Finnish actors died at age 78

Here are 4 famous actors from Finland died at 78:

Rauni Mollberg

Rauni Mollberg (April 15, 1929 Hämeenlinna-October 11, 2007 Loimaa) was a Finnish film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

He died as a result of leukemia.

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Georg Malmstén

Georg Malmstén (June 27, 1902 Helsinki-May 25, 1981 Helsinki) a.k.a. Georg Malstén, Georg Malmsten, Malmstén, Georg, Reima, Matti, Molli-Jori, Matti Reima, Georg Malmstén ja lapsikuoro, Georg Malmsten ja lapsikuoro, Malmstén, Georg ja lapsikuoro, Tanssiorkesteri Odeoan A, Georg Malmsteen, Solistikuoro ja Orkesteri, Malmstén, Georg, solistikuoro ja orkesteri, Georg Malmstén ja Sotilasorkesteri, Malmstén, Georg ja sotilasorkesteri, Georg Malmsteen ja Tanssiorkesteri, Georg Malmstén ja Orkesteri or Malmstén, Georg ja orkesteri was a Finnish singer, composer, conductor, film score composer, musician and actor. His child is called Ragni Malmstén.

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Paavo Jännes

Paavo Jännes (March 20, 1892 Helsinki-December 19, 1970 Helsinki) also known as Paavo Klaus Emil Genetz, Genetz, Paavo Klaus Emil Jännes or Paavo Genetz was a Finnish actor.

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Tarmo Manni

Tarmo Manni (July 30, 1921 Saarijärvi-September 24, 1999 Helsinki) was a Finnish actor.

He died in illness.

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