Famous movie actresses died in the year 1970

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world died in 1970:

Lillian West

Lillian West (March 15, 1886 New York City-April 23, 1970 Los Angeles) also known as Lillian Mildred West was an American actor.

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Lizette Thorne

Lizette Thorne (November 24, 1882 Birmingham-November 3, 1970 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Miss L. Thorne or Mrs. Thorne was an English actor.

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Patricia Ellis

Patricia Ellis (May 20, 1916 Birmingham-March 26, 1970 Kansas City) otherwise known as Patricia Leftwich or the Queen of B pictures at Warner Brothers was an American actor.

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Billie Burke

Billie Burke (August 7, 1884 Washington, D.C.-May 14, 1970 Los Angeles) also known as Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke, Miss Billie Burke or Mary William Ethelbert Appleton "Billie" Burke was an American actor and singer. She had one child, Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson.

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Prudencia Grifell

Prudencia Grifell (December 27, 1879 Lugo-June 7, 1970 Mexico) a.k.a. Prudencia Grifell Masipon, Prudencia Griffel, Doña Prudencia Grifell, Dña Prudencia Grifell, Doña Prudencia Griffel or Dña. Prudencia Griffell was a Mexican actor. She had five children, Maruja Grifell, Amparo Grifell, Pepe Martínez, Enrique Grifell and Dolores Grifell.

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Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee (January 9, 1911 Seattle-April 26, 1970 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Rose Louise Hovick, Rose Louise, Louise Hovick or Ellen June Hovick was an American actor, writer, pin-up girl, author, artist, playwright, dancer, screenwriter, stripper and musician. Her child is called Erik Lee Preminger.

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Mary Clare

Mary Clare (July 17, 1892 Lambeth-August 29, 1970 Harrow, London) a.k.a. Mary Clare Absalom was a British actor.

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Emma Väänänen

Emma Väänänen (December 22, 1907 Mikkeli-February 20, 1970 Helsinki) also known as Emma Maria Väänänen was a Finnish actor.

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Inger Stevens

Inger Stevens (October 18, 1934 Stockholm-April 30, 1970 Hollywood Hills) otherwise known as Inger Stensland was an American actor.

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Frances Farmer

Frances Farmer (September 19, 1913 Seattle-August 1, 1970 Indianapolis) also known as Frances Elena Farmer was an American actor.

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Anita Louise

Anita Louise (January 9, 1915 New York City-April 25, 1970 West Los Angeles) a.k.a. Anita Louise Fremault, anita_louise, Anita Fremault or Louise Fremault was an American actor.

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Nell Shipman

Nell Shipman (October 25, 1892 Victoria-January 23, 1970 Cabazon) a.k.a. Helen Foster-Barham was an American screenwriter, actor, film director, film producer and animal trainer. She had one child, Barry Shipman.

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Louise Glaum

Louise Glaum (September 4, 1888 Baltimore-November 25, 1970 Los Angeles) also known as The Spider Woman or The Tiger Woman was an American actor.

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Grethe Weiser

Grethe Weiser (February 27, 1903 Hanover-October 2, 1970 Bad Tölz) also known as Mathilde Ella Dorothea Margarethe Nowka, Grete Weiser or Weiser, Grethe was a German singer, actor and comedian.

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Dorothy Vernon

Dorothy Vernon (November 11, 1875 Germany-October 28, 1970 Granada Hills) also known as Dorothy Baird, Dorothy Burns or Mrs. Harry Burns was an American actor. She had one child, Bobby Vernon.

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Lucille Hutton

Lucille Hutton (November 27, 1899 Crawfordsville-November 27, 1970) a.k.a. Juanita Lucille Hutton was an American actor.

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Tora Teje

Tora Teje (January 7, 1893 Stockholm-April 29, 1970 Stockholm) also known as Tora Adelheim Johansson or Tora Johansson was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Claes Sylwander.

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Katherine Walsh

Katherine Walsh (April 11, 1947 Kenton County-October 7, 1970 London) also known as Kathy Walsh, Katherine Victoria Walsh, Kath, Kate, Kathy or Kathryn Walsh was an American actor.

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Gay Seabrook

Gay Seabrook (April 1, 1901 Seattle-April 18, 1970 Bedford Hills) also known as Gladys Johnson was an American actor.

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Suzanne Dalbert

Suzanne Dalbert (May 12, 1927 Paris-December 31, 1970 France) also known as Suzanna Dalbert was a French actor.

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Soledad Miranda

Soledad Miranda (July 9, 1943 Seville-August 18, 1970 Lisbon) a.k.a. Susann Korda, Susan Korda, Susan Korday, Soledad Rendón Bueno or Sole was a Spanish actor and singer. Her child is called Antonio Simões.

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Elisabeth Markus

Elisabeth Markus (December 15, 1895 Weikersdorf am Steinfelde-January 19, 1970 Vienna) a.k.a. Elisabeth Martha Leopoldine Francisca Markus was an Austrian actor.

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Kathleen O'Regan

Kathleen O'Regan (November 11, 1903 Republic of Ireland-December 10, 1970) also known as Kathleen O'Reegan was an Irish actor.

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Geraldine Wall

Geraldine Wall (June 24, 1912 Chicago-June 22, 1970 Woodland Hills) was an American actor.

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Cathy O'Donnell

Cathy O'Donnell (July 6, 1923 Siluria-April 11, 1970 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ann Steely or Kathy O'Donnell was an American actor.

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Hertha Feiler

Hertha Feiler (August 3, 1916 Vienna-November 1, 1970 Munich) was an Austrian actor. She had one child, Peter Rühmann.

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Marjorie Rambeau

Marjorie Rambeau (July 15, 1889 San Francisco-July 6, 1970 Palm Springs) otherwise known as Majorie Rambeau was an American actor.

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Nydia Westman

Nydia Westman (February 19, 1902 New York City-May 23, 1970 Burbank) a.k.a. Nydia Eileen Westman, Peg or Westman was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Kate Williamson.

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Lenore Ulric

Lenore Ulric (July 21, 1892 New Ulm-December 30, 1970 Orangeburg) also known as Lenore Ulrich, Leonore Ulrich or Leonora Ulrich was an American actor.

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Yuriko Hanabusa

Yuriko Hanabusa (March 7, 1900 Kure-February 7, 1970) otherwise known as Yuriko Hide or Hanabusa Yuriko was a Japanese actor.

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Mari Blanchard

Mari Blanchard (April 13, 1927 Long Beach-May 10, 1970 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Mary Blanchard, Mary E. Blanchard or Marie Blanchard was an American actor.

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Mimi Aguglia

Mimi Aguglia (December 21, 1884 Catania-July 31, 1970 Woodland Hills) also known as Mimi Agulia or Giroloma Aguglia was an Italian actor. She had one child, Argentina Brunetti.

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Teddy Sampson

Teddy Sampson (August 8, 1895 New York City-November 24, 1970 Woodland Hills) also known as Nora Sampson was an American actor.

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Dorothy Farnum

Dorothy Farnum (June 10, 1900 New York City-January 27, 1970 North Andover) was an American screenwriter and actor.

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Vola Vale

Vola Vale (February 12, 1897 Buffalo-October 17, 1970 Hawthorne) also known as Violet Irene Smith, Viola Smith, Vola Smith or Miss Smith was an American actor and model.

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Gloria Ferrandiz

Gloria Ferrandiz (November 27, 1893 Uruguay-November 27, 1970 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

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Doris Doscher

Doris Doscher (January 24, 1882 New York City-March 9, 1970 Farmingdale) was an American actor.

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Edna Mayo

Edna Mayo (March 23, 1895 Philadelphia-May 5, 1970 San Francisco) also known as Edna Lane was an American actor.

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Carlotta Monterey

Carlotta Monterey (December 28, 1888 San Francisco-November 18, 1970 Westwood) also known as Hazel Neilson Taasinge was an American actor. Her child is called Cynthia Jane Chapman.

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Ann Trevor

Ann Trevor (August 22, 1899 London-July 15, 1970 England) also known as Annie Trilnick or Anne Trevor was a British actor.

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Nancy Price

Nancy Price (February 3, 1880 Kinver-March 31, 1970 Worthing) also known as Lilian Nancy Bache Price or Nancy Price, CBE was an English actor, author, theatre director and painter. Her child is called Joan Maude.

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Duane Thompson

Duane Thompson (July 28, 1903 Red Oak-August 15, 1970 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Duane Maloney was an American actor.

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Olga Limburg

Olga Limburg (April 5, 1881 Düsseldorf-March 7, 1970 Berlin) was a West German actor.

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Nora Gordon

Nora Gordon (November 29, 1893 West Hartlepool-May 11, 1970 London) otherwise known as Nora Gorden or Norah Gordon was a British actor. She had one child, Dorothy Gordon.

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Cobina Wright

Cobina Wright (September 20, 1887 Lakeview-April 9, 1970 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Elaine Cobb, Cobina Wright Sr., Esther Ellen Cobb, Esther Johnson, Esther Cobina or Esther Cobb was an American actor, opera singer and author. She had one child, Cobina Carolyn Wright.

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Beatrice Roberts

Beatrice Roberts (March 7, 1905 Manhattan-July 24, 1970 Plymouth) a.k.a. Bernice Roberts or Alice Beatrice Roberts was an American actor.

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Hy Hazell

Hy Hazell (October 4, 1919 London-May 10, 1970 London) a.k.a. Hyacinth Hazel O'Higgins was a British actor.

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Laura Sawyer

Laura Sawyer (February 3, 1885 Iron County-September 7, 1970 Matawan) was an American actor.

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Karola Zala

Karola Zala (October 1, 1879 Oradea-January 13, 1970 Budapest) was a actor.

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Mimi Benzell

Mimi Benzell (May 6, 1924 Bridgeport-December 23, 1970 Manhasset) was an American actor and opera singer.

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