Famous musicians died when they were 62

Here are 14 famous musicians from the world died at 62:

Nikolay Chkheidze

Nikolay Chkheidze (April 5, 1864 Kutaisi Governorate-June 13, 1926 Leuville-sur-Orge) also known as Nikoloz Chkheidze, Nikolay Semyonovich Chkheidze, Karlo Chkheidze or Nicolas Cheidze was a Georgian politician.

He died caused by suicide.

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Albert Tyler

Albert Tyler (June 26, 1906 Brooklyn-November 9, 1968) was an American personality.

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Christen Andreas Fonnesbech

Christen Andreas Fonnesbech (July 7, 1817 Copenhagen-May 17, 1880 Copenhagen) was a Danish politician.

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Alfonso X of Castile

Alfonso X of Castile (November 23, 1221 Toledo-April 4, 1284 Seville) otherwise known as Alfonso el Sabio, Alfonso X el Sabio, Alphonse le Sage, Alfonso X, Alphonso X El Sabio, the Wise, the Astrologer, Alphonse X or Alfons X was a Spanish writer, legislator and astrologer. He had 14 children, Beatrice of Castile, Sancho IV of Castile, Ferdinand de la Cerda, John of Castile, Lord of Valencia de Campos, Berengaria of Castile, Lady of Guadalajara, Eleanor of Castile, Constance of Castile, Peter of Castile, Lord of Ledesma, Violant of Castile, James of Castile, Lord of Cameros, Isabella of Castile, Beatrice of Castile, Marchioness of Montferrat, Alfonso Fernández de Castilla and Berenguela Alfonso of Castile.

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Ludwig Boltzmann

Ludwig Boltzmann (February 20, 1844 Vienna-September 5, 1906 Duino) a.k.a. Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann was an Austrian physicist, scientist and mathematician.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Charles O'Connor

Charles O'Connor (October 26, 1878 United States of America-November 15, 1940 Denver) was an American politician.

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Martin Luther

Martin Luther (November 10, 1483 Eisleben-February 18, 1546 Eisleben) was a Roman writer, physician, priest, monk, professor and theologian. His children are called Paul Luther, Elisabeth Luther, Magdalena Luther, Hans Luther, Martin Luther and Margarethe Luther.

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Hannibal Kimball

Hannibal Kimball (May 16, 1832 Oxford County-April 28, 1895) was an American businessperson.

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Hugh Nelson

Hugh Nelson (May 25, 1830 Larne-March 3, 1893 London) was a Canadian personality.

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Pope Alexander IV

Pope Alexander IV (April 5, 1199 Jenne-May 25, 1261 Viterbo) also known as inaldo di Jenne was an Italian personality.

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Jack Webb

Jack Webb (April 2, 1920 Santa Monica-December 22, 1982 West Hollywood) also known as John Randolph Webb, John Randolph, John Randolph "Jack" Webb, Preston Wood or Webb, Jack was an American film director, actor, television producer, screenwriter, television director and film producer. He had two children, Stacy Webb and Lisa Webb.

His albums include Just the Tracks Ma'am.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Vasily Rozanov

Vasily Rozanov (May 2, 1856 Vetluga River-February 5, 1919 Sergiyev Posad) also known as Vasily Vasilievich Rozanov or V. V. Rozanov was a Russian philosopher.

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Selden P. Spencer

Selden P. Spencer (September 16, 1862 Erie-May 16, 1925 Washington, D.C.) otherwise known as Selden Spencer was an American personality.

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Jim Fraser

Jim Fraser (February 8, 1908 Derby-April 1, 1970 Canberra) was an Australian politician.

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