Finnish actors died because of Suicide

Here are 3 famous actors from Finland died in Suicide:

Tony Halme

Tony Halme (January 6, 1963 Helsinki-January 8, 2010 Helsinki) otherwise known as Tony Christian Halme, Tony 'The Viking' Halme, Tony 'The Viking' White, Tony 'Viking' Halme, Ludvig Borga, Viikinki, The Viking, Finland Thor or Finnish Hellraiser Thor was a Finnish writer, politician, actor, professional boxer, wrestler and athlete.

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Masa Niemi

Masa Niemi (July 20, 1914 Vyborg-May 3, 1960 Tampere) also known as Martti Niemi, Martti "Masa" Elis Niemi or Martti Elis Niemi was a Finnish actor, comedian and musician.

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Rauli Tuomi

Rauli Tuomi (July 15, 1919 Helsinki-February 2, 1949 Helsinki) also known as Rauli Rafael Arvid Tuomi was a Finnish actor.

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