Famous musicians died when they were 57

Here are 14 famous musicians from the world died at 57:

Gerald Burton Winrod

Gerald Burton Winrod (March 7, 1900 Wichita-November 11, 1957 Wichita) also known as Gerald Winrod was an American author and evangelist. He had one child, Gordon Winrod.

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Matsudaira Katamori

Matsudaira Katamori (February 15, 1836 Edo-December 5, 1893) was a Japanese daimyo and samurai. His children are called Matsudaira Tsuneo, Matsudaira Kataharu and Matsudaira Morio.

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Emlyn Hughes

Emlyn Hughes (August 28, 1947 Barrow-in-Furness-November 9, 2004 Sheffield) a.k.a. Emlyn Walter Hughes was an English personality.

He died caused by brain tumor.

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Jo Cals

Jo Cals (July 18, 1914 Roermond-December 30, 1971 The Hague) was a Dutch lawyer, politician, teacher, jurist and civil servant.

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Susan Stebbing

Susan Stebbing (December 2, 1885 United Kingdom-September 11, 1943) was a British philosopher.

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Johnny Tyldesley

Johnny Tyldesley (November 22, 1873 England-November 27, 1930 Monton) was an English personality.

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Henry Molleston

Henry Molleston (January 1, 1762 Kent County-November 11, 1819 Dover) was an American physician.

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Stefan Bryła

Stefan Bryła (August 17, 1886 Kraków-December 3, 1943 Warsaw) was a Polish engineer and civil engineer.

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Eduard Buchner

Eduard Buchner (May 20, 1860 Munich-August 13, 1917 Munich) was a German chemist.

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Henry Darwin Rogers

Henry Darwin Rogers (August 1, 1808 Philadelphia-May 26, 1866 Glasgow) was an American geologist.

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George Montague Harper

George Montague Harper (January 11, 1865 Batheaston-December 15, 1922 Sherborne) was a British engineer.

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Georg Herwegh

Georg Herwegh (May 31, 1817 Stuttgart-April 7, 1875) was a German personality.

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Karl Buresch

Karl Buresch (October 12, 1878 Groß-Enzersdorf-September 16, 1936 Vienna) was an Austrian lawyer.

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Martha Beall Mitchell

Martha Beall Mitchell (September 2, 1918 Pine Bluff-May 31, 1976) also known as Martha Mitchell, Martha Beall or the Mouth of the South was an American personality. She had two children, Martha Elizabeth Mitchell and Clyde Jay Jennings.

She died caused by cancer.

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