Famous actresses died as a result of Traffic collision

Here are 48 famous actresses from the world died in Traffic collision:

Dorothy Dell

Dorothy Dell (January 30, 1915 Hattiesburg-June 8, 1934 Altadena) also known as Dorothy Dell Goff was an American actor, singer and model.

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Florence La Badie

Florence La Badie (April 27, 1888 New York City-October 13, 1917 Ossining) also known as Florence Russ, Florence Labadie or Gertrude Gordon was an American actor.

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Jaclyn Linetsky

Jaclyn Linetsky (January 8, 1986 Montreal-September 8, 2003 Saint-Césaire, Quebec) also known as Jaclyn Michelle Linetsky was a Canadian actor.

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Charla Doherty

Charla Doherty (August 6, 1946 Cleveland-May 29, 1988) was an American actor.

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Judy Tyler

Judy Tyler (October 9, 1932 Milwaukee-July 4, 1957 Rock River) also known as judy_tyler or Judith Mae Hess was an American actor.

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Claudia Jennings

Claudia Jennings (December 20, 1949 Saint Paul-October 3, 1979 California State Route 1) also known as Mary Eileen Chesterton, Mary Eileen "Mimi" Chesterton or Mimi was an American nude glamour model and actor.

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Thuy Trang

Thuy Trang (December 14, 1973 Ho Chi Minh City-September 3, 2001 San Francisco) was an American actor.

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Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield (April 19, 1933 Bryn Mawr-June 29, 1967 Slidell) a.k.a. Vera Jayne Palmer, Jaynie, Vera Jane Palmer, Broadway's Smartest Dumb Blonde, Vera Palmer or Vera Jayne Peers was an American actor, pin-up girl, model, showgirl, singer, entertainer, violinist and pianist. She had five children, Mariska Hargitay, Jayne Marie Mansfield, Mickey Hargitay Jr., Zoltan Hargitay and Tony Cimber.

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Dottie West

Dottie West (October 11, 1932 McMinnville-September 4, 1991 Nashville) also known as Dorothy Marie Marsh or West, Dottie was an American singer, songwriter, singer-songwriter and actor. She had one child, Shelly West.

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Jill Banner

Jill Banner (November 8, 1946 Bremerton-August 7, 1982 North Hollywood) a.k.a. Mary Molumby or Mary Kathryn Molumby was an American actor.

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Linda Lovelace

Linda Lovelace (January 10, 1949 The Bronx-April 22, 2002 Denver) a.k.a. Linda Boreman or Linda Susan Boreman was an American pornographic film actor and actor.

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Françoise Dorléac

Françoise Dorléac (March 21, 1942 Paris-June 26, 1967 Villeneuve-Loubet) also known as Francoise Dorleac or Françoise Dorleac was a French actor.

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Gladys Brockwell

Gladys Brockwell (September 26, 1893 Brooklyn-July 2, 1929 Hollywood) also known as Gladys Lindeman was an American actor.

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Jennifer Syme

Jennifer Syme (December 7, 1972 Pico Rivera-April 2, 2001 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Jennifer Maria Syme was an American actor. She had one child, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves.

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Belinda Lee

Belinda Lee (June 15, 1935 Budleigh Salterton-March 12, 1961 San Bernardino) also known as Billie was a British actor.

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Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith (April 15, 1894 Chattanooga-September 26, 1937 Clarksdale) a.k.a. Smith, Bessie, bessie_smith, Elizabeth Smith or Empress of the Blues was an American singer and actor.

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Asmahan (November 25, 1917 Mediterranean Sea-July 14, 1944 Egypt) also known as Amal al-Atrash, Asmahane, Amal Al Atrach or Emily was a Syrian singer and actor.

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Monisha Unni

Monisha Unni (January 24, 1971 Panniyankara-December 5, 1992 Cherthala) also known as Monisha was an Indian actor.

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Marjorie White

Marjorie White (July 22, 1904 Winnipeg-August 21, 1935 Hollywood) also known as Marjorie Ann Guthrie was a Canadian actor.

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June Preisser

June Preisser (June 26, 1920 New Orleans-September 19, 1984 Florida) was an American actor. She had one child, Ricky Terry.

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Ahna Capri

Ahna Capri (July 6, 1944 Budapest-August 19, 2010 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Anna Marie Nanasi, Anna Maria Nanasi, Ann Marie Nanasi, Anna Capri or Terry Capri was an American actor.

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Vivian Rich

Vivian Rich (May 26, 1893 Philadelphia-November 17, 1957 Hollywood) also known as Miss Vivian Rich was an American actor. She had one child, Ralph William, jnr..

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Elaine Hammerstein

Elaine Hammerstein (June 16, 1897 Philadelphia-August 13, 1948 Tijuana) was an American actor.

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Erica Boyer

Erica Boyer (December 22, 1956 Andalusia-December 31, 2009) also known as Carol Christy, Joanne McRay, Erica Bee, Amanda Margaret Gantt, Sue Gantt, The Ultimate Goddess of Erotica, Amanda Margaret Jensen or Mandy was an American pornographic film actor and actor. She had one child, davis jensen.

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Irène Tunc

Irène Tunc (September 25, 1935 Lille-January 16, 1972 Versailles) was a French actor and model.

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Nicole Stéphane

Nicole Stéphane (May 27, 1923 Paris-March 13, 2007 Paris) also known as Nicole de Rothschild, Baroness Nicole de Rothschild or Nicole Stephane was a French actor, film producer and film director.

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Sammi Kane Kraft

Sammi Kane Kraft (April 2, 1992 Livingston-October 9, 2012 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Sammi Kraft was an American actor.

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Vida Hope

Vida Hope (December 16, 1918 Liverpool-December 23, 1963 Chelmsford) was an English actor.

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Marguerite Clayton

Marguerite Clayton (April 12, 1891 Ogden-December 20, 1968 Los Angeles) also known as Margaret Fitzgerald was an American actor.

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Marina Golub

Marina Golub (December 8, 1957 Moscow-October 9, 2012 Moscow) also known as Marina Grigoryevna Golub, Marina G. Golub, M. Golub or Marina Grigorievna Golub was a Russian actor and presenter. Her child is called Anastasia Golub.

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Kiwako Taichi

Kiwako Taichi (December 2, 1943 Nakano, Tokyo-October 13, 1992 Itō) a.k.a. Taeko Shimura, 太地 喜和子 or Taichi Kiwako was a Japanese actor.

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Carmen Boni

Carmen Boni (April 8, 1901 Rome-November 19, 1963 Paris) otherwise known as Maria Carmela Bonicatti, Carmela Bonicatti or Carmen Boni Genina was an Italian actor.

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Joan Valerie

Joan Valerie (July 15, 1911 Rhinelander-January 30, 1983 Long Beach) also known as Helen Vlahikis, Helen Hughes or Helen Valkis was an American actor.

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Teala Loring

Teala Loring (October 6, 1922 Denver-January 28, 2007 Spring) also known as Judith Gibson, Marcia Eloise Griffin Pickler or Marcia Eloise Griffin was an American actor.

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Pascale Audret

Pascale Audret (October 12, 1936 Neuilly-sur-Seine-July 17, 2000 Brive-la-Gaillarde) also known as Pascale Aufrey or Pascale Aiguionne Louise Jacqueline Marie Auffray was a French actor. She had one child, Julie Dreyfus.

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Fanny Gjörup

Fanny Gjörup (October 16, 1961 Örnäset-April 15, 2001 Rutvik) also known as Fanny Louise Gjörup was a Swedish actor.

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Valérie Quennessen

Valérie Quennessen (December 3, 1957 Boulogne-Billancourt-March 19, 1989 Saint-Ouen-des-Champs) also known as Valérie Madeleine Michelle Françoise Drodelot-Quennessen or Valerie Quennessen was a French actor.

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Junie Astor

Junie Astor (December 11, 1911 Marseille-August 22, 1967 Sainte-Magnance) also known as Rolande Jeanne Risterucci was a French actor.

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Little T

Little T (October 31, 1974 Copenhagen-June 24, 2007 Spanish Town) also known as Natasja, Natasja Saad, Dou T' or Li'l T was a Danish singer, actor and rapper.

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Paola Mori

Paola Mori (September 18, 1928 Italy-August 12, 1986 Las Vegas) a.k.a. Paola di Girifalco, Contessa di Girifalco, Paola di Girifalco or Countess Paola Di Girifalco was an Italian actor. She had one child, Beatrice Welles.

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Nike Ardilla

Nike Ardilla (December 27, 1975 Bandung-March 19, 1995 Bandung) a.k.a. Raden Nike Ratnadilla was an Indonesian musician, actor and supermodel.

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Susan Kingsley

Susan Kingsley (March 1, 1946 Middlesboro-February 6, 1984 Commerce) was an American actor.

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Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan (June 8, 1921 Topeka-November 4, 1975 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Katherine Elizabeth McLaughlin, Betty McLaughlin or Betty McLauglin was an American actor. Her child is called Kerry Buttram-Galgano.

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Peggy Moran

Peggy Moran (October 23, 1918 Clinton-October 24, 2002 Camarillo) also known as Mary Jeanette Moran or Peggy was an American actor. Her children are called Nicolas Koster and Peter Koster.

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Marguerita Sylva

Marguerita Sylva (July 10, 1875 Brussels-February 21, 1957 Glendale) also known as Marguerite Alice Hélène Smith, Margaret Sylva or Marguerite Sylva was a Belgian actor.

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Tilda Thamar

Tilda Thamar (December 7, 1921 Urdinarrain-April 12, 1989 Clermont-en-Argonne) also known as Matilde Sofía Margarita Abrecht or Matilde Sofia Margarita Abrecht was an Argentine actor, artist, visual artist, film director and screenwriter.

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Lisa Lopes

Lisa Lopes (May 27, 1971 Philadelphia-April 25, 2002 La Ceiba) a.k.a. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Left Eye, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Lopes, Lisa "Left Eye", Lisa Nicole Lopes, L. Lopez, N.I.N.A. or N.I.N.A was an American singer, songwriter, actor, singer-songwriter, musician, rapper and dancer. She had two children, Snow Lopes and Jamal Lopes.

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Ena Begović

Ena Begović (June 16, 1960 Split-August 15, 2000 Brač) otherwise known as Ena Begovic was a Croatian actor. She had one child, Lana Radeljak.

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