Famous movie actresses died when they were 65

Here are 12 famous actresses from the world died at 65:

Thea von Harbou

Thea von Harbou (December 27, 1888 Döhlau-July 1, 1954 Berlin) also known as Thea Gabriele von Harbou or Thea v. Harbou was a German screenwriter, writer, author, actor, film director and filmmaker.

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Eleonora Duse

Eleonora Duse (October 3, 1858 Vigevano-April 21, 1924 Pittsburgh) also known as Eleonora Guilia Amalia Duse, eleoˈnɔːɾa ˈduːze or Duse was an Italian actor and screenwriter. She had one child, Enrichetta Checchi.

She died as a result of pneumonia.

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Marilyn Buferd

Marilyn Buferd (January 30, 1925 Detroit-March 27, 1990 Austin) also known as Marilyn Bufferd, Marylin Buferd, Marylin Bufferd or Marylyn Buferd was an American actor.

She died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Tammy Faye

Tammy Faye (March 7, 1942 International Falls-July 20, 2007 Loch Lloyd) also known as Bakker, Tammy Faye, Tamara Faye LaValley or Tammy Messner was an American entrepreneur, writer, televangelist, talk show host, singer, businessperson, author, actor, evangelist and presenter. She had one child, Jay Bakker.

She died in lung cancer.

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Alice Joyce

Alice Joyce (October 1, 1890 Kansas City-October 9, 1955 Hollywood) a.k.a. The Madonna of the Screen was an American actor. She had two children, Alice Moore and Peggy Harris.

She died in cardiovascular disease.

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Anna Magnani

Anna Magnani (March 7, 1908 Rome-September 26, 1973 Rome) also known as La Lupa, Ann Magnani, La Magnani, Nannarella, Perennial toast of Rome, The Italian Édith Piaf, A. Magnani or living she-wolf symbol was an Italian actor. She had one child, Luca Magnani.

She died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Bonita Granville

Bonita Granville (February 2, 1923 Chicago-October 11, 1988 Santa Monica) also known as Bonita Granville Wrather was an American actor and television producer. Her children are called Christopher Wrather and Linda Wrather.

She died caused by lung cancer.

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Carmelita Geraghty

Carmelita Geraghty (March 21, 1901 Rushville-July 7, 1966 Manhattan) was an American actor.

She died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Dita Parlo

Dita Parlo (September 4, 1906 Szczecin-December 12, 1971 Paris) also known as Grethe Gerda Kornstädt was a German actor.

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Faye Emerson

Faye Emerson (July 8, 1917 Elizabeth-March 9, 1983 Deià) otherwise known as Faye Margaret Emerson, faye_emerson or The First Lady of Television was an American actor. She had one child, William Crawford Jr..

She died as a result of stomach cancer.

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Joan Greenwood

Joan Greenwood (March 4, 1921 Chelsea-February 28, 1987 London) also known as Joan Mary W. Greenwood was a British actor. Her child is called Jason Morell.

She died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Marie Dressler

Marie Dressler (November 9, 1868 Cobourg-July 28, 1934 Santa Barbara) otherwise known as Leila Marie Koerber was an American actor.

She died in cancer.

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