940 Kiel-) is a German actor.

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Karin Baal

Karin Baal (September 19, 1940 Berlin-) also known as Karin Blauermel is a German actor. She has two children, Thomas Gaffkus and Therese Lohner.

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Vera Tschechowa

Vera Tschechowa (July 22, 1940 Berlin-) otherwise known as Vera Tschechova, Vera Cecova, Vera Rust or Vera Chekhova is a German actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter, television producer and television director. She has one child, Nikolaus Glowna.

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Marlene Warfield

Marlene Warfield (June 19, 1940 Queens-) is an American actor.

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Lyudmila Marchenko

Lyudmila Marchenko (June 20, 1940 Arkhipo-Osipovka-January 23, 1997 Russia) also known as Lyudmila Vasilyevna Marchenko was a Russian actor.

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Jana Brejchová

Jana Brejchová (January 20, 1940 Prague-) also known as Jana Brechová or Brejchová is a Czech actor. She has one child, Tereza Brodská.

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Lyudmila Maksakova

Lyudmila Maksakova (September 26, 1940 Moscow-) also known as Lyudmila Maxakova or Lyudmila Vasilyevna Maksakova is a Russian actor. She has two children, Maria Maksakova, Jr. and Maxim Maksakov.

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María Elena Velasco

María Elena Velasco (December 17, 1940 Puebla-) otherwise known as Maria Elena Velasco, María Elena Velasco 'La India María', La India María, Ma. Elena Velasco or María Elena Velasco Fragoso is a Mexican screenwriter, comedian, actor, film director, film producer, singer-songwriter and dancer. Her children are called Ivan Lipkies, Ivette Lipkies and Goretti Lipkies.

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Jill St. John

Jill St. John (August 19, 1940 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Jill Arlyn Oppenheim, Jill Openheim, Jill Oppenheim, Magic or Jill St.John is an American actor.

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Pauline Collins

Pauline Collins (September 3, 1940 Exmouth-) also known as Pauline Collins OBE or Pauline A. Collins is a British actor, teacher and author. She has four children, Nicholas Alderton, Kate Alderton, Louise Rohr and Richard Alderton.

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Ruriko Asaoka

Ruriko Asaoka (July 2, 1940 Changchun-) also known as Asaoka Ruriko or Nobuko Muto is a Japanese actor.

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Zhanna Prokhorenko

Zhanna Prokhorenko (May 11, 1940 Poltava-August 1, 2011 Moscow) also known as Zhanneta Trofymovna Prokhorenko, Zhanneta "Zhanna" Trofymovna Prokhorenko, Zhanna, Zh. Prokhorenko or Zhanna Trofimovna Prokhorenko was a Russian actor. She had one child, Ekaterina Vasilyeva.

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Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas (October 29, 1940 Gerrards Cross-) also known as Angela MacDonagh, Angela Josephine MacDonagh or Shrimp is a British actor, writer and journalist.

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Joy Harmon

Joy Harmon (May 1, 1940 Flushing-) also known as Joy Patricia Harmon, Joy Harman, Patty Joy Harmon or Patty Harmon is an American actor and businessperson.

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Xenia Gratsos

Xenia Gratsos (February 12, 1940 Athens-) a.k.a. Brioni Farrell, X or Brioni Farrel is an American actor.

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Joyce Nizzari

Joyce Nizzari (May 20, 1940 The Bronx-) also known as Joyce Nizzari Hogan is an American actor, dancer and model.

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Sheila Fearn

Sheila Fearn (October 3, 1940 Leicester-) is an English actor.

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Jackie Trent

Jackie Trent (September 6, 1940 Newcastle-under-Lyme-) also known as Yvonne Burgess, Trent, Jackie or Jackie Trend is an English singer, actor and songwriter.

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Beth Fowler

Beth Fowler (November 1, 1940 Jersey City-) is an American singer, actor, teacher and voice actor.

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Marie-Luise Marjan

Marie-Luise Marjan (August 9, 1940 Essen-) also known as Mutter Beimer or Marie Luise Marjan is a German actor.

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Judy Nugent

Judy Nugent (August 22, 1940 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as Judy Ann Nugent or Judy Anne Nugent is an American actor. Her children are called Adam C. Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Cooper Taylor and Tiffany Taylor.

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Gloria Paul

Gloria Paul (February 28, 1940 London-) is an Italian actor, singer and dancer. She has one child, Jason Piccioni.

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Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Svetlana Svetlichnaya (May 15, 1940 Gyumri-) also known as Svetlana Afanasyevna Svetlichnaya is a Russian actor and voice actor. Her children are called Aleksei Ivashov and Oleg Ivashov.

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Michelle Rossignol

Michelle Rossignol (February 4, 1940-) otherwise known as Miclhèle Rossignol is a Canadian actor.

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Beverly Sanders

Beverly Sanders (September 2, 1940 Hollywood-) is an American comedian, actor, voice actor and spokesperson. Her child is called Laura Newmark.

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Elaine Cancilla Orbach

Elaine Cancilla Orbach (January 19, 1940 Pittsfield-April 1, 2009 New York City) also known as Elaine Cancilla was an American actor and dancer.

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Rhoda Gemignani

Rhoda Gemignani (October 21, 1940 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. Rhoda Genignani is an American actor.

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Julie Parrish

Julie Parrish (October 21, 1940 Middlesboro-October 1, 2003 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Ruby Joyce Wilbar or Joyce Wilbar was an American actor.

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Musarrat Nazir

Musarrat Nazir (October 13, 1940 Lahore-) a.k.a. Nazir, Musarrat, Chandni or Musarrat is a Pakistani singer, film director and actor. She has three children, Omar Majeed, Zeelaf Majeed and Azed Majeed.

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Jane Holzer

Jane Holzer (October 23, 1940 Palm Beach-) also known as Baby Jane Holzer, Jane Brookenfeld, 'Baby' Jane Holzer, B. Jane Holzer or Jane Bruckenfeld is an American art collector and actor. She has one child, Rusty Holzer.

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Isabel Ruth

Isabel Ruth (April 6, 1940 Tomar-) is a Portuguese actor and ballet dancer.

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Yeo Woon-kay

Yeo Woon-kay (February 25, 1940 Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-May 22, 2009 Bupyeong District) otherwise known as Woon-gye Yeo, Un-gae Yeo, Un-kye Yeo, Woon-kye Yeo, Woon Kye Yeo, Un-gye Yeo, Yeo Un-gye, Yǒ Un-kye, Yeo Woon-gye or Yeo Woongye was a South Korean actor.

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Kim Ji-mee

Kim Ji-mee (July 15, 1940 Daejeon-) also known as Kim Ji-Mi, Jimi Kim, Chi-mi Kim, Ji-mie Kim, Gim Myeong-ja, Kim Myong-cha, Kim Chi-mi, Gim Ji-mi, Ji-mee Kim, Elizabeth Taylor of Korea, Kim Jimi or Ji-Mi Kim is a South Korean actor and film producer. She has two children, Choi Young-sook and Hong Gyeong-im.

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Gloria Münchmeyer

Gloria Münchmeyer (September 2, 1940 Santiago-) also known as María Gloria Münchmeyer Barber is a Chilean actor. She has three children, Catalina Guerra, Jorge Guerra Münchmeyer and Matías Guerra Münchmeyer.

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Jetsun Pema

Jetsun Pema (July 7, 1940 Lhasa-) a.k.a. 杰千贝玛 or རྗེ་བཙུན་པདྨ is a Chinese actor.

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