Famous musicians died when they were 50

Here are 9 famous musicians from the world died at 50:

Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter

Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter (September 3, 1746 Gotha-March 18, 1797) was a German personality. He had one child, Pauline Gotter.

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John Drainie

John Drainie (April 1, 1916 Vancouver-October 30, 1966 Toronto) also known as John Robert Roy Drainie was a Canadian actor and presenter. His child is called Bronwyn Drainie.

He died caused by cancer.

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The French Angel

The French Angel (October 23, 1903 Ural Mountains-August 4, 1954 France) was an American wrestler.

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Johannes Winkler

Johannes Winkler (May 29, 1897 Pokój, Opole Voivodeship-December 27, 1947 Braunschweig) was a German engineer.

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George FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Northumberland

George FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Northumberland (December 28, 1665-June 28, 1716) was a British personality.

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Stepan Bandera

Stepan Bandera (January 1, 1909 Staryi Uhryniv-October 15, 1959 Munich) was a politician. His children are called Natalya Stepanivna Bandera, Andriy Stepanovych Bandera and Lesya Stepanivna Bandera.

He died caused by poisoning.

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Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini

Joseph Gerhard Zuccarini (August 10, 1797 Munich-February 18, 1848 Munich) was a German botanist.

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Alcide Nunez

Alcide Nunez (March 17, 1884 St. Bernard Parish-September 2, 1934 New Orleans) was an American clarinetist.

His related genres: Jazz.

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Saneeya Hussain

Saneeya Hussain (August 13, 1954-April 20, 2005) was a Pakistani journalist and environmentalist.

She died in asthma.

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