Finnish music stars born in 1958

Here are 6 famous musicians from Finland were born in 1958:

Esa-Pekka Salonen

Esa-Pekka Salonen (June 30, 1958 Helsinki-) is a Finnish conductor, composer, actor and music director. He has three children, Ella Aneira Salonen, Anja Sofia Salonen and Oliver Salonen.

His albums: Wing on Wing, LA Variations / Five Images after Sappho / Mania / Gambit / Giro, Violin Concertos, Credo, Favourite Sibelius, Violin Concertos, Violin Concertos, Symphony No. 4, Salonen and Symphony no. 1 / Little Suite.

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Magnus Lindberg

Magnus Lindberg (June 27, 1958 Helsinki-) also known as Lindberg, Magnus is a Finnish composer and pianist.

Discography: Aura / Engine (BBC Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Oliver Knussen), Clarinet Concerto / Gran Duo / Chorale (Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Sakari Oramo), Feria / Corrente II / Arena (Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Jukka-Pekka Saraste), Piano Concerto / Kraft, Related Rocks / Clarinet Quintet (Ictus), Sculpture / Campana in Aria / Concerto for Orchestra (Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Sakari Oramo), Arena 2 / Coyote Blues / Tendenza / Corrente, , From Scandinavia and .

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Johnny Spunky

Johnny Spunky (November 16, 1958 Turku-) is a Finnish writer.

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Jukka Salmela

Jukka Salmela (December 30, 1958-) a.k.a. Salmela, Jukka is a Finnish speed skater.

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Virve Rosti

Virve Rosti (November 10, 1958 Finland-) also known as Vicky Rosti, Vicky, Virve 'Vicky' Rosti or Rosti, Virve is a Finnish singer.

Her albums include Oon voimissain: Kaikki parhaat, Sydämeen kirjoitettu, Vicky Rock, Volume 1, Vickyshow and ”Vicky”.

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Kimmo Hakola

Kimmo Hakola (July 27, 1958 Jyväskylä-) also known as Hakola, Kimmo is a Finnish , .

Discography: Clarinet Quintet / loco / Capriole and .

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