Famous actresses died as a result of Emphysema

Here are 32 famous actresses from the world died in Emphysema:

Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck (July 16, 1907 Brooklyn-January 20, 1990 Santa Monica) also known as Ruby Catherine Stevens, Ruby Katherine Stevens, The Queen, Babs, Missy, Miss Barbara Stanwyck, Ruby Stevens or The Best Actress Who Never Won an Oscar was an American actor and fashion model. She had one child, Dion Anthony Fay.

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Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney (November 19, 1920 Brooklyn-November 6, 1991 Houston) also known as Gene Eliza Tierney, Gene Eliza Taylor Tierney or The Get Girl was an American actor. Her children are called Daria Cassini and Christina Cassini.

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Tallulah Bankhead

Tallulah Bankhead (January 31, 1902 Huntsville-December 12, 1968 New York City) a.k.a. Tallulah Brockman Bankhead, Tallu, Bankhead, Tallulah or Miss Tallulah Bankhead was an American radio personality and actor.

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Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard (June 3, 1910 Whitestone-April 23, 1990 Ronco sopra Ascona) also known as Marion Pauline Levy, Marion Goddard Levy, Pauline Marion Goddard Levy, Pauline Goddard Levy, Pauline Marion Levy or Marion Levy was an American model, actor, dancer, film producer and singer.

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Pat Nixon

Pat Nixon (March 16, 1912 Ely, Nevada-June 22, 1993 Park Ridge) also known as Patricia Nixon, Thelma Catherine Ryan Nixon, First lady Pat Nixon, Pat Ryan Nixon, Pat Ryan, Thelma Catherine Ryan, Buddy, Pat, Starlight (US Secret Service Code Name), Thelma Ryan, Madame Ambassador or Thelma Catherine "Pat" Ryan Nixon was an American actor, teacher, economist and spokesperson. She had two children, Julie Nixon Eisenhower and Tricia Nixon Cox.

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Mary Astor

Mary Astor (May 3, 1906 Quincy-September 25, 1987 Woodland Hills) also known as Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke, Rusty, The Cameo Girl, Helen Quintal, Helen Quintal for the Mrs. Goodfield role or Lucille Langhanke was an American actor and writer. She had two children, Marylyn Hauoli Thorpe and Tono del Campo.

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Dolores Costello

Dolores Costello (March 19, 1907 Pittsburgh-June 5, 1983 Fallbrook) a.k.a. The Goddess of the Silver Screen, Dolores Costello Barrymore, Goddess of the Silent Screen or The Goddess of the Silent Screen was an American actor and businessperson. She had two children, John Drew Barrymore and Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore.

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Nancy Marchand

Nancy Marchand (June 19, 1928 Buffalo-June 18, 2000 Stratford) was an American actor. Her children are called Katie Sparer, David Sparer and Rachel Sparer Bersier.

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Virginia Dale

Virginia Dale (July 1, 1917 Charlotte-October 3, 1994 Burbank) a.k.a. Frances Paxton or Phyllis Randall was an American actor.

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Dorothy DeBorba

Dorothy DeBorba (March 28, 1925 Los Angeles-June 2, 2010 Walnut Creek) also known as Dorothy Adelle DeBorba was an American actor and child actor.

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Charmion King

Charmion King (July 25, 1925 Toronto-January 6, 2007 Toronto) was a Canadian actor and voice actor. She had one child, Leah Pinsent.

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Jackie Forster

Jackie Forster (November 6, 1926 Islington-October 10, 1998 London) otherwise known as Jacqueline Mackenzie, Jackie Forster or Jacqueline Moir Mackenzie was a British presenter, actor and journalist.

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Beah Richards

Beah Richards (July 12, 1920 Vicksburg-September 14, 2000 Vicksburg) also known as Beulah Richardson, Bea Richards or Beulah Elizabeth Richardson was an American actor, poet, playwright and author.

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Marga López

Marga López (June 21, 1924 San Miguel de Tucumán-July 4, 2005 Mexico City) also known as Marga Lopez or Catalina Margarita López Ramos was an Argentine actor. She had two children, Manuel Amador and Carlos Amador.

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Pat Coombs

Pat Coombs (August 27, 1926 Camberwell-May 25, 2002 Northwood, London) otherwise known as Patricia Doreen Coombs, Pat Coombes or Patricia Doreen "Pat" Coombs was an English professional boxer and actor.

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Dorothy Provine

Dorothy Provine (January 20, 1935 Deadwood-April 25, 2010 Bremerton) also known as Dorothy Provine Day, Provine, Dorothy, Michele Dorothy Provine or Dorothy Michelle Provine was an American singer, actor, dancer and comedian. Her child is called Robert Day Jr..

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Nancy Guild

Nancy Guild (October 11, 1925 Los Angeles-August 16, 1999 East Hampton) was an American actor. She had one child, Elizabeth Russell.

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Margaret Lindsay

Margaret Lindsay (September 19, 1910 Dubuque-May 9, 1981 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Margaret Kies, Peg or Lindsay was an American actor.

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Nan Martin

Nan Martin (July 15, 1927 Decatur-March 4, 2010 Malibu) also known as Nancy Martin or Nan Clow Martin was an American actor. Her children are called Zen Gesner and Casey Martin Dolan.

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Edna Doré

Edna Doré (November 27, 2014 Bromley-April 11, 2014 Sussex) also known as Edna Dore, Edna Gorring or Edna L. Gorring was a British actor. She had one child, Michael S. Dore.

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Virginia Gilmore

Virginia Gilmore (July 26, 1919 El Monte-March 28, 1986 Santa Barbara) also known as Sherman Virginia Poole or Ginny was an American actor. Her child is called Yul 'Rock' Brynner II.

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Reta Shaw

Reta Shaw (September 13, 1912 South Paris-January 8, 1982 Encino) a.k.a. Rita Shaw was an American actor. She had one child, Kathryn Anne Forester.

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Jeanne Carpenter

Jeanne Carpenter (February 1, 1916 Kansas City-January 5, 1994 Oxnard) otherwise known as Theo-Alice Jeanne Carpenter, Jean Carpenter, Theo-Alice Carpenter or Taji was an American actor. She had five children, Don Michael Drysdale, Gloria Mitzi Grimes Rosson, Angela Jeanne Grimes Wilkins, Victoria Lee Grimes Holsinger and Theo-Alice Mimi Grimes Gordon.

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Hildegard Knef

Hildegard Knef (December 28, 1925 Ulm-February 1, 2002 Berlin) also known as Hildergarde Neff, Hildegard Neff, Hildegarde Neff or Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef was a German writer, actor, singer, author and voice actor. Her child is called Tinta Knef.

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Virginia Fox

Virginia Fox (April 2, 1902 Wheeling-October 14, 1982 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Virginia Fox Zanuck was an American actor. She had three children, Richard D. Zanuck, Darrylin Zanuck DePineda and Susan Zanuck.

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Victoria Shaw

Victoria Shaw (May 25, 1935 Sydney-August 17, 1988 Sydney) also known as Jeanette Elphick, Jeanette Ann Lavina Mary Elizabeth Elphick or The Face was an Australian actor and model. She had three children, Tracey Smith, Dallas Smith and Jordan Smith.

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Frances Gifford

Frances Gifford (December 7, 1920 Long Beach-January 22, 1994 Pasadena) also known as Mary Frances Gifford or Mary Gifford was an American actor.

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Pat Bond

Pat Bond (February 27, 1925 Chicago-December 24, 1990 Marin County) was an American actor.

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Cathleen Cordell

Cathleen Cordell (May 21, 1915 Brooklyn-August 19, 1997 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson (July 6, 1927 Columbus-February 24, 2003 Sacramento) also known as Marilyn Jeanne Johnson or Susan Johnson-Kehn was an American actor and singer. She had one child, Corianne Kehn.

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Anilza Leoni

Anilza Leoni (October 10, 1933 Laguna, Santa Catarina-August 6, 2009 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Anilza Pinho de Carvalho was a Brazilian actor, singer, dancer and painter.

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Joan Perry

Joan Perry (July 7, 1911 Pensacola-September 16, 1996 Montecito) also known as Elizabeth Rosiland Miller was an American actor, model and singer. Her children are called Harrison Perry Cohn, John Perry Cohn, Jobella Cohn and Catherine Perry Cohn.

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