Finnish music stars born in 1976

Here are 12 famous musicians from Finland were born in 1976:

Jonne Valtonen

Jonne Valtonen (March 23, 1976 Turku-) also known as Purple Motion is a Finnish musician and composer.

His albums: Musicdisk. Genres related to him: New-age music, Electronic music and Orchestra.

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Tuomas Holopainen

Tuomas Holopainen (December 25, 1976 Kitee-) also known as Holopainen, Tuomas or Too is a Finnish musician, record producer, composer, lyricist, keyboard player, songwriter, screenwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor.

His albums include A Lifetime Of Adventure and Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge. Genres he performed: Symphonic metal, Power metal, Black metal, Gothic metal, Symphonic black metal and Symphonic rock.

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Ville Valo

Ville Valo (November 22, 1976 Helsinki-) also known as Ville Hermanni Valo or Valo, Ville is a Finnish singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer-songwriter, keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums include Summer Wine, Bittersweet and Bittersweet. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Gothic rock, Rock music, Alternative metal, Gothic metal, Heavy metal, Acoustic music, Hard rock, Folk music and Glam rock.

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Patrik Mennander

Patrik Mennander (January 8, 1976 Juva-) a.k.a. Mennander, Patrik is a Finnish , .

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Industrial metal and Symphonic metal.

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Tomi Räisänen

Tomi Räisänen (June 2, 1976 Helsinki-) is a Finnish , .

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Antti Koivumäki

Antti Koivumäki (December 18, 1976 Espoo-March 1, 2015 Helsinki) was a Finnish songwriter, record producer and musician.

His related genres: Pop music, Rock music and Baroque pop.

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Pekka Heino

Pekka Heino (January 6, 1976 Helsinki-) a.k.a. Pekka Ansio Heino is a Finnish , .

Genres: Glam metal.

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Mikko Lindström

Mikko Lindström (August 12, 1976 Helsinki-) a.k.a. Mikko Viljami Lindstrom, Lindström, Mikko, Mikko "Linde" Lindström, Lily Lazer or Linde is a Finnish musician and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Glam rock, Black metal, Alternative metal, Heavy metal, Doom metal, Gothic rock, Hard rock and Rock music.

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Pekka Kuusisto

Pekka Kuusisto (October 7, 1976 Espoo-) otherwise known as Kuusisto, Pekka is a Finnish violinist.

His albums: Enchanted Garden: Orchestral Works by Uljas Pulkkis, Subterráneo, , Violin Concerto in D minor / Karelia Suite / Belshazzar's Feast, Complete Symphonies / Violin Concerto / Finlandia, Strings Attached, The Absolute Sibelius: Violin Concerto / Symphony no. 2, A Five-Star Sibelius Celebration, and .

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Sami Vänskä

Sami Vänskä (September 26, 1976-) a.k.a. Sami Vanska or Vänskä, Sami is a Finnish musician and bassist.

Genres: Symphonic metal and Power metal.

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Samu Haber

Samu Haber (April 2, 1976 Helsinki-) a.k.a. Haber, Samu or Samu Aleksi Haber is a Finnish singer-songwriter, guitarist and musician.

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Teemu Brunila

Teemu Brunila (November 24, 1976-) otherwise known as Brunila, Teemu is a Finnish singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, composer and lyricist.

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