Filipino music stars who deceased at age 68

Here are 9 famous musicians from Philippines died at 68:

Max Alvarado

Max Alvarado (February 19, 1929 Manila-April 6, 1997 Metro Manila) also known as Maximo Pompling, Gavino Maximo Teodosio, Maxie Dudale, Pompleng or Pompling was a Filipino actor, dancer, singer and comedian.

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Rafael Donato

Rafael Donato (October 12, 1938-November 2, 2006) was a Filipino writer.

He died caused by drowning.

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Enrique B. Magalona

Enrique B. Magalona (November 5, 1891 Enrique B. Magalona, Negros Occidental-April 5, 1960) a.k.a. Enrique Magalona was a Filipino personality. His child is called Pancho Magalona.

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Lito Anzures

Lito Anzures (February 22, 1927 Bulakan-April 5, 1995 Philippines) a.k.a. Angelito Castro Anzures, Lito Anzurez, Lito Ansures or Lito was a Filipino actor.

He died caused by natural causes.

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Gregorio Fernandez

Gregorio Fernandez (May 25, 1904 Lubao-March 11, 1973 Quezon City) otherwise known as Dr. Gregorio M. Fernandez, Dr. Gregorio Fernandez, Doc Greg, Yoyong or Dr. Gregorio Montemayor-Fernández was a Filipino film director, actor and screenwriter. He had eight children, Rudy Fernandez, Ma. Luisa "Merle" Fernandez, Maria Paz Fernandez, Maria Isabel Fernandez, Jose Fernandez, Naria Teresita Fernandez, Emmanuel Fernandez and Mary Anne Fernandez.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Roland Dantes

Roland Dantes (June 15, 1940 Philippines-March 16, 2009 Quezon City) otherwise known as Rolando Pintoy Dantes or Roland Santos was a Filipino police officer, actor, bodybuilder and martial artist.

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Dencio Padilla

Dencio Padilla (May 7, 1929 Manila-October 10, 1997 Quezon City) also known as Prudencio Padilla, Tata Dens or Dencio Baldivia was a Filipino actor. He had five children, Dennis Padilla, Dencio Padilla, Jr., Richard Padilla, Gene Padilla and Glen Baldevia.

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Boots Plata

Boots Plata (August 17, 1943 Quezon City-November 2, 2011 Taguig) also known as Manuel Guevarra, Jr. or Butse was a Filipino film director, actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Jaypee Guevarra and Anes Guevarra.

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Pacita del Río

Pacita del Río (September 23, 1921 Manila-November 13, 1989 San Diego) a.k.a. Pacita del Rio was a Filipino actor. Her child is called Bernard Johnson.

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