Finnish actors born in 1973

Here are 5 famous actors from Finland were born in 1973:

Oskar Silén

Oskar Silén (May 29, 1973 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor.

Paavo Westerberg

Paavo Westerberg (July 23, 1973 Helsinki-) is a Finnish actor and screenwriter.

Henri Halkola

Henri Halkola (August 5, 1973 Pudasjärvi-) also known as Henri Martin Halkola is a Finnish actor.

Markku Lappalainen

Markku Lappalainen (April 6, 1973-) is a Finnish actor and musician.

Ville Myllyrinne

Ville Myllyrinne (July 14, 1973 Vantaa-) a.k.a. Ville Tapani Rinne Mill or Ville Tapani Myllyrinne is a Finnish actor, screenwriter and television director.

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