Finnish actors died in 2010

Here are 4 famous actors from Finland died in 2010:

Ior Bock

Ior Bock (January 17, 1942 Finland-October 23, 2010 Helsinki) was a Finnish lighting technician, actor and tour guide.

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Tony Halme

Tony Halme (January 6, 1963 Helsinki-January 8, 2010 Helsinki) otherwise known as Tony Christian Halme, Tony 'The Viking' Halme, Tony 'The Viking' White, Tony 'Viking' Halme, Ludvig Borga, Viikinki, The Viking, Finland Thor or Finnish Hellraiser Thor was a Finnish writer, politician, actor, professional boxer, wrestler and athlete.

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Martti Pennanen

Martti Pennanen (December 8, 1923 Tervola-December 17, 2010 Tampere) was a Finnish actor.

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Helge Herala

Helge Herala (September 30, 1922 Hämeenlinna-February 27, 2010 Helsinki) also known as Helge Frans Birger ”Heguli” Herala was a Finnish actor. He had one child, Heidi Herala.

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