Famous musicians died when they were 48

Here are 11 famous musicians from the world died at 48:

Pierre Laclède

Pierre Laclède (November 22, 1729 Bedous-June 20, 1778 Arkansas River) otherwise known as Pierre Laclede was a French personality.

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Maria Restituta

Maria Restituta (May 1, 1894 Brno-March 30, 1943 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Thomas Davenport

Thomas Davenport (July 9, 1802 Williamstown-July 6, 1851 Salisbury) was an American inventor and blacksmith.

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Lewis Burwell Puller, Jr.

Lewis Burwell Puller, Jr. (August 18, 1945-May 11, 1994) also known as Lewis Burwell Puller was an American military officer.

He died in suicide.

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Brian Daley

Brian Daley (December 22, 1947 United States of America-February 11, 1996 Maryland) a.k.a. Brian Charles Daley or Jack McKinney was an American novelist and writer.

He died in pancreatic cancer.

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Mike Todd

Mike Todd (June 22, 1909 Minneapolis-March 22, 1958 Grants) a.k.a. Michael Todd, Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen, Toat or Michael "Mike" Todd was an American businessperson, film producer and theatrical producer. He had two children, Mike Todd, Jr. and Liza Todd Burton.

He died in aviation accident or incident.

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William Shenstone

William Shenstone (November 18, 1714 Halesowen-February 11, 1763 Halesowen) was an English personality.

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Robert III, Count of Dreux

Robert III, Count of Dreux (April 5, 1185-March 3, 1234) was a French personality. He had two children, Yolande of Dreux, Duchess of Burgundy and John I, Count of Dreux.

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Johann Rudolf Wyss

Johann Rudolf Wyss (March 4, 1782 Bern-March 21, 1830 Bern) was a Swiss writer.

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Georges Lacombe

Georges Lacombe (June 18, 1868-June 29, 1916) was a French personality.

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Ferenc Kölcsey

Ferenc Kölcsey (August 8, 1790 Săuca-August 24, 1838 Szatmárcseke) a.k.a. Ferenc Kolcsey was a politician.

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