Filipino actors who were born in 1987

Here are 11 famous actors from Philippines were born in 1987:

Jake Cuenca

Jake Cuenca (December 30, 1987 San Jose-) also known as Juan Carlos Cuenca, Juan Carlos Ramirez Cuenca, Juan Carlos "Jake" Leveriza Cuenca, Juan Carlos Leveriza Cuenca, Juan, Carlos or Jake is a Filipino model, actor and football player.

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Jay-R Siaboc

Jay-R Siaboc (January 21, 1987 Toledo, Cebu-) a.k.a. Jay R. Siaboc or Siaboc, Jay-R is a Filipino singer and actor.

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Rocco Nacino

Rocco Nacino (March 21, 1987 Baguio-) also known as Enrico Raphael Quiogue Nacino is a Filipino actor, registered nurse, model and dancer.

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Ahron Villena

Ahron Villena (March 4, 1987 Batangas-) otherwise known as Roche Ahron Villena, Aaron Villena, Ahron or Roche Ahron Vilena is a Filipino actor.

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Rodjun Cruz

Rodjun Cruz (October 10, 1987 Manila-) a.k.a. Rodolfo Othello Cruz Illustre, Jr. is a Filipino actor and dancer.

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John James Uy

John James Uy (September 13, 1987-) is a Filipino artist, presenter, actor and model.

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Jason Francisco

Jason Francisco (October 11, 1987 Calapan-) a.k.a. Jason or Jason Veron Marasigan Francisco is a Filipino actor and comedian. He has one child, Amelia Lucille Francisco.

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Kean Cipriano

Kean Cipriano (June 11, 1987 Pasig-) also known as Kean Edward U. Cipriano or Kean Edward Uson Cipriano is a Filipino actor, singer, composer and musician.

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Paolo Serrano

Paolo Serrano (August 17, 1987 Makati-) also known as Paulo Serrano, Paolo Matthew Serrano or Pao is a Filipino actor.

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Tom Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez (October 1, 1987 Olongapo-) also known as Bartolome Alberto Mott, Bartolome "Tom" Alberto Mott or Tom is a Filipino actor.

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D.M. Sevilla

D.M. Sevilla (January 29, 1987 Santa Maria-) otherwise known as Denmark Sevilla, DM Sevilla, Romeo or DM is a Filipino actor.

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