Famous musicians died when they were 68

Here are 19 famous musicians from the world died at 68:

Fox Odendaal

Fox Odendaal (April 5, 1898-April 5, 1966) was a South African politician.

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Andrew H. Burke

Andrew H. Burke (May 15, 1850 New York City-November 17, 1918 Roswell) also known as Andrew Burke was an American personality.

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Antonio Fogazzaro

Antonio Fogazzaro (March 25, 1842 Vicenza-March 7, 1911 Vicenza) was an Italian novelist and writer. He had three children, Gina Fogazzaro, Mariano Fogazzaro and Maria Fogazzaro.

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Philip La Follette

Philip La Follette (May 8, 1897 Madison-August 18, 1965 Madison) was an American lawyer.

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Allen M. Fletcher

Allen M. Fletcher (September 25, 1853 Indianapolis-May 11, 1922 Rutland City) a.k.a. Allen Miller Fletcher or Allen Fletcher was an American politician and businessperson.

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Harold Van Buren Magonigle

Harold Van Buren Magonigle (April 5, 1867 New Jersey-August 29, 1935) was an American architect.

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Charles Moore

Charles Moore (October 31, 1925 Benton Harbor-December 16, 1993 Austin) also known as Charles W. Moore or Charles Willard Moore was an American architect.

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Alfred Newman

Alfred Newman (March 17, 1901 New Haven-February 17, 1970 Hollywood) a.k.a. Pappy was an American conductor, film score composer, music arranger, composer and actor. His children are Thomas Newman, David Newman, Maria Newman and Tim Newman.

His albums include Airport, Captain From Castile - Symphonic Suite, The Greatest Story Ever Told, How the West Was Won, The Diary of Anne Frank, How Green Was My Valley, The Song of Bernadette, The Classic Film Music of Alfred Newman: The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Beau Geste / All About Eve, Captain From Castile-The Classic Film Scores of Alfred Newman and The Egyptian. Genres: Film score.

He died as a result of emphysema.

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David Roberts

David Roberts (October 24, 1796 Stockbridge, Edinburgh-November 25, 1864 London) was a Scottish personality.

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Robert J. Lurtsema

Robert J. Lurtsema (November 14, 1931 Cambridge-June 12, 2000) also known as Robert Lurtsema was an American personality.

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Charles Powlett, 3rd Duke of Bolton

Charles Powlett, 3rd Duke of Bolton (September 3, 1685-August 26, 1754) was a British personality.

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Harold Gibbons

Harold Gibbons (October 8, 1904-February 16, 1973) was an English personality.

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Alfred East

Alfred East (December 15, 1844 Kettering-September 28, 1913 London) was an English personality.

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Louis Hamman

Louis Hamman (December 20, 1877-April 28, 1946) a.k.a. Dr. Louis Hamman was an American physician.

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Roy Alexander Gano

Roy Alexander Gano (December 3, 1902 Pipestone-January 20, 1971 Falls Church) was an American personality.

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John Franklin Fort

John Franklin Fort (March 20, 1852 Pemberton-November 17, 1920 South Orange) also known as Judge John Franklin Fort was an American judge.

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Georg zu Münster

Georg zu Münster (February 17, 1776 Osnabrück-December 23, 1844 Bayreuth) was a German personality.

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Robert Grieve

Robert Grieve (June 19, 1889 Brighton-October 4, 1957 Melbourne) a.k.a. Robert Cuthbert Grieve was an Australian soldier.

He died in heart failure.

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Jöns Jacob Berzelius

Jöns Jacob Berzelius (August 20, 1779 Linköping-August 7, 1848 Stockholm) also known as Jöns Jakob Berzelius was a Swedish chemist.

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