Famous music stars died as a result of Liver cancer

Here are 33 famous musicians from the world died in Liver cancer:

Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg (June 3, 1926 Newark-April 5, 1997 New York City) otherwise known as Alan Ginsberg, Irwin Allen Ginsberg, Rabbi Buddha Ginsburg, Rabbi Buddha Whitman or Rabbi Buddha Whitman/Ginsburg was an American writer, poet, actor, screenwriter, author, film score composer, teacher, photographer and musician.

His albums: First Blues, The Lion for Real, Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems and Songs 1949 - 1993, Meditation Rock, New York Blues: Rags, Ballads & Harmonium Songs, Holy Soul Jelly Roll Vol. 4: Ashes & Blues, September on Jessore Road / Grüss Aus Wien, Wichita Vortex Sutra, Holy Soul and Jelly Roll and Cosmopolitan Greetings. Genres he performed include Spoken word.

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Ian Dury

Ian Dury (May 12, 1942 Harrow, London-March 27, 2000 London) a.k.a. Dury, Ian or Ian Robins Dury was a British singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, actor and lyricist. He had four children, Jemima Dury, Baxter Dury, Billy Dury and Albert Dury.

Related albums: Profoundly in Love With Pandora, Brand New Boots and Panties, The Best of Ian Dury, The Bus Driver's Prayer & Other Stories, Essex Boy: An Introduction to Ian Dury, Lord Upminster, Laughter, Apples, Straight from the Desk and Reasons to Be Cheerful: The Best of Ian Dury. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rock music, Punk rock, New Wave, Rock and roll revival, Protopunk, Funk and Pub rock.

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Alec Guinness

Alec Guinness (April 2, 1914 Maida Vale-August 5, 2000 Midhurst) a.k.a. Alec Guinness de Cuffe, Alec Guiness, Sir Alec Guinness, Mystery Guest Star or Sir Alec Guinness, CH, CBE was a British actor. He had one child, Matthew Guinness.

His albums: Classics for Children.

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Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb (December 22, 1949 Douglas-May 20, 2012 London) also known as ROBIN GIBB, Robin Hugh Gibb, Robin or Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE was a British singer, songwriter, composer, actor, musician, record producer and film score composer. He had four children, Spencer Gibb, Melissa Gibb, Robin-John Gibb and Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb.

His albums include Robin's Reign, How Old Are You, Magnet, Magnetic Tour, Secret Agent, Sing Slowly Sisters, My Favourite Christmas Carols, Juliet, Live with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra and Walls Have Eyes. Genres: Pop music, Disco, Rock music, Pop rock, Adult contemporary music, Soft rock, Blue-eyed soul, Funk, Synthpop, New Wave, Baroque pop, Psychedelic pop and Psychedelic rock.

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Lionel Bart

Lionel Bart (August 1, 1930 Stepney-April 3, 1999 Hammersmith) also known as Lionel Begleiter was an English composer, lyricist, writer and film score composer.

Discography: Oliver, Oliver! (Original Broadway Cast), Oliver!, Oliver! (1960 original London Cast), Oliver (1962 London Cast), Oliver!, Oliver! (2009 London cast) and We Remember Them Well.

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August Wilson

August Wilson (April 27, 1945 Pittsburgh-October 2, 2005 Seattle) a.k.a. Frederick August Kittlel Jr., Frederick August Kittel or august_wilson was an American playwright, author and screenwriter. His children are Sakina Ansari and Azula Carmen Wilson.

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Denis Quilley

Denis Quilley (December 26, 1927 Islington-October 5, 2003 London) also known as Denis Clifford Quilley, Dennis Quilley or Denis Clifford Quilley OBE was a British actor.

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Mark "Chopper" Read

Mark "Chopper" Read (November 17, 1954 Melbourne-October 9, 2013 Melbourne) a.k.a. Mark Brandon Read, Chopper or Chopper Read was an Australian writer and criminal.

His most recognized albums: Interview With a Madman. Genres: Hip hop music.

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Ozzie Nelson

Ozzie Nelson (March 20, 1906 Jersey City-June 3, 1975 Hollywood) a.k.a. Oswald George Nelson, Nelson, Ozzie, Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra, Ozzie, Oswald George "Ozzie" Nelson, Oswald "Ozzie" Nelson, Nelson, Oswald "Ozzie" Nelson George or Ozzien was an American actor, screenwriter, television producer, television director and film producer. He had two children, Ricky Nelson and David Nelson.

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Lester Bowie

Lester Bowie (October 11, 1941 Frederick-November 8, 1999 Brooklyn) a.k.a. Bowie, Lester was an American trumpeter, composer and actor.

Discography: The Great Pretender, The Odyssey of Funk & Popular Music, The 5th Power, All the Magic, I Only Have Eyes for You, Rope-A-Dope, Duet, Gittin' to Know Y'All, Fast Last! and Bugle Boy Bop.

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Flip Wilson

Flip Wilson (December 8, 1933 Jersey City-November 25, 1998 Malibu) also known as Clerow Wilson Jr., Clerow Wilson, Wilson, Flip, Flip or Clerow Wilson, Jr. was an American comedian, actor and screenwriter. He had five children, David Wilson, Kevin Wilson, Tamara Wilson, Stacy Wilson and Michelle Trice.

His albums: The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress, Live at the Village Gate - Flip Wilson's Pot Luck, , , , , Flippin', You Devil You, Flipped Out and Cowboys & Colored People.

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Robert Russell Bennett

Robert Russell Bennett (June 15, 1894 Kansas City-August 18, 1981 Manhattan) also known as Rocert Russell Bennett or Russell Bennett was an American film score composer, orchestrator, music arranger, musician and conductor. He had one child, Jean Bennett.

His albums: More Victory at Sea, Victory at Sea, Victory at Sea, Volume 2, Victory at Sea, Volume 3, Victory at Sea and Victory at Sea: Richard Rodgers' Music from the Award-Winning Television Series.

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Cornelis Vreeswijk

Cornelis Vreeswijk (August 8, 1937 IJmuiden-November 12, 1987 Södermalm) also known as Cornelius Vreswijk, Cornelius Vreeswijk, Cornelis Vreswijk, Cornelis Freeswijk or Cornelis Wreeswijk was a Dutch musician, songwriter, singer, poet, actor and author. His child is Jack Vreeswijk.

Related albums: Het beste van Cornelis Vreeswijk, Live, Montmartre, Köpenhamn, Cornelis' bästa, Misschien Wordt het Morgen Beter, Från getinghonung och narrgnistor II, Mäster Cees memoarer, Svenska favoriter, Guldkorn från mäster Cees memoarer, Veronica and Guldkorn från mäster Cees memoarer, volym 2. Genres related to him: Folk music and Swedish folk music.

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Mel Powell

Mel Powell (February 12, 1923 The Bronx-April 24, 1998 Sherman Oaks) also known as Powell, Mel, Melvin Epstein, Mel, Melvin Powell or Melvin D. Epstein was an American composer, music educator, musician, music arranger and pianist. His children are Kathleen Powell and Mary Powell Harpel.

Related albums: It's Been So Long and Duplicates / Setting / Modules. Genres: Swing music, Jazz, Big Band and Classical music.

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Lawrence Payton

Lawrence Payton (March 2, 1938 Detroit-June 20, 1997 Southfield) a.k.a. Payton, Lawrence was an American musician, record producer and songwriter. He had one child, Roquel Payton.

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Yujiro Ishihara

Yujiro Ishihara (December 28, 1934 Kobe-July 17, 1987 Minato) also known as 石原裕次郎, Ishihara, Yūjirō, Japanese Elvis Presley, Yûjirô Ishihara, Ishihara Yujiro, Ishihara Yūjirō, タフガイ, ボス, ユージロー, 裕ちゃん or Yujiro Ishihara was a Japanese actor, film producer, singer and television producer.

His albums: 全曲集, ブランデーグラス, 大全集~石原裕次郎の世界~, 全曲集, Best Coupling Series ブランデーグラス/恋の町札幌, , , and .

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Mort Shuman

Mort Shuman (November 12, 1936 Brooklyn-November 2, 1991 London) also known as Mort Schuman or Mortimer Shuman was an American actor, musician, film score composer, singer, pianist, composer and screenwriter. His children are called Maria-Cella Shuman, Barbara Shuman, Maria-Pia Shuman and Eva-Maria Shuman.

His discography includes: À nous les petites Anglaises, La collection, Volume 1, Ses plus belles chansons, Mortimer, Master Serie and Une femme fidèle.

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Jack Clement

Jack Clement (April 5, 1931 Whitehaven-August 8, 2013 Nashville) also known as Cowboy Jack Clement, Jack Henderson Clement, Clement, Jack or Cowboy was an American record producer, songwriter, singer, singer-songwriter and film producer. He had two children, Alison Clement and Niles Clement.

His albums include For Once and For All. Genres: Folk music, Rock music, Country, Rock and roll and Rockabilly.

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Germán Valdés

Germán Valdés (September 19, 1915 Mexico City-June 29, 1973 Mexico City) a.k.a. German Valdes, Germán Genaro Cipriano Gomez Valdés Castillo, German Valdes 'Tin-Tan', German Valdez 'Tin Tan', Tin Tan German Valdes, German Valdes 'Tin Tan', Germán Valdés Tin Tan, German Valdes Tin-Tan, Germán 'Tin Tan' Valdés, Germán Valdés Tin-Tan, Tin-Tan, German Valdez Tin Tan, Germán Valdés 'Tin-Tan', German Valdes `Tin-Tan', Tin-Tan 'Germán Valdés', Germán Valdés 'Tin Tan', Tin-Tan German Valdes, German Valdes Tin Tan, Tin Tan, Germán Valdéz 'Tin Tan', Tin Tan German Valdez, Tin-Tan Germán Valdés, Zamora-Valdes, Tin-Tan alias, 'Tin-Tan' German Valdes or Pachuco outfit was a Mexican singer, comedian, actor and film producer. His children are called Rosalía Valdés and Carlos Valdés .

His albums: Canciones De Sus Peliculas Vol. II and .

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Dick Peterson

Dick Peterson (September 12, 1946 Grand Forks-October 12, 2009 Erkelenz) also known as Peterson, Dickie, Richard Allan Peterson or Dickie Peterson was an American singer, musician, songwriter and bassist. He had one child, Corrina Peterson.

His albums include Tramp and Child of the Darkness. Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Psychedelic rock, Hard rock, Acid rock, Blues rock and Protopunk.

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Hayashiya Sanpei I

Hayashiya Sanpei I (November 30, 1925 Taitō-September 20, 1980) also known as Eizaburō Ebina, Ebina Eizaburō, Yasuichirō Ebina or Ebina Yasuichirō was a Japanese comedian. He had four children, Hayashiya Shōzō IX, Midori Ebina, Yasuha and Hayashiya Sanpei II.

His albums: .

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Dennis Frederiksen

Dennis Frederiksen (May 15, 1951 Grand Rapids-January 18, 2014 Mound) a.k.a. Dennis Hardy Frederiksen, Fergie Frederiksen, David London, Dennis Frederiksen, Frederiksen, Fergie or Dennis "Fergie" Frederiksen was an American musician.

His most well known albums: Equilibrium and Happiness Is the Road. Genres: Pop music, Rock music, Hard rock, Pop rock and Progressive rock.

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Jay Traynor

Jay Traynor (March 30, 1943 United States of America-January 2, 2014 Tampa) a.k.a. Jay Traynor, Traynor, Jay or John "Jay" Traynor was an American , .

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Kentarō Haneda

Kentarō Haneda (January 12, 1949 Kita, Tokyo-June 2, 2007 Shinjuku) a.k.a. Kentarou Haneda, Kentaro Haneda, Haneken or Haneda, Kentarou was a Japanese film score composer, pianist and music arranger.

His albums: Wizardry: Llylgamyn Saga, Genso Suikoden Ongakushu, MACROSS THE COMPLETE, 名探偵ホームズ, マクロス・ジェネレーション Legend of Eternal Songs, , , Space Adventure Cobra Original Soundtrack and The S.D.F. Macross.

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Richie Hayward

Richie Hayward (February 6, 1946 Clear Lake-August 12, 2010 Victoria) a.k.a. Richard Hayward, Hayward, Richie or Richard T. Hayward was an American drummer, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Blues, Rock music, Southern rock, Funk, Cajun music, Americana, Swamp pop and Roots rock.

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John Jackson

John Jackson (February 24, 1924 Woodville-January 20, 2002 Fairfax Station) otherwise known as Jackson, John or John H Jackson was an American musician, singer and guitarist.

His albums: Country Blues & Ditties and Rappahannock Blues. Genres he performed: Piedmont blues.

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Masahiro Kawasaki

Masahiro Kawasaki (September 15, 1949 Kitakyushu-May 4, 2006 Inage-ku, Chiba) a.k.a. Kawasaki Masahiro, 川崎 雅文, Kawasaki Masafumi, 川崎 真弘, Masafumi Kawasaki, かわさき まさひろ or かわさき まさふみ was a Japanese musician and composer.

His most important albums: Gokinjo Monogatari Gokinjo CD Tsushin Part I - Original Soundtrack Vol.1 and .

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Chiyoko Shimakura

Chiyoko Shimakura (March 30, 1938 Shinagawa-November 8, 2013 Tokyo) was a Japanese singer and lyricist.

Discography: 全曲集/花なら花らしく, 星空に両手を, , , , , , , and . Genres: Enka.

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Dennis Irwin

Dennis Irwin (November 28, 1951 Birmingham-March 10, 2008 Manhattan) was an American bassist and actor.

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Shiva Shankar

Shiva Shankar (February 22, 1932 Kathmandu-November 14, 2004 Kathmandu) also known as Shiva Shankar Manandhar was a Nepalese composer, singer and actor. He had three children, Rabi Shankar, Gaurishankar and Shashi Shankar.

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Bruce Adler

Bruce Adler (November 27, 1944 New York City-July 25, 2008 Davie) was an American actor. He had one child, Jacob Hayden Adler.

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Jesper Klein

Jesper Klein (November 13, 1944 Næstved-August 22, 2011 Frederiksberg) was a Danish actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Sebastian Klein.

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Pierre Doris

Pierre Doris (October 29, 1919 Paris-October 27, 2009 Paris) also known as Pierre Tugot, Doris, Pierre or Pierre Dorys was a French actor and humorist. He had one child, Michel Tugot-Doris.

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