Finnish actresses born in 1936

Here are 6 famous actresses from Finland were born in 1936:

Seela Sella

Seela Sella (December 30, 1936 Tampere-) otherwise known as Seela Maini Marjatta Virtanen, S. Sella, Seela Virtanen or Seela Maini Marjatta Sella is a Finnish actor. Her children are called Ariel Sella and Ilana Sella.

Elina Salo

Elina Salo (March 9, 1936 Sipoo-) otherwise known as Aino Elina Salo or Salo, Elina is a Finnish actor, voice actor and radio personality. She has one child, Saara Maisala.

Liisi Tandefelt

Liisi Tandefelt (May 2, 1936 Hämeenlinna-) also known as Liisi Kaarina Tandefelt is a Finnish actor.

Inkeri Luoma-aho

Inkeri Luoma-aho (September 24, 1936 Alajärvi-) a.k.a. Inkeri Kyllikki Luoma-Aho is a Finnish actor.

Vieno Saaristo

Vieno Saaristo (August 14, 1936 Ilmajoki-) also known as Vieno Hillervo Saaristo or Vipe is a Finnish actor.

Helena Notkonen

Helena Notkonen (June 21, 1936 Helsinki-November 26, 2007 Helsinki) also known as Anja Helena Notkonen was a Finnish actor.

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