Filipino music stars who deceased at age 52

Here are 5 famous musicians from Philippines died at 52:

Susan Fernandez

Susan Fernandez (August 3, 1956-July 2, 2009 Pasig) was a Filipino songwriter and singer.

Genres she performed include Folk music, Rock music and Music of the Philippines.

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Mark Gil

Mark Gil (September 25, 1961 Manila-September 1, 2014 Manila) also known as Raphael Joseph De Mesa Eigenmann, Ralph or Raphael John Gil Eigenmann was a Filipino actor. He had six children, Sid Lucero, Andi Eigenmann, Ira Eigenmann, Maxene Eigenmann, Gabby Eigenmann and Stephanie Cheri Jacinto-Eigenmann.

He died caused by cirrhosis.

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Andy Poe

Andy Poe (February 12, 1943 Manila-September 5, 1995 Manila) also known as Fernando Poe Jr., Fernando Kelley Poe Jr., Andy, Fernando Kelley-Poe or Fernando Kelley-Poe, Jr. was a Filipino actor. He had two children, Fernando Poe IV and Alexander Vaughn Poe.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Lino Brocka

Lino Brocka (April 3, 1939 Pilar, Sorsogon-May 21, 1991 Quezon City) a.k.a. Lino Brocka Ortiz, Catalino Ortiz Brocka or Lino O. Brocka was a Filipino film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Orlando Nadres

Orlando Nadres (November 1, 1938 Tayabas-July 14, 1991) a.k.a. Orlando R. Nadres or Orlando Reobaldo Nadres was a Filipino screenwriter, actor, film director and television director.

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