Famous music stars died as a result of Accidental fall

Here are 6 famous musicians from the world died in Accidental fall:

Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny (January 6, 1947 Merton Park-April 21, 1978 Wimbledon) a.k.a. Alexandra Elene Maclean Denny was a British singer, singer-songwriter and actor. Her child is called Georgia Lucas.

Her most well known albums: The Best of Sandy Denny, 'Gold Dust': Live at the Royalty, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz, Listen, Listen: An Introduction to Sandy Denny, No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology, Sandy Denny and the Strawbs, The BBC Sessions 1971-73, Who Knows Where the Time Goes?, Sandy and It's Sandy Denny. Genres she performed include Folk rock, Folk music and Electric folk.

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John Balance

John Balance (February 16, 1962 Mansfield-November 13, 2004) a.k.a. Jhonn Balance, Jhon Balance or Balance, John was an English singer.

Genres he performed include Industrial music, Acid house, Ambient music, Electronic music, Noise music and Drone music.

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Tony Meehan

Tony Meehan (March 2, 1943 Hampstead-November 28, 2005 London) also known as Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan or Meehan, Tony was an English drummer.

His albums include Diamonds and Diamonds and Other Gems.

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Hilton Ruiz

Hilton Ruiz (May 29, 1952 New York City-June 6, 2006 New Orleans) also known as Ruiz, Hilton was an American jazz pianist and pianist.

Discography: A New York Story, Heroes, Hands on Percussion, Excitation and .

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Cass Daley

Cass Daley (July 17, 1915 Philadelphia-March 22, 1975 Hollywood) also known as Catherine Dailey was an American actor. Her child is Dale Kinsella.

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Peter Steiner

Peter Steiner (January 22, 1917-November 12, 2007 Walenstadt) also known as P. "Cool Man" Steiner was a Swiss , .

His albums include Geierwally and It's Cool Man.

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