Filipino music stars who deceased at age 51

Here are 6 famous musicians from Philippines died at 51:

Cerge Remonde

Cerge Remonde (December 21, 1958 Argao, Cebu-January 19, 2010 Makati) was a Filipino politician and journalist.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Carlos Padilla, Sr.

Carlos Padilla, Sr. (September 6, 1910 Philippines-April 5, 1962) otherwise known as Carlos Padilla, Sr, Carlos Padilla or Carlos was a Filipino film director and actor. He had one child, Carlos Padilla, Jr..

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Ernani Cuenco

Ernani Cuenco (May 10, 1936 Malolos-April 5, 1988) also known as Ernani J. Cuenco, Ernani V. Cuenco, Hernani Cuenco, Prof. Ernani, Ernani Joson Cuenco or Prof. Ernani Cuenco was a Filipino film score composer, composer, music teacher and music director.

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Mario Barri

Mario Barri (April 5, 2015-November 21, 1963 Manila) a.k.a. Mario Bari or Mario T. Barri was a Filipino actor and film director.

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Eva Estrada-Kalaw

Eva Estrada-Kalaw (June 16, 1920 Concepcion, Tarlac-April 5, 1972) otherwise known as Eva Reynada Estrada-Kalaw, Evangelina R. Kalawv or Eva Estrada Kalaw was a Filipino politician. Her child is Teodoro E. Kalaw, III..

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Rudy Fernandez

Rudy Fernandez (July 26, 1927 Sibonga, Cebu-June 9, 1979 Cebu) was a Filipino trade unionist.

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