Filipino actors who were born in 1965

Here are 7 famous actors from Philippines were born in 1965:

Lou Veloso

Lou Veloso (January 11, 1965 Manila-) also known as Luciano Mariaño Veloso, Lou Truman Veloso, Lou "Truman" Veloso, Luciano Mariaño "Lou" Veloso or Len Veloso is a Filipino actor, politician and film director.

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John Regala

John Regala (May 28, 1965 Manila-) also known as John Manuel Regala is a Filipino actor.

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Monsour del Rosario

Monsour del Rosario (May 11, 1965 Manila-) also known as Monsoijr Del Rosario, Manuel Monsour Tabib del Rosario III or Manuel Monsour T. del Rosario III is a Filipino actor, martial artist and film producer.

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Raul Arellano

Raul Arellano (December 13, 1965 Cagayan de Oro-) also known as Raul Deodato Arellano, Raul Deodato Pineda Arellano or Raul D. Arellano is a Filipino actor and painter.

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Rommel Padilla

Rommel Padilla (January 4, 1965 Manila-) also known as Rommel C. Padilla, Rommel Carino Padilla, Roms or Rommel Carlos Carino Padilla is a Filipino actor and businessperson. His children are called Daniel Padilla and RJ Padilla.

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Alec Mapa

Alec Mapa (July 10, 1965 San Francisco-) also known as Alejandro Mapa or Alejandro "Alec" Mapa is a Filipino writer, comedian and actor. He has one child, Zion Hebert-Mapa.

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Ronnie Ricketts

Ronnie Ricketts (May 26, 1965 Manila-) otherwise known as Ronn Rick, Ronn-Rick, Ronaldo Naldo Calzado Ricketts, Ronald Naldo Calzado Ricketts, Ronnie Ricketts or Ronald Naldo Ricketts is a Filipino actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, stunt performer, martial artist, writer and official. His children are called Marella Rosabelle Ricketts and Raechelle Marie Ricketts.

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