Famous musicians died when they were 30

Here are 4 famous musicians from the world died at 30:

Paul Dana

Paul Dana (April 15, 1975 St. Louis-March 26, 2006 Miami) was an American race car driver.

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Volodymyr Ivasyuk

Volodymyr Ivasyuk (March 4, 1949 Kitsman-May 18, 1979 Lviv) also known as Володи́мир Миха́йлович Івасю́к, Volodymyr Mykhailovych Ivasyuk, Volodymyr Ivasjuk or Volodymyr Ivasiuk was an Ukrainian poet and composer.

He died caused by assassination.

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Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming (October 5, 1609 Hartenstein-April 1, 1640 Hamburg) also known as Fleming, Paul was a German physician and poet.

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Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc (March 17, 1772 Pontoise-December 2, 1802 Tortuga) was a French personality. He had one child, Dermide Leclerc.

He died in infectious disease.

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