Famous musicians born in the year 1961

Here are 50 famous musicians from the world were born in 1961:

Amr Diab

Amr Diab (October 11, 1961 Port Said-) also known as Amro Diab or Amr Abdel Basset Abdel Azeez Diab is an Egyptian singer, composer and actor. He has four children, Nour Diab, Abdallah Diab, Kinzy Diab and Jana Diab.

Discography: Zekrayat, Habiby, Amarain, Kammel Kalamak, The Best of Amr Diab, Aktar Wahed, The Very Best of Amr Diab, Hala Hala, El Leila De and Leily Nahary. Genres he performed: Arabesque, Pop music, Arabic music, Rhythm and blues, Dance music, Latin pop and Arabic pop music.

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Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins (February 13, 1961 Washington, D.C.-) also known as Henry Garfield, Henry Lawrence Garfield, Henrietta Collins, Black Flag, Hank or Rollins is an American writer, actor, screenwriter, musician, journalist, presenter, singer, radio personality, comedian, voice actor, film score composer, television producer, publisher and activist.

Discography: Hot Animal Machine... Plus, Eric The Pilot, Get in the Van, Talk Is Cheap, Volume 1, Talk Is Cheap, Volume 2, A Rollins in the Wry, Big Ugly Mouth, Human Butt, Live at McCabe's and Sweatbox. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Spoken word, Hardcore punk, Heavy metal, Punk rock, Noise rock and Alternative metal.

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Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy (April 3, 1961 Brooklyn-) a.k.a. Murph, Fred Braughton, エディ・マーフィー, Edward 'Eddie' Regan Murphy, Edward Regan "Eddie" Murphy, Edward Regan Murphy, Ed Murphy or Ed is an American actor, singer, musician, television producer, screenwriter, voice actor, film producer, film director, stand-up comedian and comedian. He has eight children, Christian Murphy, Bria Murphy, Miles Mitchell Murphy, Shayne Audra Murphy, Zola Ivy Murphy, Bella Zahra Murphy, Angel Iris Murphy Brown and Eric Murphy.

His discography includes: Comedian, How Could It Be, Love's Alright, All I Fuckin' Know, Greatest Comedy Hits, So Happy, Party All the Time, I Was a King, Whatzupwitu and Eddie Murphy. His related genres: Synthpop, Pop music, Soul music and Rhythm and blues.

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Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine (September 13, 1961 La Mesa-) otherwise known as David Scott Mustaine, Megadave, dave_mustaine, Mustaine, Dangerous Dave, David Mustaine or Mustaine Dave is an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor, record producer, singer-songwriter, author, guitarist and talent manager. He has two children, Electra Nicole Mustaine and Justis David Mustaine.

Genres: Heavy metal, Speed metal, Thrash metal, Hard rock, Punk rock, Progressive metal and Christian metal.

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Manu Chao

Manu Chao (June 21, 1961 Paris-) otherwise known as José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao, Oscar Tramor, José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao Ortega or José Manuel Arturo Tomás Chao is a French singer, musician, record producer, film score composer, singer-songwriter, guitarist and actor.

Discography: Clandestino, Próxima Estación: Esperanza, Live in Genova 2001, Me Gustas Tu, Mister Bobby, Radio Bemba Sound System, Sibérie m'était contéee, Sibérie m'était contéee, Millenium Hits and The Best Of. Genres: Reggae, World music, Punk rock, Latin American music, Jazz, Ska, Rock music, Alternative rock, Salsa music and Latin alternative.

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Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge (May 29, 1961 Leavenworth-) also known as Etheridge Melissa, Melissa Etherige, Melissa Lou Etheridge, Lucky or Missy Lou is an American musician, singer-songwriter, social activist, actor and film score composer. She has four children, Johnnie Rose Etheridge, Miller Steven Etheridge, Bailey Jean Cypher and Beckett Cypher.

Her albums include Melissa Etheridge, Brave and Crazy, Never Enough, Ain't It Heavy, Yes I Am, Your Little Secret, Nowhere to Go, Breakdown, Lucky and Greatest Hits - The Road I Traveled. Genres she performed: Rock music, Blues rock, Folk rock and Heartland rock.

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Jimmy Somerville

Jimmy Somerville (June 22, 1961 Glasgow-) also known as Jimmy Sommerville, Somerville, Jimmy, James William Somerville, Bronski Beat, The Communards or Bronski Beat and Marc Almond is a British singer, songwriter and actor.

His most important albums: Dark Sky, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Dare to Love, Read My Lips, Why, You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Something to Live For, Home Again, The Singles Collection 1984-1990 and The Very Best of Jimmy Somerville, Bronski Beat and The Communards. Genres he performed: Synthpop, Pop music, Hi-NRG, New Wave and Dance music.

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Marcus Giamatti

Marcus Giamatti (October 3, 1961 New Haven-) otherwise known as Marcus Bartlett Giamatti is an American actor, musician, session musician and bassist. His children are Ophelia Rosalee Giamatti and Floralina Delilah Giamatti.

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Kim Deal

Kim Deal (June 10, 1961 Dayton-) otherwise known as Mrs. John Murphy, Deal, Kim or Kimberley Ann Deal is an American singer, musician, bassist and songwriter.

Related albums: Walking with a Killer, Hot Shot, Are You Mine?, Wish I Was, Range on Castle, Likkle More, Beautiful Moon, The Root, Dirty Hessians and Biker Gone. Her related genres: Alternative rock and Rock music.

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Carlos Vives

Carlos Vives (August 7, 1961 Santa Marta-) a.k.a. Vives, Carlos or Carlos Alberto Vives Restrepo is a Colombian singer, actor, composer, music artist, musician and songwriter. He has one child, Lucy Vives.

His discography includes: Clásicos de la Provincia, Déjame Entrar, El Amor de Mi Tierra, El Rock de Mi Pueblo, La Tierra del Olvido, Lo Mejor de Carlos Vives, Romántico, Canta Los Clasicos Del Vallenato, Escalona: Vol. 2 and Tengo Fe. Genres he performed include Vallenato, Rock music, Latin pop, Bambuco, Cumbia, Porro, Dance-pop and Champeta.

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Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus (August 25, 1961 Flatwoods-) also known as Billy Ray Cirus, William Ray Cyrus, Billy Cyrus, billy_ray_cyrus or Cyrus, Billy Ray is an American actor, singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician, television producer and philanthropist. His children are called Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, Christopher Cody Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Trace Cyrus and Brandi Glenn Cyrus.

His albums include Wanna Be Your Joe, Achy Breaky Heart, Some Gave All, The Best of Billy Ray Cyrus: Cover to Cover, These Boots Are Made for Walkin', Home at Last, The Other Side, Storm in the Heartland, Southern Rain and Shot Full of Love. Genres he performed include Country, Country pop, Alternative rock, Country blues and Country rock.

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Leif Garrett

Leif Garrett (November 8, 1961 Hollywood-) otherwise known as Leif Per Nervik, Leif Garret or Lief Garrett is an American singer, actor and presenter.

His albums include The Leif Garrett Collection, I Was Made for Dancin', Leif Garrett and Feel the Need. Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music, Pop rock, Disco, Hard rock, Alternative rock and Power pop.

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Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet (June 18, 1961 Billericay-) otherwise known as Moyet, Alison, Alyson Moyet, Genevieve Alison Moyet, Genevieve Alison Jean Moyet, Geneviève Alison Jane Moyet or Alf is a British singer, singer-songwriter, performer and musician.

Her albums include Alf, That Ole Devil Called Love, Raindancing, Hoodoo, Essex, Singles, Singles, The Essential Alison Moyet, Should I Feel That It's Over and Hometime. Genres related to her: Pop music, Rock music, Blues, Synthpop, New Wave, Pop rock and Rhythm and blues.

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Doug Hopkins

Doug Hopkins (April 11, 1961 Arizona-December 5, 1993 Tempe) also known as Hopkins, Doug or Douglas Hopkins was an American songwriter and guitarist.

Genres: Pop rock and Alternative rock.

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Vince Neil

Vince Neil (February 8, 1961 Hollywood-) a.k.a. Vincent Neil Wharton or Vinnie is an American singer, musician, songwriter and film score composer. His children are called Neil Jason Wharton, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and Skylar Lynnae Neil.

His albums include Carved in Stone, Can't Change Me, Exposed, Sister of Pain, You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come), Live at the Whisky: One Night Only and Tattoos & Tequila. Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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KK Null

KK Null (September 13, 1961 Tokyo-) a.k.a. Kazuyuki Kishino, 岸野一之, Kazuyuki K. Null, K.K.Null or KK. Null is a Japanese singer.

Discography: Atomik Disorder, Kosmik Engine, Discoteca Plasma, Terminal Beach, ERG per GALAXY, 0.0004, Anima Motrix, Fertile, Gamma Ray Burster and GeV. Genres he performed include Noise music and Noise rock.

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Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo (April 11, 1961 Buffalo-) a.k.a. Vinnie Gallo, V. Gallo, Prince Vince, Enzo Gallo, Vinnie or Vincent Vito Gallo, Jr. is an American film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer, film editor, film score composer, musician, singer, songwriter, model, painter, real estate entrepreneur and voice actor.

His albums: So Sad, Honey Bunny, Recordings of Music for Film, When, Buffalo 66 and The Way It Is.

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Koji Kondo

Koji Kondo (August 13, 1961 Nagoya-) also known as 近藤浩治, こんどうこうじ, Konji Kondo, Kondou Kouji, Zelda, Nintendo - Zelda, こんどう こうじ, 近藤 浩治 or Kondo, Koji is a Japanese musician and composer.

His albums include Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3: Hop! Step! Jump!, Super Mario World, Legend Of Zelda: Sound & Drama, Star Fox 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Re-Arranged Album, Majora's Mask Orchestrations, Nintendo Sound History Series: Zelda the Music, Famicom Sound History Series: Mario the Music and Super Mario 64.

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Dennis Danell

Dennis Danell (June 24, 1961-February 29, 2000) also known as Danell, Dennis or Dennis Eric Danell was an American guitarist, musician and bassist.

His related genres: Punk rock, Alternative rock, Cowpunk and Punk blues.

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Tom Araya

Tom Araya (June 6, 1961 Viña del Mar-) a.k.a. Araya, Tom, Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz, Tomás Enrique "Tom" Araya Díaz, Tomas Araya, Slayer or Tomás Enrique Araya is an American singer, musician, bassist, songwriter and actor. He has two children, Ariel Asa Araya and Tomas Enrique Araya Jr..

Genres he performed include Thrash metal, Heavy metal and Speed metal.

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Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston (January 22, 1961 Sacramento-) a.k.a. Daniel Dale Johnston is an American musician, singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, author, actor, artist, film score composer, visual artist and music artist.

His albums include The What of Whom, Retired Boxer, Continued Story / Hi, How Are You, The Lost Recordings II, The Lost Recordings, Live at SXSW, Laurie, Dream Scream, Frankenstein Love and Why Me?. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Folk rock, Outsider music, Lo-fi music, Reggaeton and Anti-folk.

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Andy Lau

Andy Lau (September 27, 1961 Tai Po-) also known as Lau Fok Wing, Tak-wah Lau, Dehua Liu, Andy T.W. Lau, Wah Jai, Lau Wah, Wah Zai, Ngau Wah, Andy Lau Tak-Wah MH, JP, Hui Guo, Andy Lau Tak-wah, Andy Lau (I), Andy Lau Tak-wah MH, Andy Lau Tak-wah JP, Tak Wa Lau, Andy LAU Tak Wah, Liu De Hua or Lau Tak-wah is a Hongkongese singer, actor, film producer, presenter, songwriter and voice actor. He has one child, Hanna Lau.

His albums: Proud of You Concert, You Are My Woman, The Best of Andy Lau, Dang Wo Yu Shang Ni (disc 2), Coffee or Tea, Daybreak, Everyone Is No. 1, All About Love, 1993 - 1998 Mandarin Collections and Miracle World.

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Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson (October 10, 1961 Rockford-) also known as Jodi Marzorati, Aquagirl, Jodi Marie Benson or Jodi Marie Marzorati is an American singer, actor and voice actor. She has two children, McKinley Benson and Delaney Benson.

Her most important albums: The Little Mermaid: Songs from the Sea.

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Michalis Rakintzis

Michalis Rakintzis (April 3, 1961 Athens-) a.k.a. Μιχάλης Ρακιντζής or Rakintzis, Michalis is a Greek singer.

His discography includes: , , Σ' ένα κατάστρωμα, , , Trancemix, , Na isse eki, Bar Code and Δικαίωμα για μια + μια. Genres he performed include Classic rock, New Wave and Alternative rock.

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Chad Smith

Chad Smith (October 25, 1961 Saint Paul-) also known as Smith, Chad or Chadwick Gaylord Smith is an American drummer and musician. His children are called Manon St. John Smith, Ava Smith, Justin Smith and Cole Smith.

His albums include More Meat. Genres: Alternative rock, Funk rock, Rock music, Heavy metal, Hard rock, Punk rock, Punk jazz, Jazz-funk, Experimental rock and Funk metal.

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Dean DeLeo

Dean DeLeo (August 23, 1961 Newark-) a.k.a. DeLeo, Dean is an American guitarist and musician.

His related genres: Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, Rock music, Grunge and Hard rock.

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Cui Jian

Cui Jian (August 2, 1961 Beijing-) also known as 崔健, Cui, Jian or Jian Cui is a Chinese singer, actor, film score composer, musician, songwriter, trumpeter and guitarist.

Related albums: Balls Under the Red Flag, 1986-1996, 给你一点颜色, 一無所有, Chinese Rock: The Beginning 1986-1998, Show You Colour, Solution, Return of the Prodigal, The Power of the Powerless and Rock 'n' Roll on the New Long March.

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Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard (April 12, 1961 Melbourne-) is an Australian singer, composer, musician and film score composer.

Her albums: The Mirror Pool, Whale Rider, The Silver Tree, Lisa Gerrard, Farscape, Beautiful Voices 020 (Lisa Gerrard Special Edition), The Black Opal, Balibo, Come Quietly and Immortal Memory. Genres she performed: Ambient music, Gothic rock, Ethereal wave, New Age, Neoclassical Dark Wave, Film score and New-age music.

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Chris Abrahams

Chris Abrahams (April 9, 1961 Oamaru-) a.k.a. Abrahams, Chris or Christopher Robert Lionel Abrahams is a New Zealand pianist and film score composer.

His discography includes: Glow, Thrown, Play Scar, The Tender Hook, Oceanic Feeling-Like, Welcome to Violet, Jerusalem Bay, Coal, Blood Oranges and Resisting Calm.

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Marc-André Hamelin

Marc-André Hamelin (September 5, 1961 Montreal-) a.k.a. Marc-Andre Hamelin, Hamelin, Marc-André or Marc-André Hamelin, OC, CQ is a Canadian pianist, composer and virtuoso.

His albums include Piano Music, Marc-André Hamelin Live at Wigmore Hall, Reger: Bach & Telemann Variations, 5 Humoresques Op 20, Marc-André Hamelin in a State of Jazz, Études, The Complete Studies on Chopin's Études, Piano Concertos 1 & 2, Iberia, The Complete Mazurkas and Symphony for Solo Piano / Trois morceaux dans le genre pathétique (piano: Marc-André Hamelin). Genres he performed: Romantic music, 20th-century classical music and Classical music.

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Mylène Farmer

Mylène Farmer (September 12, 1961 Pierrefonds, Quebec-) also known as Mylene Farmer, Mylhne Farmer, Mylène Jeanne Gautier, Mylène Gautier or Farmer, Mylène is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, record producer and writer.

Her albums: Cendres de lune, Ainsi soit je..., En concert, Anamorphosée, Live à Bercy, Innamoramento, Les Mots, Avant que l'ombre..., Peut-être toi and California. Genres: Pop music, Electronica, Rock music, Electronic dance music, Dance music, New Wave, Electronic music and Synthpop.

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Tak Matsumoto

Tak Matsumoto (March 27, 1961 Toyonaka-) also known as Takahiro Matsumoto, Matsumoto Takahiro, Matsumoto, Takahiro or B'z is a Japanese guitarist, musician, record producer, music arranger and songwriter.

His albums include Hana, House of Strings, KNOCKIN’ “T” AROUND, THE HIT PARADE, Thousand Wave, 西辺来龍 DRAGON FROM THE WEST, Ultraman Original Soundtrack, Wanna Go Home, Take Your Pick and . Genres he performed include Hard rock, Heavy metal, J-pop, Instrumental rock, Blues rock, Rock music, Pop music, Pop rock and Jazz fusion.

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Buddy Jewell

Buddy Jewell (April 2, 1961 Lepanto-) also known as Buddy Jewll, Jewell, Buddy or Buddy Jewell Jr. is an American singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Tales of the New West, One in a Row, Nashville Star, Far Enough Away, Times Like These and Buddy Jewell. Genres he performed include Country.

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Wayne Coyne

Wayne Coyne (January 13, 1961 Pittsburgh-) a.k.a. Coyne, Wayne, Wayne M. Coyne, Coynie, Wayne Michael Coyne, The Flaming Lips or The Fearless Freaks is an American singer, musician, songwriter, film director, actor and singer-songwriter.

His albums: The Perfect Life. His related genres: Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, Experimental music and Neo-psychedelia.

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Annette Daniels

Annette Daniels (September 10, 1961-April 1, 2004) was an American singer.

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Gary Cherone

Gary Cherone (July 26, 1961 Malden-) a.k.a. Cherone, Gary or Gary Francis Caine Cherone is an American singer, singer-songwriter and musician.

His albums: Need I Say More. Genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Rock music, Industrial rock, Glam metal, Funk rock, Funk metal and Christian music.

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David Catching

David Catching (June 7, 1961 Memphis-) also known as Dave Catching or Catching, Dave is an American songwriter, record producer, musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed include Hard rock, Stoner rock, Blues rock, Desert rock, Garage rock and Post-punk revival.

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Marc Riley

Marc Riley (July 10, 1961 Manchester-) also known as Riley, Marc is a British singer and guitarist.

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Clive Nolan

Clive Nolan (June 30, 1961 United Kingdom-) also known as Nolan, Clive is a British musician, record producer, songwriter and singer.

His albums: Skeletons in the Cupboard, Volume 1, Conflicts, Jabberwocky and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Genres he performed: Progressive rock.

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Sara Dallin

Sara Dallin (December 17, 1961 Bristol-) also known as Sarah Elizabeth Dallin or Dallin, Sarah Elizabeth is a British singer, musician and bassist.

Genres: Pop music and New Wave.

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Daniel James Wolf

Daniel James Wolf (September 13, 1961 Upland-) is an American , .

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Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (September 6, 1961 Oslo-) also known as Pal Waaktaar, Waaktaar-Savoy, Paul, P. Waaktaar-Savoy or Pål Waaktaar Gamst is a Norwegian singer, guitarist, songwriter and musician. His child is True August Waaktaar-Savoy.

Genres he performed: Pop music, Synthpop, Alternative rock and New Wave.

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Gillian Gilbert

Gillian Gilbert (January 27, 1961 Whalley Range, Manchester-) also known as Gilbert, Gillian, Gillian Lesley Gilbert, Lesley Gilbert, New Order or The Other Two is a British singer, keyboard player, musician, film score composer and guitarist. Her children are called Grace Morris and Tilly Morris.

Genres: Synthpop, Alternative rock, New Wave, Post-punk, Alternative dance and Electronica.

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Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald (May 16, 1961 Montreal-) also known as Kevin MacDonald, Kevin Hamilton McDonald or The Kids in the Hall is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, comedian and voice actor.

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Pete de Freitas

Pete de Freitas (August 2, 1961 Port of Spain-June 14, 1989 Longdon, Staffordshire) was a Trinidadian drummer.

Genres: Alternative rock and Post-punk.

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Amy Denio

Amy Denio (June 9, 1961 Seattle-) also known as Denio, Amy is an American musician and composer.

Her albums include Birthing Chair Blues, Tongues, Nocturnis (Bach Cello Suite No. 1), Tattoo, Tasogare, and The Gospel Record (Reference Edition). Genres: Avant-garde jazz, Experimental rock and Free improvisation.

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David Lovering

David Lovering (December 6, 1961 Burlington-) also known as Lovering, Dave or The Scientific Phenomenalist is an American drummer.

Genres: Alternative rock.

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Kōichi Yamadera

Kōichi Yamadera (June 17, 1961 Shiogama-) a.k.a. Yamadera Kouichi, Kohichi Yamadera, Kouichi Yamadera, Yamadera Kōichi, Bazooka Yamadera, The Man Who Has the Voice of Seven Colors, Kōichi Yamadera, Yama-chan, Kôichi Yamadera, Bazūka Yamadera or Koichi Yamadera is a Japanese actor, voice actor, impressionist, tarento, presenter and voice acting in japan.

His albums include .

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Jonathan Melvoin

Jonathan Melvoin (December 6, 1961 Los Angeles-July 12, 1996 New York City) a.k.a. Jon Melvoin or Jonathan David Melvoin was an American musician and keyboard player.

Genres: Alternative rock and Pop music.

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Michie Tomizawa

Michie Tomizawa (October 20, 1961 Maruko-) also known as Michie Ito or Ito Michie is a Japanese voice actor and actor.

Her albums: Sailor Mars, Sailor Stars Merry Christmas, , , , , , and Kore ga REVIEW.

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