Famous musicians died when they were 27

Here are 4 famous musicians from the world died at 27:

Jules Laforgue

Jules Laforgue (August 16, 1860 Montevideo-August 20, 1887 Paris) was a French writer.

He died in tuberculosis.

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John Aidan Liddell

John Aidan Liddell (August 3, 1888 Newcastle upon Tyne-August 31, 1915 De Panne) was a British soldier.

He died as a result of died of wounds.

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Soledad Miranda

Soledad Miranda (July 9, 1943 Seville-August 18, 1970 Lisbon) a.k.a. Susann Korda, Susan Korda, Susan Korday, Soledad Rendón Bueno or Sole was a Spanish actor and singer. Her child is called Antonio Simões.

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Sarah Aaronsohn

Sarah Aaronsohn (January 5, 1890 Zikhron Ya'akov-October 9, 1917 Zikhron Ya'akov) also known as heroine of Nili was an Ottoman spy.

She died caused by suicide.

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