Famous movie actresses died in the year 1987

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world died in 1987:

Romola Remus

Romola Remus (April 7, 1900-February 17, 1987) was an American actor.

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Winifred Bryson

Winifred Bryson (December 20, 1892 Los Angeles-August 20, 1987 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Winifred Brison was an American actor.

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Dalida (January 17, 1933 Shubra-May 3, 1987 Paris) otherwise known as Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti, Yolande Christina Gigliotti, Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti, Dalila, Dalidà, Dali or Yolanda Gigliotti was a French singer and actor.

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Joyce Jameson

Joyce Jameson (September 26, 1932 Chicago-January 16, 1987 Burbank) a.k.a. Joyce Jamison was an American actor. She had one child, Tyler Barnes.

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Betty Burbridge

Betty Burbridge (December 7, 1895 San Diego-September 19, 1987 Tarzana) a.k.a. E. Burbodge, Miss Burbridge, Bessie Burbridge, Elizabeth Burbridge, Mrs. Burbridge, Elizabeth Burdridge, Robert Bridgewood or Prudence Penny Jr. was an American actor and screenwriter.

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Ruby Dandridge

Ruby Dandridge (March 3, 1900 Wichita-October 17, 1987 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Ruby Jean Butler was an American actor. Her children are called Vivian Dandridge and Dorothy Dandridge.

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Clara Peller

Clara Peller (August 4, 1902 Chicago-August 11, 1987 Chicago) also known as Peller, Clara was an American manicurist and actor.

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Joan Greenwood

Joan Greenwood (March 4, 1921 Chelsea-February 28, 1987 London) also known as Joan Mary W. Greenwood was a British actor. Her child is called Jason Morell.

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Madeleine Carroll

Madeleine Carroll (February 26, 1906 West Bromwich-October 2, 1987 Marbella) a.k.a. Edith Madeleine Carroll, Marie-Madeleine Bernadette O'Carroll, Madaleine Caroll or The Queen of British Cinema was a British actor.

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Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton (March 10, 1919 Battle Creek-January 10, 1987 Kirkland) also known as Marion Thornburg was an American singer and actor. She had three children, Peter Douglas, John Philbin and Phillip Philbin.

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Viola Dana

Viola Dana (June 26, 1897 Brooklyn-July 3, 1987 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Virginia Flugrath, Vi or Viola Flugrath was an American actor.

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Cathryn Damon

Cathryn Damon (September 11, 1930 Seattle-May 4, 1987 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Cathryn Lee Damon was an American actor.

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Irene Handl

Irene Handl (December 27, 1901 Maida Vale-November 29, 1987 Kensington) was an English actor and writer.

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Priscilla Dean

Priscilla Dean (November 25, 1896 New York City-December 27, 1987 Leonia) was an American actor.

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Sari Maritza

Sari Maritza (March 17, 1910 Tianjin-July 1, 1987 United States Virgin Islands) also known as Patricia Detering-Nathan or Dora Patricia Detring-Nathan was an English actor.

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Heather Thatcher

Heather Thatcher (September 3, 1896 London-February 15, 1987 Hillingdon) a.k.a. Heather Mary Thatcher or Thatcher was an English actor and dancer.

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Sarah Long

Sarah Long (November 27, 2014 England-November 23, 1987) was a British presenter and actor.

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Ireene Wicker

Ireene Wicker (November 24, 1905 Quincy-November 17, 1987 West Palm Beach) also known as Irene Wicker or The Singing Lady was an American singer and actor. Her child is called Walter Charles Jr..

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Andrea Palma

Andrea Palma (April 16, 1903 Durango-October 6, 1987 Mexico City) also known as Guadalupe Bracho Pérez-Gavilán was a Mexican actor.

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Janina Żejmo

Janina Żejmo (May 29, 1909 Vawkavysk-December 29, 1987 Warsaw) also known as Y.Zhejmo, Janina Jeimo, Ya. Zhejmo, Ya. Zheimo, Yanina Boleslavovna Zhejmo, Jaime, Janina Boleslavovna, Yanina Boleslavovna Jaime or Yanina Jaime was a Soviet actor. She had two children, Janina Kostrichkin and Julian Żejmo.

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Hertha von Walther

Hertha von Walther (June 12, 1903 Hildesheim-April 12, 1987 Munich) a.k.a. Rosa Walter, Hertha Walther von Walther, Hertha Stern und Walther von Monbary, Hertha von Walter or Herta von Walther was a German actor.

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Mary Astor

Mary Astor (May 3, 1906 Quincy-September 25, 1987 Woodland Hills) also known as Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke, Rusty, The Cameo Girl, Helen Quintal, Helen Quintal for the Mrs. Goodfield role or Lucille Langhanke was an American actor and writer. She had two children, Marylyn Hauoli Thorpe and Tono del Campo.

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Anne Grey

Anne Grey (March 6, 1907 Lincoln-April 3, 1987 Lee-on-the-Solent) also known as Aileen Ewing was an English actor.

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Sunny Hartnett

Sunny Hartnett (November 27, 2014 Brooklyn-November 27, 1987 United States of America) also known as Sunny Harnett, Annemarie Margot Elfreda Harnett or Annemarie Margot Harnett was an American actor and model.

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C. Lakshmi Rajyam

C. Lakshmi Rajyam (November 27, 2014 Vijayawada-November 27, 1987) a.k.a. Lakshmirajyam, Lakshmi Rajyam or Lakshmi Rajyam C. was an Indian actor and film producer.

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Adrienne Gessner

Adrienne Gessner (July 23, 1896 Schottwien-June 23, 1987 Vienna) also known as Adrienne Geiringer was an Austrian actor.

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Pola Negri

Pola Negri (January 3, 1897 Lipno, Lipno County-August 1, 1987 San Antonio) also known as Barbara Apolonia Chałupiec, Polita, Erna Negri, Apolonia Chałupiec, Apolonia Chalupec, Pola Apolonia Chalupova, Barbara Apolonia Chałupec or Countessa Apolonia Dąmbska-Chałupec was a Polish actor, singer, author, ballet dancer, memoirist and music artist.

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Hermione Gingold

Hermione Gingold (December 9, 1897 Maida Vale-May 24, 1987 New York City) also known as Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold was an English actor. Her children are called Stephen Joseph and Leslie Joseph.

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Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman (December 23, 1943 Youngstown-June 10, 1987 Pittsburgh) a.k.a. Mary Elizabeth Hartman, Biff or Bliff Hartman was an American actor, singer and voice actor.

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Geraldine Page

Geraldine Page (November 22, 1924 Kirksville-June 13, 1987 New York City) otherwise known as Geraldine Sue Page, Gerry or First Lady of the American Theater was an American actor. She had three children, Angelica Page, Tony Torn and John Torn.

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Hannelore Schroth

Hannelore Schroth (January 10, 1922 Berlin-July 7, 1987 Munich) a.k.a. Hannelore Schroth-Haak, Hannelore Schroth-Haack or Hannelore Emilie Käte Grete Schroth was a German actor, singer and voice actor. Her children are called Hans Hass Jr., Christoph Köster and Christoph Raddatz.

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Dorothy Patrick

Dorothy Patrick (June 3, 1921 Saint Boniface, Winnipeg-May 31, 1987 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Dorothea Davis, Dorothy Patric or Dorothy Patrick Davis was a Canadian actor and model. She had two children, Lester Lee Patrick and Terence Bowen.

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Berta Drews

Berta Drews (November 19, 1901 Tempelhof-April 10, 1987 Berlin) a.k.a. Drews, Berta, Berta Helene Drews or Bertha Drews was a German actor and singer. She had two children, Jan George and Götz George.

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Joyce Coad

Joyce Coad (April 14, 1917 Laramie-May 3, 1987 March Air Reserve Base) was an American actor.

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Wynne Gibson

Wynne Gibson (July 3, 1905 New York City-May 15, 1987 Laguna Niguel) also known as Winifred Elaine Gibson was an American actor.

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Raquel Torres

Raquel Torres (November 11, 1908 Hermosillo-August 10, 1987 Los Angeles) also known as Paula Marie Osterman or Paula Osterman was an American actor.

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Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth (October 17, 1918 Brooklyn-May 14, 1987 New York City) also known as Margarita Carmen Cansino, Rita Cansino, Rita, The Love Goddess, Rita Hayword or Hayworth, Rita was an American actor, dancer, singer and film producer. She had two children, Rebecca Welles and Yasmin Aga Khan.

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Verree Teasdale

Verree Teasdale (March 15, 1903 Spokane-February 17, 1987 Culver City) also known as Veree Teasdale was an American actor and radio personality. She had one child, Peter Menjou.

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Amelita Ward

Amelita Ward (July 17, 1923 Magnolia-May 1, 1987 Alexandria) also known as Lita Ward was an American actor. She had two children, Leo Gorcey Jr. and Jan Gorcey.

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Greta Granstedt

Greta Granstedt (July 13, 1907 Scandia-October 7, 1987 Los Angeles) also known as Erane Granstadt, Elaine Grandstadt, Eraine Grand, Elaine Grandstedt, Eraine Granstedt, Euraine Grandstead, Greta Granstadt, Eraine Grandstadt, Eraine Grandstedt, Greta Grandstedt, Eraine Granstat, Euraine Grandsteade, Irene Greta Granstedt, Greta Irene Granstedt, Irene "Greta" Granstedt or Irene Granstedt was an American actor and model. Her child is called Christopher Michael.

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June Knight

June Knight (January 22, 1913 Los Angeles-June 16, 1987 Los Angeles) also known as june_knight, Margaret Rose Valliquietto or Knight, June was an American actor.

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Wang Ren-Mei

Wang Ren-Mei (December 1, 1914 Changsha-April 12, 1987 Beijing) a.k.a. 王人美, Wang Renmei, Wang, Ren-Mei, Ren-Mei Wang, Renmei Wang, Wang Jen-mei or Wang Shuxi was a Chinese actor and singer.

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Vera Schmiterlöw

Vera Schmiterlöw (July 19, 1904 Varberg-September 9, 1987 Stockholm) also known as Wera von Schmiterlöw or Alice Vera Cecilia Charlotta Schmiterlöw was a Swedish actor.

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Lesley Osmond

Lesley Osmond (November 23, 1921 London-March 1, 1987 Fulham) also known as Lesley Helen Osmond was a British actor.

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Adile Naşit

Adile Naşit (June 17, 1930 Istanbul-December 11, 1987 Istanbul) also known as Adile Nasit, Adile Nasit Özcan or Adile Keskiner was a Turkish actor. She had one child, Ahmet Keskiner.

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Bessie Learn

Bessie Learn (August 30, 1888 San Diego-February 20, 1987 Burbank) also known as Bessie Lern, Elizabeth Learn or Betty Robbins was an American actor.

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Veriko Andjaparidze

Veriko Andjaparidze (October 6, 1897 Kutaisi-January 31, 1987 Tbilisi) also known as Veriko Ivlianovna Andzhaparidze, Veriko Anjaparidze or Vera Ivlianovna Anjaparidze was a Georgian actor. Her children are called Sofiko Chiaureli, Otar Chiaureli and Ramaz Chiaureli.

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Fay Baker

Fay Baker (January 31, 1917 New York City-December 8, 1987 Sleepy Hollow) otherwise known as Beth Holmes, Fay Schwager or Fay B. Kirk was an American actor and author. She had one child, Jonathan Weiss.

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Pearl Vasudevi

Pearl Vasudevi (March 30, 1915 Galle-November 27, 1987) also known as Pearl Peries was a Sri Lankan actor.

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Anny Ondra

Anny Ondra (May 15, 1903 Tarnów-February 28, 1987 Hollenstedt) also known as Anna Sophie Ondrakova, Any Ondra, A. Ondráková, Anny Ondráková, Anna Ondráková or Anna Sophie Ondráková was a Polish actor and film producer.

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