Famous music stars died as a result of Internal bleeding

Here are 2 famous musicians from the world died in Internal bleeding:

Gustaf Gründgens

Gustaf Gründgens (December 22, 1899 Düsseldorf-October 7, 1963 Manila) also known as Gustaf Grundgens, Gustave Grundgens, Gustav Heinrich Arnold Gründgens, Gustav Gründgens or Gustav Grundgens was a German film director, actor, film producer, theatre director and intendant. His child is called Peter Gorski.

Discography: Johann W. Goethe Faust 1 (disc 1).

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Shiho Niiyama

Shiho Niiyama (March 21, 1970 Matsuyama-February 7, 2000 Shinjuku) also known as 新山志保, にいやましほ, 新山 志保, Niiyama Shiho, にいや ましほ or Niiyama, Shiho was a Japanese voice acting in japan.

Her albums: .

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